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Dungeon Fever
Adventure RPG
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Octopus Test. Co, Ltd.
Platform: PS Vita (PS4 version coming soon)
Release Date: 5th December, 2017 (Japan)
Price: 6,980 yen (approximately 59.4 USD)
Octopus Test is an independent publisher of software and services, and has attained great success in creating games with unique concepts.
We aim to provide players with the excitement of a new game, and will continue to develop games that the world has not seen before.
We are planning to release the PS Vita version of Dungeon Fever in the future.

(C)2017 by Octopus Test. All rights reserved.

For official information and inquiries, please contact Octopus Test in English at:


For customer inquiries, please contact Octopus Test in English at the following address:




■ About Dungeon Fever

A Fantasy Action RPG where Adventure meets Dress up!

A Novel Fantasy Action RPG

In this fast-paced fantasy action RPG, in order to resolve an obstacle to growth, you must completely dodge various situations, defeat creatures, and gain influence with a variety of everyday people to undergo a process of character building.

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Key Features:

● A wide variety of exciting gameplay!

The game has a variety of exciting gameplay with high-speed action, including juggling with objects, grabbing and running away, and diving away from danger.

● A wide variety of clothing items!

Enjoy various clothing options for characters, including shirts and pants. In addition, there are a large number of accessories that allow for even more stylish looks.

● A wide variety of traps!

There are various traps, including bombs, bombs, bombs, and bomb.

Tap the screen to throw your body away from danger.

● A wide variety of magic!

Recover your health with various magic to solve the various situations in which you’re caught, and enjoy the joy of becoming an overpowered hero.

● A


Features Key:

  • Completely new action RPG featuring an original system of characters and online play
  • Completely new console-like RPG system featuring a rich storyline and multiple scenarios
  • Multiplayer for up to eight players, enabling the creation of strategies and teams
  • Elden Ring Key features:

    • Completely new action RPG featuring an original system of characters and online play
    • Completely new console-like RPG system featuring a rich storyline and multiple scenarios
    • Multiplayer for up to eight players, enabling the creation of strategies and teams


    Watch the trailer and read the media below to come to grips with the world of Tarnished!


    Tarnished review, by GameCrest


    Today, user agency is everything. We want to be so comfortable with our choices, with the games we are enjoying, that we would be willing to stop playing and settle down for good if only they contained more and better choices. If only we could find a way to slide open the doors of the inner heaven, where we could walk freely past them and on into the endless corridors beyond.



    As I said in the last review, that was a bold promise: It was intended to be a statement of intent. A declaration of ideology. I promised you of my intentions. You who are willing to engage, to take a risk. 



    Elden Ring Crack Free Registration Code PC/Windows

    game Review
    game STORY
    game Trailer

    Game Review
    game STORY
    game Trailer

    game Replay
    game Replay
    game Extra – Colosseum Battle

    game Replay
    game Replay
    game Extra – Colosseum Battle

    game Replay
    game Replay
    game Extra – Colosseum Battle

    Togami’s story
    Togami’s story

    Togami’s story


    Elden Ring Crack Activation Code Download PC/Windows (Latest)

    – The feeling of an epic fantasy
    A deep story that will leave you hanging.
    – Console quality game with high quality graphics

    A vast world in which open fields and dungeons are seamlessly connected. A new type of RPG never seen before in an RPG.
    – Customize your own character and build a powerful combat unit.
    An epic fantasy drama.
    – Explore an expansive world through a unique online play element

    Feel the presence of others, like being in a virtual cafe.
    – Develop and manage your own characters and share in the story in an exclusive unified online environment.
    A virtual world where you can communicate with others.

    – Glory of the Elden Lords
    Open world that can be explored in all directions.
    In addition to the town of Carensis, additional towns are being added in the story, as well as the country of Ruyden.

    – An epic story with many characters, each of which you have to prepare to encounter.
    The main character, Ondor, and his companion, Fering, appear in the beginning of the story. The party will soon grow as a new character joins, while maintaining ties to your old companions.

    – Story of the Lands Between
    A tale of returning to the lands between, fragments of the story written in the world of Celtic Fantasy from the book “Elden Rings”.

    – Feel the Drama of the Lands Between in an exciting new way.
    A story that arises from the ideas of Scottish mythology.

    – Experience the epic story that is born from a myth.
    Various characters from the various notes of a game with a different atmosphere.
    – A story told in fragments
    An epic fantasy drama.

    – An epic fantasy drama in a vast world

    *Please note that due to the age of this preview, the content may change, and some elements may not reflect the final product.

    For information about the situation, please refer to the below official page. Please note that this will take a few minutes to load.


    The ultimate fantasy action role-playing game!

    The most detailed fantasy setting ever created in an RPG series!

    An action role-playing game where all the adventure awaits you!

    Elden Ring




    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    * Steam Partition
    * Multi Languages
    Game on!

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    Download «ELDEN RING» from

    Important: if you do not have a legal copy of the game, you do not own the software «ELDEN RING» and to play it you need to buy it. The game «ELDEN RING» is protected by copyright laws. «ELDEN RING» game uses the Steam trading system (Procedures defined by the Steam Community Network). You are guaranteed to have access to its service for as long as you have not canceled it.

    To install the software «ELDEN RING», go to install. To play «ELDEN RING», go to play.

    We will meet at a city nearby.I have to go to a city nearby.
    – This is a small introduction to this feature. Feel free to check out the other features provided.

    – Best view a lot of requests to the community.

    Thank you for the feedback received.

    There is a note about the news.

    – The new content for the Mac OS version will be added at a later date.

    – There is no news regarding the Xbox One version, because we only talked to hardware manufacturers about this.

    Have Fun and thanks everyone who has been following, and support in the community.

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    How To Crack:

  • First of all, install this app using custom or advanced installation methods.
  • Run the keygen application. Complete the legal information and generate key. Then run the new generated key and install the game.
  • After installation is complete, launch the game.
  • Other Requirements

    • 10.0 or later
    • DirectX 9.0



    How to Generate The Keys

    • You can get 'Elden Ring' by clicking the download button from the official website.
    • License keys Click on it and it will start downloading then install software
    • Save Key Click here to get both save account and license key
    •  Sign with Google or Create an account Click here to go to the official website
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    • Download the crack set first before you press and run it.
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    • Run it as administrator if you use Windows XP or Windows 7. Otherwise, restart your machine after installation.



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