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Name Elden Ring
Publisher enriilia
Format File
Rating 4.19 / 5 ( 6831 votes )
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RISE The protagonist of the game is “Tarnished”, a young man from a poor background. At night, the protagonist meets “Evan”, an unknown man who asks for his help. The protagonist, who is a weakling but, nevertheless, still holds a strong heart, joins Evan’s cause and joins him on his mission. Together with Evan’s men, the protagonist now leaves the town that was long ago the home of his family. On the way to a distant land, they meet the warrior “Zora” who seems to know a great deal about them. Together, they enter the incredibly vast world filled with magic and adventure. They begin their journey to unlock the forgotten secrets of the Lands Between. <AGAIN> A Sword of Light Wields a sword of light with incredible power. It is as if the sword were about to break. It is a magic sword that has been entrusted to the hero, and exists only in the visions of their fated meeting in the Lands Between. But the sword suddenly breaks—What has the hero done? <AGAIN> A Mysterious Beast The protagonist suddenly encounters a strange beast, whose eyes can see into the past and can predict the future. <AGAIN> What did the sword see? What will the next chapter of the mysterious tale be? SHOP Drop by the Shop for more details! TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT! Take a picture of one of the official Elden Ring T-shirts, shirts, and scarf! The “Rise”, “Wields a sword of light” and “Unicorn Heart” T-shirts and necklaces will be shipped to the address provided in this email. Everyone else can order a “Lands Between” T-shirt and scarf and get it shipped at NO extra charge! The “Wields a sword of light” T-shirt is a must-have for the true Elden Ring fans! Use this option to get it shipped for free! *Shipping to Japan is subject to your country’s customs approval. **All items


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Customization options:
    • Create your own character for a new appeal.
    • Increase muscle strength — a powerful warrior, or become a master with magic.
    • Equip your weapons and armor from across the Lands Between.
  • Different gameplay elements:
    • Play co-op with another character for more opportunities to immerse yourself in the world.
    • Fight in arenas across the Lands Between, complete quests, and complete special events.
    • Enjoy spectacular animations and effects, fine-tuned by Masaaki Yuasa.
    • Contribute in-game production with your own art.
    • Fight with the gods’ companions.
  • Enhanced graphics and photo galleries:
    • Enjoy a spectacular game environment.
    • See the game’s cutscenes in full-resolution.
    • Roll back and enjoy all the cutscenes that would otherwise be spared by cinematic techniques.
    • Collect a variety of costumes and other items.
  • Transition between different fields full of emotion.
    • A drama built upon fragments.
    • Feel the presence of others while travelling together.
    • Spectacular dialogue and narration.
  • A story of your choices.
    • Brave the experiences of the Lands Between.
    • Take on the powers of the Elden Ring as an Elden Lord.