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published:03 Jan 2017


This is a video of me transferring a batch of 3,000+ bottles from one location to another in the last month of my career in foodservice. I’ve a few hints that may be useful for others. Please note that this video is for entertainment purposes only. No customer, student, or client was harmed in the making of this video. If you agree, don’t show anyone and don’t re-upload.

There is one human being who already knows what this is like. He has lived it out in the utmost anguish and immorality. His name is Lucifer.
He was once a man in the company of men, but he had a different aim and a different motivation for life.
In the body of mankind, the grace of God came to be recognized, in the blood of Christ, through the Word of God.
While the Word of God was being fulfilled, through the work of the Holy Spirit, Satan, the devil, became transformed into an angel of light.
What does the Apostle Paul say in 2 Corinthians?
“Where sin increased, grace increased all the more”
“But where sin abounded, grace has much more increased”
When the devil was to be our teacher, when he had the opportunity to lead us to enlightenment, he did the exact opposite, he led us to self-destruction.
Sin is the way of the devil.
It is always an opportunity for self-gratification, or it leads to self-destruction.
It is always the way of a person who walks in pride, whether he be a man or a woman.
The devil, the god of this age, has kept a woman on this earth who is in every way worthy to be a man’s bride.
This woman is not her name but her evidence, her mark.
He has transformed this woman into a man, even into the image of the man, for the devil is the god of this age, and he is in complete control of the world.
This woman has put on every 384a16bd22

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