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Attache is a flexible, cross-platform, easy-to-use utility for information management and file archiving. For the latest versions, please see the web site at
Since the software is GPL licensed and has no patent, no licensing costs, no spyware or adware, and an open source implementation, there’s no reason not to download, install and enjoy Attache today!

New features include:
* Password-based protection
* Support for multiple attachments
* A handy calendar
* Extra search options
* And a lot more

Minimum system requirements:
Operating System: Linux
Java (JRE) 6 or higher
Python 2.6 or higher
For the latest developments, visit the Attache web site at

KeePass is an open source, award-winning password manager for your life. It works on any operating system and does not require a web browser. All passwords are encrypted and stored locally in an easily portable database. It’s small, fast, and very easy to use.

KeePass supports multiple databases and a variety of data sources. With optional plugins, KeePass can also synchronize your passwords with many remote sites. KeePass is free and available under a GPL-compatible license.

KeePass uses a master password to protect its entire database. If you lose your master password, you can simply delete the encrypted database file and re-create the encrypted database from scratch.

What makes KeePass better than the other password managers out there?

KeePass has a simple interface that takes a lot of the pain out of managing and storing your passwords.

KeePass supports multiple databases and data sources.

KeePass is available for all major operating systems: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

KeePass is distributed under the GNU GPL.

KeePass is small and fast. It is only 9.5 MB.

KeePass has an optional plugin architecture.

KeePass works with many remote sites.

KeePass works with most web browsers.

KeePass can use portable storage devices like USB sticks, memory cards, CDs, and DVDs.

KeePass is free.

KeePass supports multiple languages.

KeePass is actively developed. New features are released almost every week.

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4th generation macro programming software, powerful and easy to use.
A powerful macro-control environment, many handy features and powerful functions.
Simple and easy to use, by modifying scripts via the integrated visual design interface, with a high efficiency.
RIGHT-click function as a standard on windows platform.
Powerful functions, with more powerful and comprehensive macro functions than similar products.
Developed according to the needs of professional and personal users, whether it’s for business, study, games, music or art.
Developed by professional developers, with 10 years experience.
Gorgeous 3D visual design interface, with many settings and settings.
PC Mac compatible, very suitable for both PC Mac, and when you use a mac to your PC.
Key Features:
After installation, please enter your email and password. Click the button to verify, and you can use it to register it. Register it now!
Windows Vista or later PC support, Support of Vista and Win7, you can use it.
Support a variety of files, support of rich file types, including SCPT, TXT, MARCO, and MCH.
Support to export to WAV, MP3 and MIDI formats.
Support to register macros with complex structure, support to register macros with date and time triggers.
Support to register custom events, support to register function triggers.
Support to set specific date and time, can use a specific time trigger.
Support to assign a keyboard shortcut, can use a specific shortcut trigger.
Support to password-protect macros, can use a specific password trigger.
Support to export macros, can use a macro export trigger.
Support to import macros, can use a macro import trigger.
Support to record macros, can use a macro recording trigger.
Support to run macros, can use a macro run trigger.
Support to debug macros, can use a macro debug trigger.
Support to run in reverse, can use a macro run in reverse trigger.
Support to debug in reverse, can use a macro debug in reverse trigger.
Support to run with recorded playback speed, can use a macro recorded playback speed trigger.
Support to use a specific window, can use a macro window trigger.
Support to pause the playback, can use a macro pause playback trigger.
Support to pause the playback after each macro, can use a macro pause playback trigger.
Support to update the list of macros, can use a macro update list trigger.
Support to

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