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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG that is currently in development. The game is set in the lands between the three gods. The powerful and ubiquitous Elden Ring, a symbol of the god’s power, exists in this world. The hero doesn’t have any magic power, but he has gained the strength to lift the stone that has been covering the land for many years. The other characters also don’t have magic powers, but they possess their own class’ powerful skills and abilities. The various paths they take, with their individual playstyle, lead them to different outcomes. There’s no right or wrong, and the game isn’t about winning, but a lot of the results are amusing.

News & Features

Hello, this is Kobayashi Asahi, producer of Tarnished. With the development of the game, we realized how we could improve the overall game play style and consider the feedback of users on social media and information from overseas.

After conducting in-depth analysis, we performed thorough rearrangement and the following adjustments were made:

– Item durability was increased.

– The Experience required to complete various story quests was adjusted to be around the level of your characters’ skills.

– The description of a character’s background was modified to explain the meaning behind the characters’ skills.

The following was due to become a change in the product shown in the previous image:

– The way NPCs react to the existence of the player has been modified.

Characters from the previous image:

Main character – The protagonist

Character A – The youngest and apparently the most innocent of the three main characters.

Characters B and C – The characters who have been trained by the protagonist.

Art elements, original character appearance, and main elements

The main character has been rebalanced.

The same, character B and character C have been given various classes. The classes are re-designed and the skills, skills you can learn, and the items they possess, have been increased.

Rebalanced characters. A detailed description of each character’s attributes and skills, new class classes, and original classes are shown below. The original characters are the old-look-classifications, the new characters are the new-look-classifications.

The main character’s class has been changed to be a strong character.

We will make the class more


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Heroes & Raids: Eligible for one to eight heroes, the Elden Ring boasts a large scale campaign.
  • Side Stories & Missions: Local stories will play out, removing the boundaries between events and seamlessly linking ongoing battles.
  • Digital Item Exchange: Players can freely exchange the resources and items they find. Items can be personal weapons, armor, or accessories.
  • Asynchronous Online Battles: The presence of other players allows you to share the same battle map with players of various regions. Networking features will be upgraded with additional functions in the future.
  • Customization: Add decorative materials with your own elements and create a wholly different character.
  • A Choice of Jobs: By combining the elements that provide different kinds of weapons, you can change your job. You can also create a character from scratch and invent a new job.
  • Progress Control: The epic drama is divided into chapters. You can check your progress in the order of the chapters, carefully, in-game.
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    Elden Ring [Win/Mac]

    The world of Tarnished is awash with the chaos of civil war. The former elite class of the kingdom of Elsira descend into dust, a new conqueror emerges, and the once powerful prince is thrust into the political arena. As an underdog, the prince sets out to retrieve an important item and make his mark as a new king in the war-torn land.

    Playing as a young, untarnished teenage girl named Tia, you embark on a journey to find the Sacred Forbidden City, a place of power, that is lost within the ancient city of Elden. Along the way, you will discover strange and unusual factions in a mysterious city filled with outlandish characters, each offering you their help.

    Become a war hero through a thrilling story by Celaeno Games.


    o The story is faithfully and beautifully crafted.

    o Unique title theme that reflects the feel of high fantasy.

    o Unique approach to the game design that makes this title stand out, with its great game mechanics.


    Tia was once a happy, naive village girl, but her peaceful days were cut short when her village was invaded by a vast army wielding an unknown power known as the Dark Dragon army. As an offspring of the royal house of Elsira, Tia witnessed her country cower and crumble before the conquering army, and with the growing restlessness in her village, she left it to search for a place of hope and opportunity.

    o The world of Tarnished is a huge, beautiful world that enables you to easily identify the country, location, and the people that you meet along the way. The story unfolds through the context of this beautiful world.

    o The story of Tarnished has a variety of plot twists, and each one of them is well-explained, making the player realize that there are more plot twists yet to be unveiled.


    o Tia is a young untarnished young woman who wakes up from a mysterious dream. The girl was taken to an isolated town where she met a seer who tries to explain the nature of the dream, but Tia is unable to comprehend the things she sees. Tia’s goal is to discover the Sacred Forbidden City.

    o The story of Tarnished unfolds with the perspective of Tia’s character. The direction of the game enables players to make decisions


    Elden Ring Free

    The PEW PEW BEAR The Pew Pew Bear is a special new breed of bears that can only be found in the NEPTUNE forest. These bears resemble Kuma, but are much more powerful.

