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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.80 / 5 ( 1615 votes )
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The new fantasy action RPG (RAGE) is the seventh installment in the “Tokimeki” series. The protagonist is a “Lost Child” called the Tarnished One, born from a human mother and an Elden King.
“Rage” features a vast world filled with exciting dungeons and action-packed battles. Players can create their own character by freely combining weapons, armor, and magic, and form your own play style according to your preferences.
So, embark on your adventure alone or gather together with your friends in the multiplayer mode. Feel the excitement and enjoy the rich in-game content from the first episode.

Copyright 2019 RE-AIM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

※Official English Translation is not guaranteed.

※Battles may vary depending on the number of players in the battle and your server.※By downloading this app, you agree to the Terms of Service.

※You cannot import characters from your previous game.※If you update the game or delete it, the progress you have made and all items and items you are using will be lost. If you want to continue playing, please save your game first.

※If you have a registered credit card, you can enjoy “Free Cash Play” to purchase in-game items in the Cash Shop. Please note that you will be charged if you confirm your order and purchase in-game items.

※The promotion period for in-game items in the Cash Shop is only until the end of the 12th month after you purchase them.

※“Free Cash Play” is a one-time promotional campaign and there are limited numbers of cash rewards.

※For more information on the “Free Cash Play” promotional campaign, please see the FAQ.

※An item that cannot be redeemed in the Cash Shop in the Japanese version of the game will be unavailable in the English and international versions. The descriptions of the other rewards may differ.


RE-AIM Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company, established in 2009, that conducts business as a strategy-driven game content provider.

With over 100 employees, RE-AIM is constantly developing the company’s products and services to keep up with the game-changing trends that are taking place in the MMO field.

With world-class teams in


Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.80 / 5 ( 1615 votes )
Update (2 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • New Fantasy Action RPG based on an anime and manga!
    7 Sept Online Unity Version
    Game Images
    You can obtain urns through seamless communication with other players, so enjoy travel with other players to an unknown world!
  • One for All Versus Multiply Unity Version
    Multiple versus and collaborative play for all players.
    You can effortlessly take on a many orgy, and enjoy work as a team with your comrades!
  • Sculpted by Wizards of the Elden Ring
    An image compilation of craftsmanship from the legendary producers.
  • Hybrid PvP/PvE Version Battle System
    Not a turn-based strategy RPG.
  • A Multitude of Lore
    Voiced by an all-star cast of voice actors. Take on the roles of the characters of the anime and manga!

  • The Right Verbs for the Things You Feel
    Gather warmth in the world of Tarnished Souls, capturing other people’s feelings with crude language.
  • Elden Ring Key Online Activities:

    • Online Battle to Win Reward
      Receive rewards for online multiplayer battles. You can earn pure gold and rare urns.
    • Alliance Fragments Tradeskills
      Develop your workforce and increase the quality of your Alliance, and then trade with other Alliance players.
    • Community Coffeehouse
      You can change your makeup, card, attire, and other details with EQ’s “Coffee Shop”. Makeover yourself and chat about your experiences!

    Also regarding “Tarnished Souls”, please look forward to:

    • New Character Traits
      Ten custom-made chariot types! Each of them has its own style and component, so give them a try!
    • New Formation System
      Eliminate the Nine Princes Illusion, and experience the joy of creating a formation out of your fighters. As a fighter in a formation, change your position and attack your enemy in an eye-popping style!

    • New AI Skills
      Make your fighters perform a skill move that can’t be predicted!



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    • A new hero?
    The world of Warhammer 40,000 has been invaded by the Space Marines. Four thousand years of planetary conquest have been wiped out in one night by a Space Marine Chapter. This powerful Chapter has wiped out all of humanity’s gods.
    • Humanity’s last bastions fall.
    The Imperial Church of Rome has been completely subjugated. Dozens of Imperial worlds are in the grip of the Legions. The last hope of mankind has fallen.
    • The Imperial military academy is under the control of the Space Marines.
    The young people of the Imperial military academy are being indoctrinated. The Emperor’s magnificent dream, Space Marines, will grant the Imperium eternal expansion.

