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Animated screensaver that displays a GE90 high by-pass turbo fan engine. You can select from a few speed options, change the included picture, change the background color, and much more.
What’s New in Version 1.2.0:
* Change the theme color to be more white for overall better readability in the dark
* Use the command line option “-n” to disable screen saver, as desired
* Include a background image for the engine.
* Include “Options” screen
* Update the title screen to reflect the included background image
* Optimized icons for speed
What’s New in Version 1.2.0:
* Change the theme color to be more white for overall better readability in the dark
* Use the command line option “-n” to disable screen saver, as desired
* Include a background image for the engine.
* Include “Options” screen
* Optimized icons for speed
How to use this screensaver:
Simply download the file to a folder on your computer. It will be placed in the folder (or directly to the desktop) where you downloaded the screensaver from.
Then select the folder containing the screensaver from the file list on the right side of your desktop.
After a couple seconds, a JPG preview will open and you will be able to select the size you want for your screensaver. After choosing the size, you will see the screensaver change and you can select the speed, image, etc… of the screensaver.
After you are done selecting, you can click “Start”. The screensaver will start automatically.
Don’t forget to uninstall the screensaver after use.
You can find more instructions on the screensaver page:


LEIGH’S BULLETIN 3D (C) by Leigh Scott Smith
All copyright reserved.
Screenshots may be used for non-commercial purposes only.
Email all inquires to:
[email protected]


DIANA’S WORLD, released in 2008, is a 3D graphics engine with very few limitations.
DIANA’S WORLD is a freeware and runs under Microsoft Windows.
DIANA’S WORLD is not open source software, however, 384a16bd22

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Watcher Pro is an application which enables you to keep an eye on your PC when you leave it alone. You can configure the application to start automatically when your system is left alone for a certain period of time, even when you’re away from your PC. Your PC will be woken up every time you start to work on it.
If you have a complex setup you might want to configure the application to start a second instance of itself to monitor a second system. For such setups you need to set up two Watcher Pro hosts. If you don’t want to use two hosts, you can configure Watcher Pro to watch two PCs on one host.
With a few clicks, you can configure a couple of monitoring rules, specifying when and what you want Watcher to watch for. You can define rules based on the applications you are currently using, on the system uptime, the CPU load, the RAM usage, the network activity, or any combination of these.
When Watcher Pro detects one of the monitored conditions, it takes appropriate action. It can send you an email, start a log, or make a beep, to notify you about a condition. It can even connect to a remote system and take action there, if needed.
Watcher Pro supports many popular protocols, including UPnP, and you can even extend it to use custom protocols.
It also includes a lot of custom actions and displays you can use to interact with your monitoring environment.
For example, you can create a log entry for each logged event, with details that can be filtered later. Watcher Pro can create a nice log, with log levels defined in an easily customizable manner.
Watcher Pro provides a simple configuration interface, where you can specify the type of parameters you want to watch, what parameters you want to display in the interface, and where you want the interface to be available on your system. If you want to see Watcher’s interface at a particular moment in time, you can configure a timed mode.
Watcher Pro features:
– Can monitor Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8
– Can monitor multiple systems on a single host (useful for large setups)
– Can monitor multiple computers on a single host
– Can monitor a single computer via UPnP (useful for wireless setups)
– A simple configuration interface
– Configurable log entries
– Log file export
– Can monitor for “drive activity”
– Can monitor with

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