    TIP: The PEW PEW BEAR is a quest obtainable from the Black Knight inside the Greenwood Forest.


    The Black Dragon canines have been disturbing the peace in the Land of GREEREA for a while now. The player must leave home and travel to GREEREA to face this fearsome threat.

    TIP: Travel to the GREEREA by starting the game as a NEPTUNE.


    Quests in the Lands Between that do not occur in-game will appear on the start screen. The player can initiate these quests by opening one of the entries in the left column.

    Completion Reward 1:

    The player can obtain the legendary clothing of the Legendary NEPTUNE Warrior GLOW

    Completion Reward 2:

    The player obtains the legendary uniform of the Legendary NEPTUNE Knight NIN-NA-NO

    Completion Reward 3:

    The player obtains the legendary bow of the Legendary NEPTUNE Knight PSY-O

    Completion Reward 4:

    The player obtains the legendary helmet of the Legendary NEPTUNE Knight NIGHT


    The inhabitants of the Lands Between haven’t seen the Spirit of the Moon for quite some time. Although it does not appear to be an immediate threat, it’s best that they deal with it in order to protect the peace.

    TIP: Think of the Spirit of the Moon as an NPC.


    A webdrone that hacked into the Land of GREEREA’s control center has been causing trouble. The player must capture the intruder, so that it can’t cause more trouble.

    TIP: A webdrone has the flying ability of a hawk. Use it to get to the webdrone commander’s location.


    There are rumors of a mysterious king who is rumored to live on the island of GREEREA. Have you heard this


    What’s new:


    In addition to the online play, “First Party Games” are also under development which will launch in the game on May 27th, 2018. Through the online connection player can play cooperative gameplay only with other players of the same sex regardless of platform.

    Main Features

    • A fantasy with depth.
      • Plenty of content- requiring only a one-time purchase-
        • Encounter creatures and gather rare treasures such as Bodhi Stones- items that have been unearthed by players for an extremely low price- to trade.
          • A vast world with unique environments,
            such as a vast dungeon and a forests widely spread in from the beginning of the game.

            • In addition to main scenario, players can experience side quests that relate to the main scenario and discover minor story-like elements.
              • A wide variety of enemies are present.
                • Many different party formations with different tactics and techniques are present.
                  • Formations that mix in and match characters within the same party are allowed.
                    • All parties can directly communicate with each other and form into advantageous battle formations.
      • Easy to use.
        • With a straightforward system and intuitive controls,
          players can easily enjoy a unique fantasy RPG experience.
      • Cooperative gameplay:
        • While playing as a duo, you and your partner can cooperate with each other from a distance.
          • In contrast to battling in a group, you simply have to press the fast forward button to quickly perform cooperative actions such as teleporation in a solo game.
      • An online element that supports offline gameplay.
        • By forming a party, you can directly connect with other players and play together.
      • Peaceful games that let you safely enjoy an online experience.
        • Though online play can be temporarily paused, it is impossible to loot items from other players while paused.



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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1. Unrar the setup exe with Winrar
  • 2. Copy the cracked content from released folder to the install folder
  • 3. Install and Play!
  • Cod4 DLC

    The storm has come to the Lands Between.The sun has long gone and the wind has ridden against the sky.We must travel to the homelands of the Elden – to the Blood Meadow, to the Marsh of Dreams,                to the Scarlet Thorns, and to the Valley of Swords.



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    To run the game properly, you will need the following:
    Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, 64-bit
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU (or equivalent)
    2 GB of RAM (minimum)
    3 GB of free hard disk space (recommended)
    DirectX 9, Shader Model 3.0 compatible graphics card, NVIDIA Geforce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 3670 equivalent
    16 GB of hard disk space (recommended)
    Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows NT
    Intel Pentium 2


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