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Name Song of Memories (Complete Scenario)
Publisher jawutan
Format File
Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 268 votes )
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This edition includes the PC and Mac game, the physical Collector’s Edition Handbook (perfect for papercrafting), and an exclusive artwork cloth map. Plus, receive the other two Collector’s Editions for the PC and Mac game, as well as unlockable bonus tales: “Black Swan’s Big Day Out” and “Burning Beauty”. About The Game: Pursue the evil Black Swan and see if you can solve her blacker than black heart and wicked deeds. Unravel a tragic tale of love, ambition, mystery and magic. Find out why the Swan Princess despises the powerful bird “Bert” so much, and what the outrageous “Flame Prince” has in store for her town… Features: •Cutting-edge 3D Action / Adventure Game •A wide range of gameplay options for experienced gamers •Challenging Puzzles and Battles •Excellent pacing and intuitive game mechanics •Exciting encounters full of surprises •The game’s compelling storyline •Intelligent, carefully written dialog Scripts •True 3D environment (in the game) •Motion-captured characters •Variety of hair, clothes and accessories •Endless Replayability •Handcrafted Soundtracks •A variety of puzzles, battles and challenging encounters •Intuitive controls and many game options •Beautiful graphics •Resolution up to 720p Game Credits •Music: Merzbow, Bishonenkaku, Wild Beasts •Sound Design: Guillaume Gallet •Music Producer: Tim Wheatley •Spoken Narration: Anastasiya Vichko •Writing: Benjamin Chapdelaine •Art: Grégory Parette, Elliot Teo •Art Director: Laurent Derry •3D Art: Arthur Charbonnier •Managing Director: Pierre Defes •Producer: Anne-Pol Lamonte •Production: Nitro Games Studio •Executive Producer: Alexandre Besse •Studio Director: David Vescovi •Studio Manager: Julien Roulant •Programmer/Designer: Lionel Evangélé •Director of Programming: Sylvain Morel •Programmer: Thierry Nataf •Programmer: Djouin Ziltz •Programmer/Gameplay: Ilan Zinman •Programmer/UI Design: Quentin Klier •


Features Key:

    • 38 materials *
    • Movable and fully editable (click, move, rotate…)
    • Saving in different resolutions
    • Export settings for use in both RPG Maker MV and other games
    • Export fixed resource images for use in other games
    • Export scene to.swf
    • Resize and crop materials
    • Scale materials to and from original
    • Reset any file in a scene
    • Combine multiple materials into one
    • Resize and cut materials
    • Easy Texture Replacer for beginners
    • Share resources using RPG Maker MV Social Network

    • 38 textures *
    • Saving in different resolutions
    • Export settings for use in both RPG Maker MV and other games
    • Export fixed resource images for use in other games
    • Export scene to.swf
    • Resize and crop materials
    • Reset any file in a scene
    • Combine multiple materials into one
    • Resize and cut materials
    • Easy Texture Replacer for beginners
    • Share resources using RPG Maker MV Social Network

  • RPG Maker MV – Minikle’s Background CG Material Collection

    RPG Maker MV – Minikle’s Background CG Material Collection

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    Song Of Memories (Complete Scenario) Crack + Activation Code With Keygen Free Download

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    Song Of Memories (Complete Scenario) Product Key

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    How To Install and Crack Song Of Memories (Complete Scenario):

  • Download Setup file
  • Extract files using WinRAR
  • Open the unzipped folder and run the setup
  • Reboot the system and enjoy!

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