    Admire the Academy

    • What are the Space Marines?
    Space Marines are heroic soldiers of the Imperium’s greatest and most powerful military unit. They are the chosen elite of the Imperium. They are fanatical and brave.
    • Are they gods?
    Space Marines are the only people to serve the Emperor as gods. They are the leaders of the Imperium.
    • They are also criminals.
    The Space Marines are not very good at following the laws of the Imperium. They can do whatever they want.
    • Are they immortal?
    The Space Marines are too tough to die. But they are not immortal. They were once mortal.
    • Space Marines are human.
    Space Marines are very human. They often cry as a result of suffering and pain. But they are not monsters.
    • It is forbidden to oppose the Emperor.
    The Space Marines owe their loyalty to the one and only living Emperor of mankind. It is forbidden to oppose the Emperor.

    Space Marine Corps

    • The Space Marine Corps
    Within the Space Marines are the elite of the elite. They are a giant strike force.
    • The Space Marine Corps is the highest military ranks of the Imperium.
    • They are a relic of the days of glory.
    They are the heroes of the Imperium. They are fanatical.
    • They serve the Emperor by destroying every enemy of the Imperium.
    They come only for their god Emperor and their Emperor alone.

    Space Marine



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    The first issue of the publication has gone on sale. Enjoy!


    In response to the recent popularity of Fantasy Strike, Elden Ring is launching another “Character 3” customization release on February 10.


    The second issue of the publication has gone on sale. Enjoy!


    Hello, everyone!

    It’s been one year since Fantasy Strike’s release.

    Thank you to all of you who have played Fantasy Strike and have continued to play the game, for inspiring us to come up with some new ideas.

    We have been working with all of you to make Fantasy Strike better by listening to your requests, and we are pleased to announce that Fantasy Strike Version 1.3 has been released and is now available.

    The new characters in Version 1.3 are as follows:

    This is just a summary and there are currently more in development.

    There is a new unique feature in Fantasy Strike Version 1.3. You will be able to play Fantasy Strike entirely for free. The only requirement is to buy additional costumes that will let you enhance your characters’ abilities.

    We are planning to continue our updates on the game. Stay tuned!


    It has been three years since the release of Fantasy Strike.

    We are going to introduce the only main character with the largest movement radius in the game!

    We have been working on Fantasy Strike and are happy to share that it will be updated to Version 1.3.


    Hello, everyone!

    Thank you for your continued support of Fantasy Strike! We will continue our work to improve the game.

    We will give you some new information about the next issue of the publication.


    We’ve been listening to your requests and brought out new content for Fantasy Strike, including various story elements, and more. Check it out!


    Fantasy Strike, recently named the top mobile game of the year on Google Play, has just reached 100,000 downloads on Google Play.

    We had our first press conference and are excited to share with you all the very first news about what the future holds for Fantasy Strike.


    Hello, everyone!

    We’ve been listening


    What’s new:


    Play the Season Pass on any platform to get a discount at launch! 

    Season Pass: Guides:  




    Summer of 2017 marks the biggest expansion to Tarnished since its launch! Add new classes, a brand new dungeon, and new locations in the PlayStation®4 version’s release. Follow the route of Gryphon, a man who murdered his apprentice and yet seeks wisdom. Have a step-by-step journey as you progress through the story. Let your fantasies run wild in the expanding Lands Between–the “Hidden World” where the endless desire of experience prevails. Enjoy a brand-new game again and again as Tarnished – the role-playing adventure that has created a legion of fanatics worldwide. – Come, play Tarnished, and keep on Tarnished



    “New fantasy role-playing experience comes back.&rdquo


    Free Download Elden Ring [Updated] 2022

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    4. Run Fallout 4
    5. Play the game & enjoy
    6. And this patch is complete & ready to use.

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    8. For more updates:

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download from official website (or from below link)
  • Extract to your ssd
  • Open Elden Ring.exe and install
  • Done
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    At the time of the War of the Witchborn War in 5870,
    An army capable of pushing the limits of combat in the conflict could be composed of the following:
    At least 25 different faction members and another 25 support and/or structure templates in your army (The minimum size of an army). The faction members in your army should include a Field Marshal, a General, 2 Provosts, 8 Line Officers, 3 Company Generals, 1 Company Commander, 1 – 6 Templates, and 1 to 3 Prime Ministers.
    The game client should support


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