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Single Shortcut to use/create Shortcuts to Open & Close all “Quick Look” windows, plus Internet, email, news, social media, and other windows, as well as Default Apps, etc. from the Dashboard.This can be triggered by clicking on the left-hand icon to quickly view the Dashboard, or by pressing the keyboard shortcut +Dashboard to open the Dashboard and instantly close any “Quick Look” window
Tested With:
Universal Binary: 8.2 & 8.3
64-bit: 10.3
32-bit: 9.2 & 10.2
Most Recent Version: 4.1.0
Installing Keymacro Keyboard Shortcuts:
In order to install the Keymacro Keyboard Shortcuts:
Log out of your account and restart your computer
Open “Keymacro” from the Safari App Store
Once the program opens, a window will appear asking for permission to save the software’s data
You can now see the keyboard shortcuts, and download the program.
The program will then install itself and begin updating the software itself
Install a program to open/close multiple windows:
If you use your computer and want to open/close multiple windows, such as the Downloads or Messages program, you can go to the Settings app in the Safari App Store and install “Keymacro”
You can now quickly open/close the program and the multiple windows you wish to open/close.
This keyboard shortcut can be found by opening the Keymacro app and pressing the keyboard shortcut shown below.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
“Keyboard Shortcut”: Allows you to create shortcuts to any menu on the “Dashboard” or “Quick Look” app. Just click on the “Keyboard Shortcut” box, and click on the location on the Dashboard or Quick Look that you wish to create a shortcut to.
Example: Click on the arrow (up-triangle) to go to the Social Media folder.
In that folder, click on the icon to create a shortcut.
In that window, type the Keyboard Shortcut, such as “Windows + S”
Then, click on “Save”
Create a keyboard shortcut to quickly open the Safari App Store:
To create a keyboard shortcut to the Safari App Store, follow these steps:
1. Open the Safari App Store, and click on the icon for “Store”
2. Type in your password
3. Click on “Store” 384a16bd22

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An effort to analyze the data recorded in Windows registries and produce a function. This function can be used to build encryption system, which can encrypt messages, internet passwords, or files with encryption key.
With KEYMACRO you can generate dynamic encryption keys that can be used to encode data with any encryption algorithm. It can also be used to encode any kind of text, but this functionality is still not implemented. In addition to that, this software allows you to encrypt any data in a specific file format, for instance, you can encrypt a text document, an executable, or a whole folder.

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Consult your IT Service Provider, you will see that how they would have suggested you the security solution, whether it is an antivirus solution or a security suite, the IT companies always put emphasis on the same thing. These days, the IT companies are also focusing on business operations, how their security solutions can help the companies to run smoothly. There are a few companies who focus on the security of their clients by not only protecting the client’s data, but also protecting the client’s device.

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