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The most played platform of the year. (Revista de Invencia – Capital)
People that feel addicted to Game, and want to be, without having to take insane risks. (La Gaceta – The Record of the Nation)
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Sellers of Games, members of the Game Academy and reviewers of Games give the best games of the year. A list of games that are in the top 5 games of the year of the same category.

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UNDER THE WALL: A highly anticipated joint project from three popular studios coming together for the first time: Torchlight 2 from Runic Games, Anodyne from Double Fine Productions, and Hegemony Prime from Kalypso Media. Featuring a full feature story, new class characters and unique game play, UNDER THE WALL is an exciting way to explore the world of Torchlight II.
– Explore a whole new region of the Torchlight world!
– Outfit your character with new items and armor, and level your class up in new ways!
– Meet and explore with new companions, join up with a faction, and engage in epic boss battles!
– Relive the excitement of the original BLUTO action RPG!
CONTROLS: Control your character with the arrow keys and the Z key. WASD controls the camera. Mouse is the standard game controller.

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In a world where children have an innate gift, they come to life with the Aetherian powers. The Aethera is a world of brilliant colours, beautiful music, and new adventures. Here you’ll discover a world without pollution, without violence, a world that needs you. For over a decade, the royal family tried to keep this secret a secret. But it will soon be time for young Prince Starscream to start his journey into this Aethera.
Discover a completely new game-based-on-the-megagame-franchise. Now it’s the time for


Features Key:

    • A gadget to mount a grenade
    • A Pocket Pistol
    • 2000 Coupons
    • 20 High Yield diamonds
    • A Magnum pistol
    • A Double pistol
    • A Vulcan gun
    • Zoolander – 2 kinds of rounds
    • Big Thinker – 2 kind of rounds
    • The new space zone – live in a fast paced space trucker game
    • Don’t let THEM get the alert
    • Move & Evade the bullets any where you want and drop them using a grappling hook!!.
    • FPS Game where you control the character in a small village with dirty gangster habits
    • You run throughout the small city while trying to find your package of cash!


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    Loofy is a simple, addictive and exciting game, that will prove to be entertaining to all kinds of players. Each level will set the standard for you, but never exceed it!
    Player’s Object:
    Loofy’s goal is simple, he wishes to remain on the land of green and as such he has been programmed to work hard to attain that goal. He gets a strong kick from moving on and destroying the white lines on his way. He has no power except when he gets into the obstacle of a green line. To avoid obstacles, he can use the available power by pressing a button.
    How Loofy Works:
    Like all computer games, Loofy uses a mathematical logic to calculate the actions and to evaluate the time that is left until Loofy reaches the goals. Loofy has three goals, by these one is entering the free goal of the level. By clicking on a button Loofy can remove himself from the obstacle and so avoid destruction. He will gain energy to use on his way to the goal. However, when he loses too much energy Loofy will be destroyed and will be taken out of the game.
    How to Win:
    When you reach the goal, Loofy will receive a reward for his victory. However, the more you destroy the more you will earn.
    Key Features:
    * Five different game modes
    * Many more levels
    * Easy to learn but hard to master.
    * Several achievements to test your skills
    * Various background music it. And so it was. Between the four of us, we covered a lot of ground.

    Despite its initial weakness, the NFA and the Big Four were very useful, and I spent more time with them than I’d spent with the President or the Secretary of the Treasury before. We didn’t get as far as the Bermuda-sized array of legal, accounting, and tax lawyers who decided how the take from the BitCoin project was distributed.

    It was already early afternoon when I finished, so I spent some time in the BND’s press room with one of our Polish-speaking reporters. She was clearly interested in the BitCoin project, but also had an ear open for the words she’d keyed on during a half hour with the Polish press secretary, who’d expressed his dismay at the curious notion of a secretive North American initiative supposedly operated out of an Internet café on a square in downtown Warsaw.

    “Never heard of it,” he said.


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    Darwin’s bots: Episode 2 Features- 8+ more levels- 15 more levels with slow moving objects and enemies- What did you think about Darwin’s bots Episode 1? Leave a review: Xbox One – Google Play – Windows 10 – FeedbackMonday, March 28, 2013

    Dawson’s final adventure is here!

    Hi everyone! I’ve been so excited to share this little book with you! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to bring it out into the world. Like the title suggests, it’s a semi-finalist for this year’s Notable Social Studies Trade Books and it’s my favorite of the bunch. In it you’ll find 15 of my favorite connections to popular culture and other things I love. You can see them in the attached video here! And if you have your own book recommendations, let me know!Q:

    Position of my widget in new application for each terminal (iTerm)

    I’m developing a custom widget which is similar to an existing one, and I want to implement a behavior like the current one.
    If I understand correctly, a widget which works like an existing widget of a terminal is referenced using the window title, as in windowTitle(‘My Awesome Widget’), and the terminal specific behaviour is taken into account using the specified position:
    windowTitle(‘My Awesome Widget’)
    // process windowTitle(‘My Awesome Widget’)

    pos = {‘x’ => position.x, ‘y’ => position.y}
    win.addWidget(box, pos)

    But the problem I’m having is that this won’t work when I start a new instance of a terminal, i.e.
    pos = {‘x’ => position.x, ‘y’ => position.y}
    win.addWidget(box, pos)

    will fail in the new terminal because it has a different windowTitle(), even though the position of the box is the same. Is there a way to make it work even if I start a new terminal, or, if not, to start the box in the same position in all terminals?


    The iTerm documentation says this:

    The x and y positions are determined by the geometry of the current window and the contents of the window. The window title is never taken into account in the calculation of x and y positions.

    So the box


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