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The story starts with a war between two countries – for one country, between the kingdom of the Holy Land and the Monarchy of Tarnburg. What determines this war is the issue of child rearing, and the theme of the war revolves around the issue of child rearing.

The protagonist of the story is a Tarnburg soldier. With the strength of his Duchy, he becomes the first military force of Tarnburg. As he battles through the war, he begins to encounter various difficulties. Moreover, the protagonist and other characters fall under the influence of a mysterious world beyond the war between the Holy Land and Tarnburg, and you develop your character in an anime-like story.

The game has been made for users who are looking for a story that offers a multitude of game content by using the “story parts” system, as well as users who would like to play a fantasy action RPG in a vast world.


1. A Vast World

– A vast world with various locations and geographical features.
– You can explore a wide variety of locations, such as towns, fields, and dungeons, as well as large regions.
– Move freely in the open fields, traverse through the rivers, or go to the lakes.

2. Strategic Online Play

– Achieve two different types of gameplay: the single-player and online play (asynchronous multiplayer).
– The single-player gameplay is a story part, while the online play is an online cooperative gameplay, with a third-person view, where you can unite with other players.
– You can use the various parts you have achieved in the game to interact with other players.

3. Story in Fragments

– An infinite story in fragments, since the path of the protagonist doesn’t necessarily run through the entire main story.
– You can reach a natural conclusion by deciding the shape of the story.

4. The Power of the Elden Ring

– The power of the Elden Ring.
– You can freely determine your class and create your own party, and create a powerful party.
– The selection and absorption of the power of the Elden Ring is also possible.

5. Character Overhaul System

– Have your character grow, as well as have it become an experienced warrior in combat.
– You can customize your character to your liking, such as your combat skills, magic skills, and background.


Features Key:

  • Unique online play: You can enter rooms with other players to slay monsters, and you can take on challenging quests together.
  • Adventuring: Through the main story, you can explore the vast lands and contents of the Elden Ring, and there are also side quests, mini dungeons, and such that you can enjoy the vast world.
  • Fantasy high adventure: The main story takes you through the exciting drama of four different characters, and side quests can challenge you to bear the burden of fate and select from a number of different endings.
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    Elden Ring For PC [Latest]

    4.1 Game Types

    2. Various Features

    1. Character Customization

    4.1.Game Types

    Action RPG (JRPG, featuring a character with a fantasy background and turn-based battles)

    Real-time Strategy (JRPG, featuring real-time battles with a fantasy setting)

    Roguelike (JRPG, featuring elements of turn-based battles and real-time battles)

    Action RPG (JRPG, featuring a character with a fantasy setting and turn-based battles)

    The newly-developed fantasy action RPG Escape from the Dead Island is finally heading to Europe. The demo is scheduled to be released on September 5, and the full version of the game will be released on September 19 in Europe.The latest news about the development of the game is as follows:- “The newest adventure of the Middle Ages: Escape from the Dead Island Game Lands!” was released on the official website (Japanese).- The game is about a man who receives an invitation to fight the ultimate war. Since he is inexperienced, he must enlist his comrades and allies. Thanks to various additions, he is entrusted with the task of defending the realm. He has to recruit not only humans but also a variety of monsters and robots.- Escape from the Dead Island is a brand-new game with an action RPG (JRPG) and fantasy RPG (FRPG) mix.- The CG cutscenes for the opening stage are fully voiced by Japanese actors, also including DURARARA!!×× (the mascot girl).- According to the official website, there are a total of 45 characters that will be playable (20 of which are new).- When you put your hand on the screen, the Magic Points (MP) will drain. If it disappears, the character will disappear or will be transformed into a small amount of HP. The Magic Points can be replenished when you use magic or return to towns.- By using items or skills, the character’s skill level will rise. You can equip up to three skills to each character.- You can use all of your skills at once at any time during battle.- You can move the character after fighting enemies or using skills. You can attack enemies from a distance as well as fight enemies one on one.- You can easily switch between characters and equip items. The battle area is either a map or a menu screen. To proceed to the next chapter, you can immediately select a next page by pressing the “Select” button.-


    What’s new:


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows 10
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    GPU: DirectX


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