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Batter LinesIt is not so common to draw lines between two polylines. But if you have a situation where such a slope need to be drawn, then you can use Autocad slope tick marks plugin for that. You can easily get an idea about the slope from this image:

You can also draw such a line in a different way using a different extension called Batterline. This plugin is available in Autocad only and it works in a different way. Instead of drawing all the way (as in one image) it connects the two points using two straight lines.

Here is another way in which such a line can be drawn using the Batterline extension.

Another situation for this line can be seen in the image below:

Tick Marks (Hatches)Hatches are used to visually represent the thickness of a line. But how would you be able to draw such a line in the viewport? The VLX plugin can do that for you!
Now you can create an easy to use line object that can be used to represent the thickness of a line. You can either select one of the arrow type shape tools or draw a thick line segment. By pressing a single keyboard shortcut you will be able to change the type of the line such as changing a square into a circle. You can even use the shape tools to create an object (just as you would if you were creating a polyline) and then select the Batter line extension and adjust the thickness of the line!

Here is a before and after screenshot:

Now in the image below, the point is a line and the curve is of a straight line while the hatch is a hatchline with 2 segments:

You can also draw any type of line by making a polyline and then select the Batter line extension:

The slope and tick marks can be set to any angle. The entire thing is adjustable:

You can select any direction to make the slope go in. Here we have selected the direction in a clockwise fashion:

Here is a step by step video tutorial:

Hatch Type Manager:
You can choose one of the available hatch types in the Hatch type manager module. You can also choose the number of segments of the hatch, its color and the size of the hatch.

Arrow Shape Tools:
For this section, we are going to cover the arrow shape tools. If you have previously downloaded the

SlopeTick Download PC/Windows

The VLX extension for the slope tickmark plugin, SlopeTick Cracked Accounts.
SlopeTick is designed to enable you to draw slope tickmarks between two polylines. The slope tickmarks are derived from the slopes of the two polylines.
VLX can work with 3D and non-3D polylines.
The slope tickmark is automatically connected to the two polylines.
When you scroll the mouse over the slope tickmark, the slider will give you the value of the slope of the line for an easy reading.
So don’t miss this VLX extension.
Once you start using it, you will never be able to go back to autocad standard slope tickmarks.

More features:
There is a similar extension available for the hatch tickmark plugin, but only in VLX.


For questions and help:
First you can use the forum below. Then you can write an email to me at [email protected]


In Windows, type: “sloptick:\?\&”


Have fun and check the slider when you need!


Thank you for buying the extension!


Karel P. Vondrák



I just recently purchased this product after doing some research and the results have been very good.
The program works very well for my drawings. The product is easy to install and works efficiently.

Best regards,

Kendall P

This is very simple to use, intuitive and flexible. I used this at work to help with a project, and it has proved to be most flexible. The program behaves exactly as advertised.

Good plugin, but needs to be reworded.

Posted by Allegan on 6/17/2010 at 10:32 AM

The need for this Plugin would be useful in 3d printing, however, the wording on the included documentation of the product leaves a lot to be desired. I had to carefully read the documentation, and in order to get the product to work, I had to figure

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PETER J. FINK, : No. 28 EM 2016
Petitioner :
v. :

What’s New in the SlopeTick?

* You can draw your 1st and 2nd polyline to remain in the same position and to define a direction and angle. Then you can draw your desired slope on each end.
* You can select the lines and line style (you can also select the color and line weight)
* You can modify the angle and the length of your lines
* You can export to DXF and DWG format
Using this plugin, you will be able to draw your 1st and 2nd polyline to remain in the same position and to define a direction and angle. Then you can draw your desired slope on each end.

* Add and extend existing objects (if you want to add slopes from another drawing or from a different drawing)
* Create new polylines
* You can insert a new polyline in the drawing using the AutoCAD “Insert” command
* You can delete a polyline
* The 2nd polyline will remain in the same position and will also retain the same angle and direction
* You can modify the starting and ending coordinates of the 2nd polyline to get the desired slope
* You can select different line style (pen color, weight, width), and you can select the line color
* You can define your own temperature range for the polylines, so no-one will be able to see the slope hidden in the drawing.

Once you have set the slope of the first polyline, in the “Insert Polyline” dialog, the “Selection Type” option will be set to “extend current”, meaning that the 2nd polyline will retain the same position and direction as the first polyline.
Using this option, you can enter a second polyline and add new polylines as extensions.
This option will create a new polyline in a specific position (defined by the insert point) and in the same direction of the first polyline.
Also, with this option, you can insert a new polyline in the drawing using the “Insert” command.
In the dialog box, there is a drop-down list called “use by” where you can define the selection type and the “Selection Type” option can be set to “extend existing”, meaning that a new polyline will be created using the 3D coordinates of the existing polyline.
The “extend current” option will always create a new

System Requirements:

It should run on all system that runs other Win32 games. A game tested to run under Windows 7 should run on Windows XP too.
It should run on the following machines.
Laptop i5 2500M 2.5GHz
Laptop i7 3770 2.5GHz
Desktop i5 2500M 3.4GHz
Desktop i7 2600 2.5GHz
Desktop i7 3770 2.8GHz
AMD64 (64bit) desktop or laptop
Please note:
Running on 64bit Windows 7–Free-Download-2022Latest.pdf

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