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1) Create schedules for up to 25 employees in a month, 4 weeks, and 2 schedule checks. ■ More features available at a higher price – upgrade if you need them! Please note: 1) There are some additional fees associated with upgrading from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0, such as the cost of the upgrade license and one-time license renewal. 2) For customers who want to support our growth, no additional fees are required for purchasing additional users. 3) For some features, a license key is required. 4) To avoid misuse, ScheduleAssist utilizes a digital watermark to show when a schedule has been “used”. A watermark only displays on the ScheduleAssist generated schedule. 5) Some features are only available for registered users. 6) Schedules are only checked once per week. The frequency of the check is configurable, but may be difficult to predict without additional testing. 7) We recommend that users check that schedules are meeting their needs before sending them to their staff. 8) If your schedule is not meeting the needs of your nurses, you should first check that your department staffing requirements are met. This can help avoid unnecessary complaints from your nurses. 9) We recommend that you create a prototype schedule before you start using the application. This will make sure that you are on the right track. Important Info: 1) Department requirements are checked by the application. If the application cannot automatically determine the requirements, contact us before purchasing. We may be able to help you. 2) There are some features of the application that are only available for registered users (such as the ability to set up security rules for the application). 3) The trial version is free. Once you purchase the application, you will receive a License Agreement from us. Please review it. If you are unsure whether you need to purchase the full version, contact us. 4) You need to purchase a subscription (1 license for one user). 5) The license is not transferable. 6) Your subscription must be renewed at the subscription end date or the license key will become invalid. 7) Subscriptions must be paid within two weeks of the subscription end date. Refunds will not be processed for paid subscriptions, even when the subscription end date has passed. 8) Customers using the web service may be subject to a registration process. The registration information will be used solely for the purposes of billing. If you

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■ Basic version with limited functionality ■ Requires Microsoft Excel to open exported schedules ■ Try before you buy ■ Upgrades available for $30/month ScheduleAssist Advance ■ Includes access to CalendarManager and EmployeeManager features ■ Requires Microsoft Excel to open exported schedules ■ Upgrades available for $35/month Nurse Staffing Software Software – Scheduling, Staffing, Nurse Vitals Using ScheduleAssist to Plan Your Nursing Schedule To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video №7 Nursing Software – Scheduling, Staffing, Nurse Vitals Nursing Software – Scheduling, Staffing, Nurse Vitals So you know you need to create a schedule for your staff and many of the questions about how to do that will be asked by the nurses. You will find this video to be the single best resource for learning how to make an efficient schedule, that will put your staff on the road to success. Kathy_E Scheduling in-Home Care, Hard to Find Holistic Homecare Solutions Inc. provides onsite care for individuals recovering from stroke, brain injury, heart attack and other cardiac events. We specialize in scheduling and scheduling to meet the needs of patients and their caregivers. We provide an exceptional customer experience and have been featured in The New York Times as a company that is on the cutting edge of care for high-needs patients. 1:56 Scheduling and Staffing Software for Nurses Scheduling and Staffing Software for Nurses Scheduling and Staffing Software for Nurses In this video we look at the software that is available to assist with scheduling and staffing in nursing. Scheduling Priority Care Scheduling Priority Care ScheduleAssist – The premier Scheduling & Staffing Software ScheduleAssist is a useful program that contains all the necessary functions for creating schedules for Nursing Departments. The program is simple and easy-to-use for creating what-if scenarios and workable schedules. The main benefit is that it checks that both department and staff schedule needs are met. If you are currently using paper or spreadsheets to create schedules, aren’t willing to invest in expensive, complicated software (and don’t have the time 7ef3115324

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This version of ScheduleAssist includes up to 25 staff, 4 weeks, and 2 schedule checks. ■ Time-Based Scheduling Only ScheduleAssist is designed for nursing and healthcare staffing and scheduling. It may not include all features available in other program for other departments Main Functions of ScheduleAssist: ■ Find your nurse staffing schedule –or make one! ■ Assign vacancies to shift or to the whole department ■ Look at what day and time shift needs to be covered ■ Enter all your nursing staffing requirements ■ Select your frequency of schedules ■ Export your schedule to an Excel spreadsheet ■ Print or email your schedule ■ Import your schedule to Microsoft Excel from a file ■ Open your schedule in Excel to look at it ■ Delete, move, copy, or duplicate your schedule ■ Send and receive your schedule via email ■ Report staffing requirements and schedule needs – it’s all in one place! ■ Easily meet both staffing and scheduling needs ■ Reduce time spent making your schedules ■ Less errors ■ Any other staff and department ■ Much more! 2. ScheduleAssist Professional • This version of ScheduleAssist includes up to 25 staff, 4 weeks, and 4 schedule checks • Import your schedule from any version of scheduleAssist • Export to HTML for posting to your website • Unlimited number of users • Unlimited data fields • Import your schedule to Microsoft Excel • Open your schedule in Excel to look at it • Delete, move, copy, or duplicate your schedule • Send and receive your schedule via email • Report staffing requirements and schedule needs – it’s all in one place! • Generate reports detailing staffing requirements, schedules, dates, and frequency • Export complete schedules to Microsoft Excel for printing or emailing • Print your own paper schedules or make PDF versions available for employee’s use • Import schedules from Microsoft Excel • Much more! ScheduleAssist Professional Features • Staffing: The average work week is now 52 hours • Number of personnel changed from 24 to 25 • Number of shifts/schedules changed from 4 to 4 • Number of schedules changed from 2 to 4 • Number of checks from 2 to 4 • Number of days of notice changed from 2 to 3 • Total

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This is a basic version of ScheduleAssist. ScheduleAssist Basic can make sure staffing requirements are met and may not be necessary if you have a paper schedule or prefer not to use a software program.Resolution of a completely general three-dimensional integration method. It is well-known that multidimensional integrals may be reduced to one-dimensional integrals. The nature of multidimensional integrals is that one may partition the variables in a given integral into subsets for which each subset is a one-dimensional integral. We will prove that each three-dimensional integral may be reduced to at least two-dimensional integrals. This condition is not satisfied when we speak of reduction of integration methods. In this paper, we prove that a three-dimensional integration method may be reduced to at least a two-dimensional integration method.St. Rose of Lima Church The St. Rose of Lima Church is a Roman Catholic parish church located in the Pius Arts District of Greenville, South Carolina. The parish of St. Rose of Lima was first established in 1864, when the first parish in Greenville was formed. The parish is composed of two locations: Main, a new church that opened in 2015, and the original location of the parish which is located at 3130 Second Avenue. The Main location is located within the Diocese of Lexington, and the location on Second Avenue is within the Diocese of Charleston. The church is home to the St. Rose of Lima School, which provides Catholic education for grades pre-K through 12, as well as the Department of Religious Education which runs the school Masses and other religious education programs. History The parish church is one of three remaining churches which were originally constructed to serve the Catholic population in the Greenville County. The other two churches are the Sacred Heart Parish and the St. Joseph Parish. See also List of Catholic churches in South Carolina References External links Official Website of St. Rose of Lima Parish Category:Roman Catholic churches in South Carolina Category:Roman Catholic churches in Greenville, South CarolinaQ: Admob Unity 5 I am trying to implement admob in unity 5. this is my class: using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI; using Admob; [CreateAssetMenu(fileName = “Background”, menu

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