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Keymacro is a program that has been developed to help you improve your productivity and earn more money. The application is built with the purpose of having a comprehensive list of macros that can help you manage your mouse and keyboard actions to quickly perform various actions.
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The local structure of water is seen to reflect its bulk properties, in particular, the dynamic properties as shown by recent molecular dynamics simulations. However, the relationship between local structure and global properties of liquid water, in particular, the density, has not been quantified. Here, we employ the radial distribution function in a local density approximation to construct a simple phenomenological model that quantitatively relates the local structural properties to the global properties of liquid water. We show that the model can reproduce the observed behavior of the properties of liquid water over a large temperature range and over several orders of magnitude of density with a single set of parameters. The model gives insight to the origin of the structural anomalies of water, and suggests a simple phenomenological approach for the prediction of the properties of liquid water.Theta-gamma-L-epsilon triple-labelled immunolabelling to assess the origin of muscarinic afferents in the subnucleus gelatinosus of the rat.
The subnucleus gelatinosus (SG) of the spinal trigeminal nucleus is innervated by cholinergic fibres from the primary somatosensory cortex and, like other regions of the spinal trigeminal nucleus, receives afferents from a variety of brainstem areas. This study set out to investigate the origin of primary afferents in the rat SG with the use of a triple-labelling method. Cholinergic fibres were labelled using a novel rabbit polyclonal antiserum raised against carbachol and the terminal label revealed by the use of an alkaline phosphatase anti-alkaline phosphatase (APAAP) technique. The neuronal population was subdivided into three separate groups (labelled from cortex, rhombencephalic reticular formation and pontine nuclei) by employing a double-labelling technique with a combination of a monoclonal antibody and the APAAP method 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is a powerful and versatile toolkit designed for record keeping in biomedical research.
Intuitive user interface
Keymacro offers an intuitive interface which combines the key features of a program designed for medical professionals with the ease of use of a word processor.
Multi-layered tables, reports, and graphs
The toolkit offers a wide range of tables to help medics find details quickly and organize data easily. They can create multi-layered data structures in a variety of layouts to display the data the best way possible. Additionally, they can use different types of graphs and statistics to evaluate and present the data.
Numerical and textual data
The data can be presented in either numerical or textual formats. As for the numerical representation, it can be displayed in percentages, averages, and lists to identify the type of data the user is working with. For the textual part, medics can use mathematical operators and their own scientific notation.
Intelligent filtering and searching
Medics can select, filter, and order data simply and intuitively, depending on the information they need. They can sort out and group items, numbers, percentages, and figures with ease to easily understand what’s going on. Additionally, the data can be filtered using a wide range of filters, including the date format, the size of the group, and the color scheme.
Cloud support
Keymacro allows medics to collect their information online and use the cloud for storing it and sharing it with colleagues. Additionally, they can directly link to third-party cloud databases to access all the information they need.
File organization and editing
Medics can classify and organize data easily using the folder system. They can use their own scientific notation, compute percentage values, and add custom functions to get the information that they need. Also, they can link to different folders and edit or delete the records and files in them.
Medical research database
Keymacro is a powerful and versatile toolkit which allows medics to record the data they need, categorize it, and use it for future research and evaluation.
Keymacro is a powerful and versatile toolkit designed for record keeping in biomedical research. It’s easy to use, intuitive, and offers a wide range of features that can be used in many different ways. As for its features, it offers medics the ability to manipulate data and create reports to aid their work, as well as organize them in different ways.
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