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KeyMacro is a program for Mac OS X, designed to help you create and run macros. KeyMacro uses simple controls to make recording and execution of actions easy. It offers a simple and effective way to automate repetitive tasks that can be done easily without the need for manual code.
Macros can be used in different ways. You can have them run in the background, or you can have them run in the foreground. Running macros in the background means they will not be stopped when the program that calls them is closed. When macros run in the foreground, the program they are run in is still open, but they are “active” and will continue until they are finished.
Powerful Macros KeyMacro is designed for power users who want to automate a variety of repetitive tasks. The program offers a wide range of macros that automate tasks such as converting files, taking screenshots, downloading web pages, sending messages, and so on.
You can set macros to run on specific dates, at a certain time of day, at the end of a computer session, or when a file is saved or opened. You can even send keystrokes to the active window, simulate mouse clicks, and run other operating system commands.
Macro Recording Macros are recorded using a simple graphical interface. You can record single or multiple actions. To help you stay organized, the menu for recording macros includes actions from different categories, such as “File”, “Graphics”, “Saved”, and “Web”.
Macro Definitions In KeyMacro, macros are defined with a simple and intuitive interface. Each action that can be recorded has a title. Clicking on the title will display the description of the action, and you can assign a macro to it. For example, if the action is downloading a web page, the title could be “Wget Download Page” and the description would be “Download a web page”. Clicking the title in KeyMacro’s menu will assign the action to the macro “Wget Download Page”.
Macro Recording Macros can be run on demand or automatically at a specified time. Automatic execution is controlled through the program’s configuration panel. For instance, you can configure the computer to execute the same macro every time you start up, or have it executed after a certain period of time. You can even set up a computer to execute a macro when a file is saved or opened.
Macro Execution At the time a macro is created, the user can decide whether to have it run automatically or 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a USB key replacement for users that wish to remove the hassle of having to switch and change their keyboard by using one keyboard throughout all the machines they use. It was created with the help of professionals who have a vast experience in the fields of programming, hardware development and marketing.
Keyboard is always available and easy to use
You can use the keyboard in two ways: while you type or you can store a macro and activate it any time you want.
The keyboard provides a dedicated button to switch on and off the macros.
When you are connected to the network you can change the keyboard layout, so you can connect with the mouse you use.
Simple but powerful interface
KEYMACRO allows you to save the keyboard’s menu in its default appearance (Easy and Normal), but you can also define your own.
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