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Are you in love with Dogecoin? Dogecoin wallet is used to store the Dogecoins on your mobile device. The application is built on Dogecoin and other cryptocurrency platforms. In this video we have explained step by step process to install dogecoin wallet in the iOS and Android devices.
How to install Dogecoin wallet on iOS:
1. Open your device
2. Go to Settings app
3. Tap on Apps option
4. Search for the Dogecoin wallet app
5. Click on Install button
6. Tap on the Open button
7. Enter your Dogecoin wallet
8. Press the login button
9. Enter your Dogecoin wallet password
How to install Dogecoin wallet on Android:
1. Open your device
2. Tap on the App option
3. Search for the Dogecoin wallet app
4. Click on the Install button
5. Tap on the Open button
6. Enter your Dogecoin wallet
How to uninstall Dogecoin wallet:
1. Open your device
2. Go to Apps option
3. Find the dogecoin wallet app
4. Click on Uninstall button
5. Enter the Dogecoin wallet application
How to transfer the Dogecoin:
1. Enter your Dogecoin wallet address
2. Enter your other wallet address
How to open Dogecoin wallet on computer:
1. Open your web browser
2. Go to
3. Enter your username
4. Click on login
5. Click on the green button on the top right corner
How to open dogecoin wallet on android:
1. Open your web browser
2. Go to
3. Enter your username
4. Click on login
5. Click on the green button on the top right corner
You can download multi doge wallet in your device. Now you can manage your Dogecoin very easily without any doubt.
If you are facing any problem while using this app, then contact us in the comment box we will help you.

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Allows to convert the Volume Unique Key of an ISO-9660 or Joliet Volume on an optical disc into the Volume Unique Key compatible with DVDFab.
Build Time:
File Size:
30.1 KB


You can find the Volume Unique Key for any Blu-ray in the PassKey app. Just start the playback and click the Menu button in the top right corner, then select “Export to ISO”.
This is the “new” Volume Unique Key, which is needed for your future DVDFab process.


To convert VUK to AES, you should look into a tool called Keymacro.
Keymacro has been around for a long time, but as far as I know, no one has released a ported version.
It will convert the VUK into a format that DVDFab can use (like AES).


Select_tag, link_to and params

With the following partial I’m having troubles with using select_tag and param

I get the following in params

But when I look at, it’s nil
I’d expect the user_id param to be 1
Can someone help with this?


Well, you don’t want to use select_tag here. You’re not building the form.
From the API docs

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