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Name Elden Ring
Publisher niabfar
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 1583 votes )
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The story of Tarnished, an impoverished but noble-looking character from a legendary bloodline, begins in a fantasy world of thousands of years ago. Shortly after the birth of the valiant hero, a terrible war broke out. The lands that held by the Noble Clan crumbled, and the nobles were massacred to a man. The territories that held by the Contradict Clan were left in ruins. Only a few noble bloodlines survived. The heroic bloodline that lived on became the Elden Clan, and they left the blood-stained lands to roam the frontier lands. However, they were isolated, as their enemies continued to search for them. As the years passed, one young man, Tarnished, born of a noble family, came to know his destiny as a hero: to save the Elden Clan. Starting with his journey to recover the Elden Clan’s seal, Tarnished came to understand the fate of the Clan. A good and evil force is at war within Tarnished. His thoughts turn upside down during the journey, and his soul is completely fractured. He sinks into the shadows, losing all his strength. However, Tarnished had not lost his hope; he had more strength than he knew. Along with the help of other strong heroes, he continued on his journey. It was then that he made a decision: to protect his homeland, the Elden Clan. He would close the gate to this eternal war, and he would open his own land.The present invention relates to a door hinge, particularly a door hinge having a weight-bearing shackle. The two hinge doors of a motor vehicle are connected by hinges equipped with weight-bearing shackle, which are molded integrally and entirely of plastic and are for example injection molded. The plastic hinge has a hinge shaft serving as a bearing shaft for the hinged panel, and a tubular securing wall surrounding the hinge shaft, the tubular securing wall being closed by a circular annular collar. The collar and the hinge shaft are interconnected by a spring, namely a leaf spring, whose two ends are anchored in the collar and the hinge shaft. The leaf spring is provided with a central opening, into which the hinge shaft extends and on the outside of which a portion of the tubular securing wall protrudes. The production of molded parts in accordance with this design is comparatively expensive. In particular, a continuously molded plastic tubular securing wall is technically


Name Elden Ring
Publisher niabfar
Format File
Rating 4.12 / 5 ( 1583 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


Features Key:

    • A Massive Online Scene with an Emotional Story

      • Do you like a standalone experience with no connection?


    • An adventure in a vast world with multiple endings


    • Go a step further by becoming an Elden Lord and testing your skills in the world of Elden Ring!

    Exclusively available for PlayStation™4 and PlayStation®3

    PlayStation®4   PlayStation®3   IOS   Android   <span data-emp-site="1" data-eid="


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    Battle for the sake of suspense, Expert on Fantasy Games reviews the game: The game is a result of a collaboration between the Japanese developer Square Enix and the American developer The Beggar’s Opera, well known by their work on games like DmC Devil May Cry. The main way to distinguish the game is that it is focused on story, leaving the combat mechanics to a minimum. In the game, in order to have a strong connection to the characters and their story, you’ll need to avoid killing them. You can make some lighthearted jokes, but to avoid causing unwanted difficulties and having to deal with their families, you should keep your words and actions calm. The story contains elements that go beyond the realm of fantasy games, but it won’t spoil the game for you if you do not want to know ahead of time. The characters of the game are all diverse, and a 3D map can be seen, so you won’t have a problem getting yourself a character who’s of the same race as your character. This is a game where battles are fought in a medium where the camera can rotate 360 degrees, so players will be able to enjoy the fun of exploration and making the game like this while battling enemies. Some anime-like cut scenes show up, but the quality of the game is not something you’ll really notice. You get the impression that you’re not playing a modern game, so its subtlety has an effect. For every hundred years, an absolute savior called the “Sparkling Knight” appears. The savior has the power to uphold humanity, and their objective is to save the people. This is why there is a Knight class in the game. In order to take control of the Knight class, it is necessary to raise “Elden Rings”, which are used as weapons. To raise the Elden Rings, you’ll be dealing with a character that is strong in both body and mind. It’s necessary to bring your own thoughts to the game and learn from your own actions. The base class of the Sparkling Knights in the game is a warrior. You can change the classes to one of the two subclasses of the warrior, the Battle Mage or Knight. The battlemage can use element spells that are useful in combat, so you can make the most of it. The Knight class is also very strong in battles, bff6bb2d33


