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Even with the mesmerizing variety of content offered by the information superhighway, your browser history can narrow down to only a few preferred pages. In this case, there’s no point in using a browser that abuses system resources. It’s actually better to narrow down processes to the page of interest with Site Specific Browser. Lightweight and easy to use One major advantage for this application in particular is that it doesn’t need to be installed, so you can use it directly from a USB flash drive on other PCs as well. It doesn’t require any extra services, nor does it tamper with system registries, thus keeping the target computer clean. As the name might suggest, the application isn’t quite your regular web browser, but it does take you online, and on any page of your choice. In spite of its general simplicity, the first time you run it might leave you scratching your head for a while, because there aren’t any buttons to write down the address you want to access. Fitted only with simple features you need However, carefully reading the description unveils the connection method. In other words, the URL field is actually the application name, so you need to rename it to if you want to use it to get here. The same goes with any other website, so this means you end up with a handful of icons on your desktop, one for each page. There aren’t any navigation buttons, so it’s best to use the application only with pages that don’t involve a lot of navigation, or they’re fitted with their own controls. On the other hand, the Backspace key takes you back one page, while F5 refreshes, and there’s also the context menu you can turn to for more options. In conclusion To sum it up, Site Specific Browser might not come with an extensive set of features to begin with, but it does provide a lightweight solution to accessing custom web pages without eating up a lot of resources. Configuration is minimum, since you only need to rename the executable, with the window position kept intact, and decent navigation speed.


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Site Specific Browser Crack Product Key Full Free Download [32|64bit]

Site Specific Browser is a lightweight browser dedicated to a single page, making it perfect for those who rarely change their browser history. More about Site Specific Browser Site Specific Browser is a lightweight browser dedicated to a single page, making it perfect for those who rarely change their browser history. It is easy to use, fully supports all the tools you’ll need, and will not leave any trace on your computer. You can easily access the site using only the site name, no matter where the site is located in the web! No fancy installation! No need to find a website address – just use the name! Site Specific Browser features: “Site Specific” mode to get access to web pages which you usually access online. Any web pages can be accessed using a simple text. No need to type web address, paste web address, type in a part of address. Just click a text to visit the page! Set bookmark to access pages quickly. Detailed error and resource information. Ability to view bitmap images and web pages as Bitmaps. Cute Auto Loader feature. Trail browser help!! Useful for those who are too busy to visit web sites, and are willing to spend their time surfing the web, but they don’t have enough time to visit individual web sites. Internet Download Manager Description: IDM is a superfast software utility which can help you download files from the Web directly into any folder or even directly on your hard disk drive. And when it’s all over you can resume interrupted downloads or speed up downloads that have slowed down while you were busy. Internet Download Manager Features: * A powerful download accelerator, with an unprecedented speed and an extremely low memory footprint, IDM can speed up large downloads by over 1000%. * It runs quietly in the system tray, automatically reconnecting when your internet connection is lost. * If your download is interrupted, IDM automatically resumes the download from the point where it was interrupted. * IDM supports resume the download on any web download link (including download links inside documents and other files), FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, Google, Azure, Box, Dropbox and Mega links and download links generated by other download managers. * IDM supports HTTP Proxy and SSH proxy. * It supports LAN and WAN network connections, including Internet, Intranet, Extranet, and VPN. * You can specify the URL of any video, audio,

