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When getting rid of your old hard disk, you should take some precautions, for we all know that a simple data erase won't actually delete all files on it. So, if you are buying a new HDD and you give the old one away or you are donating your old computer to someone who could still make use of it, first make sure you don't pass on sensitive information. Removes virtually everything from the disk drive There are lots of tools out there specially designed to extract deleted or corrupted data from hard disks and restore it at least to a mere functionality. To avoid that, Raxso Drive Magic provides you with a tool created to completely erase data that was previously stored in what is now empty space on the disk. It does that by completely overwriting a few times the unused tracks, and those tracks only. It does not harm in any way the existing files on your drive. Revitalizes disk space to make it last longer Another useful action that it takes while permanently erasing redundant data is sanitize the disk. This is supposed to increase the drive's life time by reconditioning the unused free space. The application boasts on the fact that it can actually perform the specified actions on the same hard disk Raxso Drive Magic is installed on, same drive with the system files. Customize cleaning methods used The four wiping methods used by Raxso Drive Magic let you to customize the application's ability to sanitize by choosing the desired cleaning actions. Basic Wipe offers reconditioning of unallocated space, Simple Wipe ensures moderate protection, while Secure and Ultimate Wipe are designed to give you excellent to ultimate protection against attempts to recover deleted files. Additionally, the application makes available details regarding total disk capacity and sectors, a format function, a volume label renamer and a check disk utility to help you inspect the current HDD status. In conclusion So if you store personal or company related information on your computer, it might me a good idea to use Raxso Drive Magic to increase your privacy. It also provides a practical means to make your hard disk drive as good as new with the help of its powerful features.







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Raxso Drive Magic is a specialized software designed to help make your desktop drive like new after a failed hard drive failure. Common problems that may arise when a drive fails on you are having files gone, data lost or data corrupted. Use this exclusive hard drive cleanup tool to completely erase all information from the drive so it can be replaced easily, or used for running backup and storage purposes. Raxso Drive Magic Features: Saves data in a secure format to avoid loss. Sanitize drive data to remove unreachable deleted files and reduce drive clogging effects. Keeps the entire drive in a healthy and optimal status. Extract data from the original disk to avoid overwriting. Safely and securely remove deleted information. Efficiently and easily recondition the free space on the drive by allocating it. Expandable, so you can use all the free disk space on your computer. Provide a perfect environment to support the current hard drive. Convert volume label to short names. Raxso Drive Magic Activation Code: Please enter the code below to proceed with the software purchase. FileWatcher.Its a great tool for IT people who like keeping track of what happen with their data and files. With version the best one-click storage solution is even better. It is now much faster, and with it support for 64-bit. Wherever you are – use it! Note: The official version of FileWatcher is installed on your machine. FileWatcher Features: FileWatcher is a file monitoring utility that allows you to automatically make periodic backups of your most important files and folders. FileWatcher stores a backup copy (local or remote) of your chosen files in case of a system crash. It works with any file format, and not only with those which are supported by File Manager. FileWatcher can be easily configured to run by itself or in conjunction with your standard backup or synchronization software. Security and Integrity: FileWatcher supports several security settings to protect your files, including: FileWatcher can be configured to exclude files, folders, and just any location from backup, removing the need to remember the exact location of your files. You can add, remove and edit the exclusion lists on demand. You can edit the exclusions list at any time from FileWatcher itself. Once the exclusions list has been defined, FileWatcher can

