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Cult of the Wind is a strategy game where players compete in ritualistic dogfights with virtual airplanes, each one starring an art deco-style pilot who flies with their hands. A key feature is the level editor, which lets you create your own levels quickly and share them with others on a server. The community is enormous, with over 150,000 players. Aircraft can be created by even more dedicated modders. We’ve played and tested over 50 unique planes at this point, and we expect them to keep improving. Urban Boundaries Urban Boundaries is a colony management game set in the near future in which players must compete to be the most successful and powerful city in the universe. As players navigate a world filled with natural and artificial resources, they must balance various industries that affect the well-being of a city while they secure and protect their territory. From the hustle and bustle of the port to the lawless wilderness of the mountains, your journey will take you to many different locations and environments, all of which are populated by animals and monsters. Urban Boundaries is in early access and will release with a beta version in 2019. Mortal World Mortal World is a visually interesting strategic real-time-strategy game with an emphasis on upgrading and managing your fleet. You play as a god commanding your own armada of titanic vessels and fleets. Command your fleet, take your enemy’s fleet or enemy vessels as your colony, and engage in strategy vs. strategy battles as your fleets encounter one another. Co-op Mode There will also be a 2-player co-op mode, The Shipwright’s Tale, which is a real-time-strategy game set during the Crusades era. You and your friend must build a mighty navy and protect the Holy Land from the Saracen pirates. If you succeed, they will bow down to you. If you fail, well… we can’t say more. Demo release The virtual reality version of the game, named, released its demo version in Japan in 2019 and later in 2020 in the US. In the demo, players can experience the 16 missions of the game, customizing their own avatars and customizing their ships. The demo features animated cutscenes with voice acting. Promotion Activision’s internal promotion Bwoooo!!! is a video game music game with an emphasis on rhythm.


Features Key:

  • Megadrive game play.
  • Arcade game play.
  • Original game theory.
  • Awesome box art and backgrond.
  • Manual.

    DEMO GAME : 1.The Game Manager 2.The gamesaves 3.Help Option 4.Gameplay Options 5.High scores Basically it’s an arcade video game….. The Package Includes: Show HN: – combine websites to create your own – maxheart ====== maxheart This isn’t the first time I’ve posted this. So I’m hoping the consensus is that this is a solid idea to get some interest and traction. Essentially what we (makers of this site) do is come up with a short list of interesting blogs/spaces that we think people might like and allow them to combine their sites together. Fun, engaging and easy. Additional specs: * Only xhtml markup * Make it as easy as possible * No Javascript * Kinda minimalist * Less than 100KB * As much information as possible on the server side I’m happy to answer all questions. ~~~ johnfn This is a pretty good idea. There’s a particularly


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    Best of VR Coaster Extreme will give you the following experiences : – Enjoy the freedom of your own roller coaster world, as you enter an abandoned mine, a toy train, a house or a theme park. – Express yourself with your virtual hands that will allow you to grab and wrap around objects, to climb up higher or slide down. – Raise your voice, scream, laugh, sing along a full orchestra, or listen to your favorite music. All of that is powered by a beautiful track by Kingdom Engineers that will allow you to enter the worlds of your dreams. Kick the VR coaster extreme experience in a million VR worlds with your own virtual hands! What’s New – New music thanks to @TheRealVanek – New version 3 with enhanced world design. – New notificaitons improvements. – New trains using ncode technology. – New get dressed to ride (except for Robotic Suit and astronauts that have special trains) – New special trains. – New giant house. – New musical tracks inspired by Kingdom’s employees! – New Large city “Wooster” – New Park world “Olympus” – New Giant world “Rio”. – New Mountains world “Pirate” – New Water world “Brazil”. – New underground mine. – New robot train capable of carrying and teleporting a mechanical suit. – New helmet. – New theme park classic coaster, with new tracks! – New sky world “Aquarium” – New wilderness world “Taiga” – Fixed edge world “Cirque” and “Luna”. – Fixed sea world “Sea”. – Fixed hair. – Fixed the typo “Ridership” How to install: Unzip files and install both.dmg for Mac and.pkg for Windows Turn on your headset and the roller coaster will load! By default you will be in a Mountain world, ( other worlds are available, you just have to jump on the crate 🙂 ) If you want to leave the world, you can simply close the window. Sound will continue playing the audio track, the world will look the same, and you will still be able to move around. You can also do fun things like raise your hands and create a spiral, or use the virtual hands to climb walls. Once you’ve done, simply exit, to see your track, let your music play c9d1549cdd


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    Game Description “You are the patient and scientist in this game.You have to examine, diagnose and plan the best therapy for the patient.Let’s find the best therapy and treat your patient. As you move along you will meet some obstacles and experience interesting sounds.Work with several powerful tools and use many specialized functions to find a solution and help your patient’s health. This will also earn you points that are needed to unlock the next level.Well done if you can find the exact therapy for your patient.Good luck!” The game ends if you take too long to guess the correct therapy or if you lose all your points.Have fun!“One of the best android apps”- DroidGamers “This app is really addictive”- SuperAppGuide “Really fun app”- droidGameCenter Game FeaturesNews & Media Pew Foundation Launches Citizen Engagement Index July 25, 2012 This fall, for the first time, the Pew Research Center will publish an annual report that seeks to measure citizen engagement on important public issues. The report will be an online resource for key data and research on how Americans engage with the government on public issues and how that engagement relates to their political views. The Citizen Engagement Index (CEI), which the Pew Center will launch in late 2012, will look at public perceptions of government, expectations of elected officials, and the public’s sense of being “followed,” “ignored,” and “misrepresented.” More importantly, it will measure the degree to which citizens are motivated to engage politically on behalf of their views, the issues that they care about, and the policies they favor. This year’s report includes an interview with CEI creator David Winston, who tells us why the index was developed, and what will come out of it. It also shows how politicians, regulators and policy makers can use data on how citizens engage to better understand the public’s views and determine what to do about them. The index is designed to help policymakers get closer to a consensus around political issues. The CEI’s methodology differs from other tools designed to measure citizen engagement and interest in the government, like those run by the Harvard Berkman Center and the American National Election Studies, or ANES


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