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Kill a task by entering its file path.
Move the window to make it stick to the top of the screen.
Minimize or maximize the window.
Show a menu with the task options.
Task menu:
Hide (Hide)
Hide on show
Hide on hover
Hide when minimized
Activate a “minimize to tray” option.
Activate the system’s standard shutdown.
Activate the system’s standard log off.
Activate the system’s standard restart.
Automatically minimize to the system’s system tray.
Automatically maximize to the system’s screen.
Choose an optional skin color.
Close ProcessKO to make it disappear.
Available skin colors: DarkBlue, DarkRed, DarkGreen, DarkCyan, DarkMagenta, DarkGray, DarkBrown, DarkMagenta, DarkGray, DarkRed, DarkGreen, DarkCyan, DarkMagenta, DarkGray, DarkBrown, DarkMagenta, DarkGray.
This app is freeware! Thanks for your support!

Mover Eye Pro Mover Eye Pro is a multi-featured utility for transferring files and folders in Windows, and FTP servers, it can also test the robustness of your network connection and help you with troubleshooting. It’s designed to be an advanced and powerful utility for IT professionals. However, it’s fairly easy to use. Its user interface is very clear and clean. You can easily use Mover Eye Pro because its main interface consists of a clean layout with easy to use and intuitive features.
Here are a few features of Mover Eye Pro:

File, folder, and batch transfer over TCP/IP protocol.
Move files to multiple FTP servers.
Easily add and edit the list of FTP servers.
Transfer files from FTP servers to local folders in Windows.
Easily create a list of files and folders to transfer or create a hot folder.
Watch your network traffic with bandwidth monitor.
View and disable individual network adapters and components.
Automatically restore the system after a network disconnection.
View network statistics, check the stability of your network connection.
Change the setting to allow or disable taskbar notification messages.
Check your hard disk and file space information.
Clickable progress bars for batch transfer.
Drag and drop files.
Easily move files and folders.
Adjust the size of the file list.
Quickly pause or resume file transfer.
Create a hot folder from a 4f8c9c8613

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MODE: 0 = normal, 1 = with reading keys, 2 = with writing keys
MODE_SHIFT(0)= normal, MODE_SHIFT(1)= for reading keys,
MODE_SHIFT(2)= for writing keys
This parameter is used to specify the HD-DVD dvd hardware device number.
The parameter should be changed if the volume key has been changed.
The default value is 0.
This parameter is used to specify the HD-DVD dvd hardware device number.
If this parameter is true, the volume key is automatically loaded.
When this parameter is false, the volume key is not automatically
This parameter contains the pattern of pressing keys.
If this parameter is not provided, this parameter is set to the
default value “0x00000003”.
This parameter is the string which is shown at the volume key prompt.
It’s a one or two line string.
The first line contains “Volume Key:” and the second line contains
the above-mentioned two parameters.
If this parameter is not provided, it’s a blank string.
WINDvd version history:
0.0.1 – Initial version
0.0.2 – added AutoLoad to HD-DVD dvd device number
0.0.3 – Added KeyMacro and changed the “SCHEME” parameter
0.0.4 – changed the “SCHEME” parameter
0.0.5 – allowed to display English message
0.0.6 – added AutoLoad from 1.7.0 or newer OS
0.0.7 – changed the “String” parameter
0.0.8 – fixed initializing parameters and improved event handling
0.0.9 – corrected typing color of HANDLE
0.0.10 – added KEYMACRO
0.0.11 – added the default String (empty) and changed default
value of KeyMacro to use this String
0.0.12 – fixed the SearchWindow not resize after opening
0.0.13 – corrected type-in date/time/volume
0.0.14 – fixed for using unicode strings
0.0.15 – changed default value of CTRL_

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