Site Specific Browser Crack

Site Specific Browser For Windows 10 Crack is a user-friendly software that can help you access your favorite web pages directly on your desktop. It’s designed to work only with the Web addresses or weblinks. The application doesn’t need to be installed on your computer. Instead, you’ll be able to use it from a USB drive, and access any web page directly with just a few clicks. The tool is extremely fast and easy to use. Download from Shareware Connection MacBit Pocket Manager 4.0.2 MacBit Pocket Manager is designed for managing your documents (documents, files, text) and automatically synchronize data between different computers. It allows to create backup, copy, create… BinDiff 3.6.27 BinDiff is a flexible file differencing and merging tool. It compares binary files side-by-side, so you can visually verify the differences between two binary files or directories, and decide if you need t… Mozilla Calc Mozilla Calc is a very powerful financial calculator. The Calc feature set may be larger than any other. Its features include a currency converter, fiscal year calculator, journal entries, HLA, basic and m… Monadic State – Lifetime Errors 1.0 Monadic State lifetime errors occur when a function has a monad transformer with a MonadState constraint and the function’s code depends on an inner state of the transformer. Monadic State la… Pythontaal 2.0 Python Tools for Linux – Python Tools for Linux is a collection of tools written in python designed to enhance your python development experience. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which includes… TimeConverter 2.4 An application designed to show how to use the date and time of any era. It is as simple and easy to use as the original application that inspired the creation of this much more complex program. TimeConverter… Patient/Home Treatment 1.1.2 Patient/Home Treatment is a Windows based software that is designed to help in devising and administering a multi-step, personalized medical treatment plan for a patient at home. The program repla…Q: Refresh a script for multiple pages when ID changes in IE I am using the following script to post a variable value to page and check it using javascript. function GetProfileID() { b7e8fdf5c8

Site Specific Browser Free License Key Download

– It doesn’t need to be installed, so the application can be moved to any folder you want to. – There’s no special configuration to do, so you get a handful of icons that open websites like this one, and that’s it. Site Specific Browser Description: The unique software is specifically created to access a website without leaving any trace on the target computer. Text mode (console) for program updating: The program can be updated through the console without using the graphical interface. The support of updated versions in a test version or in a trial version: The program can support the test version as well as the trial version. Cons: Site Specific Browser looks for the mentioned version in the path: programs for installation. At first, it creates a “Install_SiteSpecific_Browser” directory in the “Programs” folder where the program is installed on the hard disk. When you click the program’s exe-file the first time, the “Install_SiteSpecific_Browser” directory becomes the “AutoStart” directory. If you click the exe-file the second time, the “Install_SiteSpecific_Browser” directory becomes the “Startup” directory. Installs itself in the “Programs” directory: In the folder program is not available. Installs itself in the “Startup” directory: In the folder program is not available. Installs itself in the “Startup” directory: In the folder “Programs” are stored the following files: C:\ProgramData\Site Specific Browser\SiteSpecificBrowser.exe C:\ProgramData\Site Specific Browser\Updater.exe Installs itself in the “Programs” directory: In the folder program is not available. Installs itself in the “Startup” directory: In the folder program are stored the following files: C:\ProgramData\Site Specific Browser\SiteSpecificBrowser.exe C:\ProgramData\Site Specific Browser\Updater.exe Installs itself in the “Startup” directory: In the folder “Programs” are stored the following files: You can do the following while updating: Click the exe-file of the program. Click the empty cmd.exe-window and type the following command line: “uninstall” or “remove”. Enter

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Site Specific Browser is a lightweight and easy-to-use browser, designed to make web surfing faster, and to provide a clean user interface. System requirements: – 56K modem – 16 MB RAM (32MB recommended) – 200 MB free hard drive space License: Support: Site Specific Browser Free Download Creation Date:2018-04-22-Release Date: 2018-04-22 Description: SBS is an application that will help you to visualize all your favorite sites for a long time at once. This application gathers various sites in one place. It allows you to set it as the home page and to open it every time you log on. Main features: * Choosing page – you can choose a page that you want to be your home page * Opening page – this will open it in the same way you have set your home page * Saving home page – if you decide to open the page you just set up, you can keep it in this state. It will be a link to the page you set up as your home page * Maintaining your bookmarks and favorites – if you save the page you want as your home page, it will maintain those. If you want to restore your bookmarks and favorites, simply open the page you have saved and you will be able to set it as the home page * Log on home page – this page will open as the home page. * Log on page – you can log on to any page you want in this way. * Follow us and like us – if you enjoy SBS, follow our page. If you like our application, please like our page. * Startup – when you log on, our application will start. Requirements: Installation: * PC: Windows XP or above * Firefox or Google Chrome * 256MB or more of RAM required * 200MB free hard drive space Some links which should be not opened:

System Requirements For Site Specific Browser:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 are supported. Mac OS X 10.3 or higher Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 or higher Safari 6.0.5 or higher Internet Explorer 7 or higher Chrome or Chromium 19 or higher A built-in microphone is required to install and run the program. It can be difficult to tell exactly what the program has recorded because of the sound quality and amount of noise in the recordings. For this reason, detailed feedback

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