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KeyMacro is a utility that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to frequently used commands. In other words, it is a highly customizable replacement for the Start menu. Every macro you add is immediately accessible to you and you can invoke them from the keyboard by simply pressing a certain combination of keys. Most of the actions are bound to the Windows shortcut keys, so you can quickly access anything by just typing a few letters.
The program offers a customisable interface and the options include everything from pre-defined commands to custom actions that can be used to perform common tasks. There are numerous options for editing and adjusting key combinations and you can even assign macros to in-game actions, so that pressing Alt+1 opens the console, Alt+2 opens the search box and Alt+3 opens the inventory.
Further information
KeyMacro is a very handy utility that provides you with a replacement for the Start menu and more than meets the expectations of many Windows users. It is highly customizable and enables you to customize your shortcuts however you wish. You can select a single command or assign several actions to a single shortcut key, which is extremely useful and useful.
You can easily record your own actions, key combinations, sequences or macros and then choose the settings and assign them to the right keyboard shortcuts. To make things even easier, you can save your macro settings and re-load them every time you start the application. This way you won’t have to remember or type in complex commands and the program can even help you if you do not know which command you need to perform.
KEYMACRO Download Link
How to use KeyMacro
1. Run the program
2. If you have never used it before, click the New button to start a new macro recording or use the drop-down menu to choose an existing macro.
3. You can add as many actions to a single macro and you can even add new keystrokes, sequences, macros and actions for the keyboard shortcuts.
4. You can click the Record button to start recording a macro, which can be stopped using the Stop button.
5. After you are done with the recording, click the Save button to save the macro, which can be loaded later and you can load previously saved macros using the Load button.
6. Once you have completed your settings, click the Save button to confirm.
KeyMacro Pro Features:
• Intuitive interface
• Full customization
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• Video tutorial
• Support 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is an educational software application for kids that is full of simple yet entertaining tasks.
Easy to use user interface
There is actually no need to switch between different windows and tabs during a task, as all operations are carried out in just one window.
You are welcomed by a minimalist feature lineup that allows you to carry out most of the functions with minimal effort.
The user interface is very intuitive, featuring few colorful buttons for triggering the program’s main functions.
Main functions
Talking KEYMACRO gives you the opportunity to view several helpful hints on keyboard layout, including suggestions for the movement of a virtual keyboard cursor, as well as listening to the on-screen version of the popular “Where’s the Home” song.
You can also play a small game where you can move a virtual character on your desktop, and with just one click on the character itself, you can tap it and hear the answer of a simple question that kids may be asked during an educational session.
Furthermore, you can change the brightness and contrast of the display by generating random images.
Customization features
Speaking of making changes, KEYMACRO comes with quite an extensive set of customization features that allow you to personalize your program’s look and feel.
There is a possibility to save the desktop background, as well as create your own skins for using them.
In addition, you can also select from several pre-made themes or create your own and apply them to the program.
Talking KEYMACRO carries out its task quite fast, provides good audio quality, and offers no errors.
Bottom line
Talking KEYMACRO is a great educational tool with lots of fun features that are likely to help kids learn the keyboard layout and practice writing their first words with the help of a few songs.
CITO DUEDIOS Description:
CITO DUEDIOS is an educational software application for kids that comes with plenty of great features and unique themes.
Intuitive and comprehensive user interface
The program is packed with many features, including a comprehensive keyboard layout guide, playing of the popular “Where’s the Home” song, as well as the ability to make your desktop background change randomly.
The user interface is quite intuitive, featuring just a few buttons for triggering the main program’s features, as well as bright images of some of the most-known characters from Disney movies.
Main functions

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