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Public key cryptography is a form of asymmetric crypto-system. One
version of the public key system is elliptic curve cryptography, first
described in 1996. Although elliptic curve cryptography is a
fundamental cryptographic technique, it has found relatively little
use because it is believed to be much more insecure than traditional
cryptography. ECDSA, ECIES, and EdDSA are currently the most
widely used real world implementations of elliptic curve cryptography. 0259d3422e

easyScreencastRecorder – software that can record a part of the screen
save it to video format
portable and free
Easy Screencast Recorder is designed to simplify the process of recording a window or selected area of the screen.
Portability is just one of its most outstanding features, something that is made possible with no installation and anyone can take it anywhere without problems.
Device compatibility
Windows XP/2k/Vista
Operating System: Windows 10]how

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