Raxso Drive Magic

Raxso Drive Magic is a simple yet very powerful drive optimizer and data recovery tool for Windows. It has several useful functions: deletion of redundant data, sanitizing empty drives, cleaning for optimization, useful information, and much more. You can use this disk cleaner to remove unnecessary files, optimize and clean your hard drive, and recondition your disk so it can be re-used. One of the most popular ways to get rid of the great mess of dust and dirt that accumulates over time is to clean it away with a vacuum cleaner. However, many people don’t know which type of dust to remove to keep their vacuum cleaner from becoming a piece of junk. People who have a small vacuum cleaner often worry that if they run their vacuum on the hard surface of the table or couch, they will mess up the table or couch. In addition, many people are concerned that the more they use their vacuum cleaner, the more likely they will need to buy a new one. When it comes to cleaning your vacuum cleaner, it is important to follow the steps carefully, or else you might end up with a vacuum that is not as functional as you expect. In this article, we will help you to choose the best vacuum cleaner that will keep your vacuum from breaking down prematurely or being less effective. This way you will be able to enjoy using your vacuum cleaner for a long time. Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner There are several types of vacuum cleaners. There are the upright vacuum cleaners and the canister vacuum cleaners. If you are an average household, you will probably use one type of vacuum cleaner or another. Upright Vacuum Cleaners are one of the most popular types of vacuum cleaners. These types of vacuum cleaners often come in hand, floor, and cordless versions. A hand vacuum cleaner is great if you have one or two rooms in your house to clean. If your house is very small, you might even be able to clean it all with a hand vacuum cleaner. However, if you have a larger house and more rooms to clean, it is good to invest in a more advanced model of vacuum cleaner. Do you frequently wash clothes that are washed in a washing machine? If so, then you will need to buy a canister vacuum cleaner. The best available canister vacuum cleaners are those that come with a dust cup and a HEPA filter. If you are going to be using this vacuum cleaner daily, you might need to invest in such a vacuum cleaner. If 3a67dffeec

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Keep your hard disks safe and more effective with this powerful utility that has lots of options for keeping your files well protected Got a question or need help? Visit our FAQ page Wipe the documents folder on disk Wipe the temporary files folder on disk I have been using Wipe the documents folder on disk for a long time. But then I checked what happens on the next system restart. And just to be sure I had a file named desktop.ini in the users documents folder created by Windows Each file and folder on the hard disk has an associated account name, or login name, that’s defined when you first create or copy it. On Windows, the name is formatted as a user name followed by an at sign (@) and then a login name. For example, your personal Outlook Windows Vista introduced a new concept: the user folder. These folders are organized by the type of content they store. For example, the Trash folder can contain items you delete, the Windows folder can contain file versions, and the Desktop folder can contain your The size of the taskbar is defined by the size of the taskbar icon itself. The taskbar itself is a virtual extension of the desktop beyond the edge of your monitor. The taskbar is the component of the UI that displays all open windows on your desktop, with focus currently This step is optional. Check the FlipBook: and sign in to Your Flipbook gives you one-on-one help with step-by-step instructions, takes you through the relevant discussion board or video, or lets you see answers from other users. Please allow enough time to see your Flipbook after you subscribe. If you have any issues In this example, the order of the topics discussed on the virtual screen is determined by the subjects/topics relationship. Thus, the app opens the new topic in the following order: security, lock and backup, restore, encryption, hot keys, admin panel, help, user, ip Quarantine is a section in the user space that enables the system to hold files in quarantine until the quarantine limit is reached or until the quarantine expires. Files that are quarantined get a quarantine icon displayed next to their window title. When someone tries to open Save time with shortcuts: Access your settings and data with one tap You navigate your computer with the mouse and keyboard, but there are also many shortcuts for moving around your computer. Sometimes it takes more mouse clicks than keyboard input to

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Raxso Drive Magic is designed to completely erase data that was previously stored in what is now empty space on your disk. The software therefore does not harm in any way the existing files on your drive, so you can use it to Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 10 overview Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 10 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7 overview Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 107 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Mac OS X overview Raxso Drive Magic for Mac OS X has 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Linux overview Raxso Drive Magic for Linux has 4.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. Buy the product online Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7 Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 24 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Windows Vista/7/8.1 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 16 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Windows XP has 4.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 8/8.1 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. Windows 8.1/8/7/10/XP/Vista Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 10 has 4.0 out of 5 based on 15 ratings. Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 10 Professional has 4.0 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. Home editions of Windows are no longer supported. However, Raxso also supports Windows 7 Home Premium/Ultimate (32 bit) and Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Raxso Drive Magic Features: Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 10 (Cortana enabled) has the following features: User Guide Buy Raxso Drive Magic online Includes Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7, Raxso Drive Magic for Windows Vista, Raxso Drive Magic for Windows XP and Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 8 / 8.1 for $14.99 USD. Buy Raxso Drive Magic online Includes Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 8, Raxso Drive Magic for Windows 7,

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Please play this game on a PC with at least 1 GHz processor (or equivalent). **Note: Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher are recommended to fully enjoy the game. **Note: This game has an estimated runtime of 12 minutes. **Note: You will need a HDD (around 30 GB) for installation of the game. **Note: The supported resolution is 1280 x 720. **Note: You will need around 3GB RAM for the game to run smoothly.


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