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Free lotto software that can help you with your lotto guess – the perfect utility for the new and old players. Keymacro will create easy and short codes for you. You can use them in your win-win bet, for programming your game, making strong bets, etc.
Keymacro is powered by Win-Macro. The application is fast, light and easy to use.
Keymacro stores macros in the form of short codes – written in the form of keystrokes. A single code takes only a few seconds to learn. By choosing “Macro’s” or “Macros” option you will get the list of all macros which you can use.
There is no limit to the number of macros you can create, and store them. The application works for Mac OS X and Windows.
You can select a language from over 100 languages and more will be added shortly.
Keymacro is fully compatible with the latest Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
* Unlimited macros.
* Supports over 100 languages (Codes will be added in future updates).
* Support for Mac OS X and Windows.
* Store and retrieve macros from anywhere.
* Simplified interface to make your life easier.
* Access to codes via the help menu or right-click context menu.
* Store codes in the form of short codes.
* Open files in supported formats.
* Auto save files when opened.
* Drag and drop macros from folders.
* Easily copy, cut and paste.
* Edit documents such as.odt,.docx,.txt, etc.
* Automatically generated documentation included with application.
* Connecting to the Internet.
* Easily switch between languages.
* Generate Random Numbers.
* Auto Popup Settings.
* Integrated PDF Viewer.
* Displays numbers like US, UK and Euro currencies.
* Variable font sizes, colors and margins.
* Experimental download button to let you easily download selected macros.
* Experimental Premium support.
If you found any bug, please send me a message.
I will try to respond to your message as soon as possible.
Keymacro is free to try. If you like the software, you can buy a license of $14.95 USD via PayPal.

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A utility to keep an eye on all components of your computer, like CPU temperature, HDD, fan, and more! – Includes alarms, power on/off and CPU usage statistics.
Publisher’s Description:
A utility to keep an eye on all components of your computer, like CPU temperature, HDD, fan, and more! – Includes alarms, power on/off and CPU usage statistics.
SensorsView Pro is a small application that lets you monitor the inner workings of your computer.
The user interface consists of a small window where you can view details such as CPU, memory, HDD usage and temperature, but where you can also access Settings, a graph of temperatures, fans, voltages, CPU and memory usage, as well as Statistics.
If you exceed or go below a specific temperature for any hardware component, SensorsView Pro notifies you by balloon tips and sounds, or via e-mail.
In the Settings menu, you can change the temperature format, update the interface for hard drives and sensors, customize the appearance (i.e. change window style and mode, toggle whether you want a particular type of usage to be displayed or not), play sound, enable alarm and event log.
In addition, you can enable monitoring and alarm (depending on temperature) for the HDD0, fans (e.g. rotations per minute), voltages and NICs. In the Statistics menu, you can view system uptime, current, minimum, maximum and average memory usage, current and average HDD usage, sensors temperatures, as well as CPU time and usage for each active process.
Unfortunately, you are not provided with the option to view and save a log file, and the program does not come with any kind of user documentation.
All in all, SensorsView Pro uses a low amount of CPU and system resources, and it did not freeze or crash during our tests. It could use some improvements but it does a decent job overall.
* Monitoring/alarm for CPU/sensors temperatures
* Monitoring/alarm for HDD rotations
* Monitoring/alarm for system uptime
* Monitoring/alarm for system current memory usage
* Monitoring/alarm for current/maximum/minimum memory usage
* Monitoring/alarm for current/maximum/minimum HDD usage
* Monitoring/alarm for CPU time/usage
* Monitoring/alarm for e-mail alerts
* Monitoring/alarm for CPU usage (top proc usage


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