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    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. • 1 Player: Single-Player Mode The story begins with a new character, but the vast and beautiful world of the Lands Between awaits you, full of mysterious and overwhelming threats. • 2 Player: Co-Op Mode Play as an NPC and invite an NPC friend to join you and battle alongside you. • 3 Player: Party Quest Mode Ride along with the NPC friend that you invited to the online mode. [Integration Version] TORNATION main item: – Includes the [LEVEL 10 TIMING] feature CONTENT: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: – iOS7 (iPhone 4S or above) or iOS8 (iPhone 4S or above) – iOS7 (iPad 2 or above) or iOS8 (iPad 2 or above) CONTACTS: Comments or inquiries regarding this game can be made in the following manner. ■Official Website: ■Email: [email protected] ■Official Facebook page: ■Official Twitter: ■Official Twitter (mobile game): ■Official Twitter (Tornation Game): ■Official YouTube: ■Official Dev. Play/ROBLOX page: ■Official Facebook: ■Official Website: ■Email: [email protected] ■Official Facebook page: ■Official Twitter: ■Official Twitter (mobile game): ■Official Twitter (Tornation Game): ■Official YouTube:


    What’s new:

    The game boasts playability never seen before in the genre, plus critical praise throughout multiple online and offline media outlets.

    The actor Lee Byung-hun (Fate, Payback), who has gained a worldwide reputation for his work as a both an actor and a martial artist, will be the CG character-actor.

    Since 2013, Gambitious Media Build Co., Ltd. — a subsidiary group of Cynopsis Co., Ltd. — has been the game’s official localization company.The game is playable now on the Korea Game Rating Board’s website (link:

    The English version was published in Europe through Ubisoft and in North America by 505 Games. The game has consistently grown in popularity in the European country where players can purchase a premium version as an exclusive item. With players located throughout the world, the global sales of the game exceeded the one million unit mark in May.

    Currently, international editions of Fate/Grand Order sold more than 3.5 million units worldwide.In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson made the extraordinary admission that development of the company’s hugely hyped Star Wars Battlefront 2 was in danger, due to Star Wars creator George Lucas’s new direction for the franchise. “We sort of folded when Lucasfilm told us what they wanted,” Wilson said of a three-week development period where Lucas outlined his vision for the series. “George Lucas came to us and said ‘here’s what I want, we’re doing it.’ And we said, ‘we didn’t even bake the cookies yet. We had no idea what you were talking about, and we had no request letters. We didn’t know what you were talking about.’ And about two weeks later, we got the — you know — the divorce papers.” The fate of several Star Wars games that were in development follows the parting between Lucasfilm and EA, including Star Wars 1313, the failed Star Wars 13 Scale model replica that appeared at E3; Wing Commander: Prophecy, the ill-fated F/A-18 fighter jet-like space simulator (developed by Volition of Saints Row fame); and Bright Star, a mobile MMORPG spun out of the same company’s DICE London Studios. EA said goodbye to the old


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    This morning I had a conversation with a friend who is very much like a pastor in her church. She is, but for the sake of this conversation she will be referred to as “she.” She asked me if I was familiar with that scene in the movie Stepmom when Tom Hanks is looking out the window at his house and sees his wife in bed with his high school soccer coach. She was caught after going to his house on a date with him. Tom Hanks’ character knows he does not know his wife that well and goes to talk to his son to get a better understanding of who his wife is and what brought them together. The son reminds him that he also had a girlfriend that he ended up marrying and the mother of his children. This conversation reminded me of a situation a few years back. It was Thanksgiving day and I was assigned to teach at a boarding school. I had been there the whole week before the holiday so I was mostly familiar with the school, but not very familiar with the students. One of my students during the week was a senior girl who I found out had only one sibling. He just happened to be her twin sister. This student was intelligent, attractive, but very shy, and would come to school with her head down, dressed in standard conservative school girl attire. When this girl would ask questions about, or even make jokes about the room she was staying in, there was no way I was going to ask about her father. I did not feel comfortable asking her about it. When I found out her father was coming to pick her up for Thanksgiving break, I was nervous. This was a big holiday where his sister would probably be there. I did not know the girl well enough to know if she was willing to talk about it with me. So, I made a decision to just let it go and not get into it. After all, I am a professor, not an awkward high school student. For a few weeks, I did not know whether she knew her father was coming or not. Every time I was in her class, I would make a comment about how it was a shame her father had to come and pick her up because she would have been much happier to spend Thanksgiving with her friends. Usually, she would just smile and nod. At Thanksgiving break, her father came to pick her up. I was sitting in the crowd of people at the parking lot where the buses were waiting. As he came up and opened her door, she ran to


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