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Kiku Wallpaper Launcher is a free, easy to use, and cross-platform application that enables you to run your favorite 2D or 3D desktop live wallpapers. It runs just like a regular application and can run full screen or in a window on your desktop. What’s New in V2.5.0 v2.5.0- Fixed dragging of desktop live wallpaper on certain machines v2.5.0- Option to play desktop live wallpaper as background rather than video content v2.5.0- Option to display live wallpaper as a 3D or 2D animation (by default with 2D animation). v2.4.0- New option to set live wallpaper as background video v2.4.0- Support for 4K movies (32:9 and 16:9 aspect ratio) v2.4.0- New option for screen position and orientation. v2.3.2- Fixed that the wallpaper would not be centered when adding a new folder (improved compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit machines) v2.3.2- Option to toggle the live wallpaper from full screen to window v2.3.2- Option to delete the wallpaper from memory v2.3.1- Fixed bug that the live wallpaper would not be displayed properly if some folder were removed while live wallpaper was playing v2.3.1- Option to re-run the live wallpaper in a new folder v2.3.1- Live wallpaper fully supports dragging your wallpaper to arrange your desktop wallpapers. v2.3.1- Restored option to delete the live wallpaper from memory v2.3.0- Fixed missing folder with some live wallpapers v2.3.0- New option to open the live wallpaper when deleting the wallpaper from memory v2.3.0- New option to run the live wallpaper as a desktop video content v2.3.0- New option to run the live wallpaper as a desktop window content v2.2.0- New wallpaper sorting options and live wallpaper visualisation options v2.2.0- New option to play the wallpaper when the desktop screen is locked v2.2.0- Option to pause the live wallpaper before going full screen (background video will still play if full screen is called). v2.2.0- New option to adjust the wallpaper to other screen positions


Features Key:

  • great action for 2-6 players
  • social rules enable new types of play
  • many game modes including cooperative and competitive
  • advanced dice mechanics including a limited number of rolls
  • unique single-player game modes
  • cooperative and competitive multiplayer
  • achievements
Game Modes

It is possible for up to 6 players to cooperate and compete within the same game. The rules are simple:

  • The aim of the game is to find the highest value on your dice
  • If the dice are even, the prizes have even values; if they are uneven, the prizes are uneven
  • The first player to 11 points wins
  • If there is a tie, the player with the highest number wins


Rocket Island Download (2022)

Choose from 10 characters Each of whom has their own unique ability. These abilities are barely hindering; some characters can enter a fight, while others can’t. Find ways to save the theater festival Work together with your fellow performers or fight with them Create a compelling and thought-provoking story. Make a difference in the world, one scene at a time. Requires Flash. Save the theater festival? Or will we all be buried underneath an overgrowing zombie infestation? Game Features: choose from 10 characters, each with their own unique ability. Some have the ability to run a fight, while others have the ability to just yell and smash things. An electronic theater that can be re-purposed as a gondola, circus tent, or storage shed (depending on how desperate the city is) There’s also the custom-built theater. Each character has a different relationship with the City. They come to you from all over the world to perform on a regular basis. Some leave when things get rough, but there’s always room for one more on stage. Choose your words with true dice rolls. Whenever you talk, your character will roll true dice. The number of dice you roll is determined by your “reputation” with the critics (a.k.a. the critics’ opinion of you). There are 6 scenes in the game (and potentially more than that). Each scene has a different mood. The mood will influence the story in some subtle way. If you’re as dramatic as you want to be, the moods are completely replaced by [Stand By Me-esque] Scenes on [Scene 1] and other [Scenes]. Quick-time events keep the pace (and the drama) going You’ll know how you performed by looking at the dramatic abacus About this Game Set in a brutal alternate reality where things like zombies are real, Urgent is set in a former theater that is now locked down for zombie containment. It’s up to you to save the theater and its patrons. Urgent takes place over the course of 6 scenes, each of which plays out differently depending on the mood. The [mood] (which is determined by the roll of true dice) will influence the [scene]. You’ll have a different relationship with each of your theater’s characters, and you’ll have to help c9d1549cdd


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