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ProTracker is a rewrite of the classic Amiga ProTracker MOD file player. What it does is to play audio files encrypted in the archaic MOD format that was used on the old Amiga computers and it gives users the opportunity to mix them.
Retro feel
Being based on the Amiga original MOD music tracker, ProTracker brings the same heavily pixelated GUI with basic mixing options. ProTracker can import all MOD files and then help users sample each available beat for a simple mix. Because they were made for the ’80s and ’90s computers MOD files are usually extremely light and come in sizes of just a couple of kilobytes so moving them around is extremely easy nowadays.
Pro Tracker is also very light on resources and, since it doesn’t need any previous setup, you can copy it on any USB flash drive in order to take it with you whenever you want to start a party with a retro vibe. You can do all of this stuff while carrying tons of lightweight MOD files.
Simple interface
Although retro trackers don’t have the user-friendliest GUIs, ProTracker is basic enough to help you learn how to mix samples in just a couple of minutes. All users need to have is a sample database, some mixing skills, and a penchant for retro sounds. Once you know how the song should sound like, mixing options allow you to set song pattern length, tempo, and many other options. Also, each part of a song can be selected and modified the way you like it.
This MOD tracker embodies perfectly the feel of a retro music player and sample mixer. Those that might want to learn mixing on old MOD music files can learn to do it with the small selection of songs ProTracker comes with. This way, you’ll gain enough experience to mix MOD files at retro parties. ProTracker is the perfect portable mixing app because it’s easy to carry it around and offers straightforward configuration settings.
System Requirements
Desktop: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher)
OS Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Suitable for Windows: Yes
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Core i3/ i5/ i7/ i9, Intel Pentium III/ Pentium IV/ Pentium M/ AMD Turion64 (3.0+ GHz)
Memory: 512 MB RAM/ 1 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 5

ProTracker Crack + License Code & Keygen Latest

ProTracker Cracked Version is a MOD file player that allows users to mix samples. Mixing is easier than ever. All you need is a simple GUI and a simple setup. You can easily select samples and re-arrange them to create your own song. ProTracker Torrent Download is basic enough that anyone can learn how to mix MOD songs with just a few minutes of practice.
Retro feel:
This music tracker brings the same heavily pixelated GUI as the Amiga. This music player has a minimalist design that enables Retro hackers to make retro tracks quickly.
Simple interface:
This MOD Tracker has a simple GUI and loading time. You can carry it with you and start mixing instantly. Simple interfaces are always great for players because they are able to offer a great experience.

ProTracker Features:

MOD file format import

Mix music and apply effects

Advanced mixer

MIDI support (optional)

Audio and MIDI effects (optional)


Selectable Channels

Optionally can play samples in background

Easily import custom samples

List samples in order of preference

Attach shared EXEs

Odd and Even drums sample




Can I edit midi and audio files with ProTracker?
Yes. ProTracker comes with a basic mixer. A midi file mixer is not included.

What is MIDI?
MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and it is a standard for connecting and controlling electronic musical instruments and computer-based synthesizers and sequencers. Like Midi files, some MIDI files have timestamps that look like this: 0.416667 0.444444 0.5. The ProTracker can play music from MIDI files, however, it does not have a MIDI output device.

What can I do with the Mod file format?
MOD files have a simple file format that, when loaded, will output a song. The format allows users to create songs without the need for expensive music editor software. Because MOD files can be loaded on a computer’s internal hard drive or on a USB flash drive it’s possible to move MOD files around without having to worry about losing them.

Where can I get more Mod files?
The best option to acquire more MOD files is to go to SHM-Mod’s download page ( ). Please see the FAQ for more details.

ProTracker With Product Key

ProTracker is a freeware MOD file player for the Amiga desktop computers. It is based on the classic Amiga ProTracker application, but now works as a modern MOD tracker. You can check out ProTracker and its features or download it from:

ProTracker Features:
• Simple interface with basic mixing options.
• Import all MOD music files and sample them.
• Drag files into ProTracker to start mixing.
• Mixing can be done through the song selection or the sample selection.
• Use buttons to control crossfader and equalizer.
• All of the song options can be changed using buttons.
• Playlists and song patterns can be created and saved.
• Computer and USB flash drive controls can be chosen.
• Playback and record controls can be activated.
• Or save the samples to external media.

ProTracker Screenshot:

This MOD tracker embodies perfectly the feel of a retro music player and sample mixer. Those that might want to learn mixing on old MOD music files can learn to do it with the small selection of songs ProTracker comes with. This way, you’ll gain enough experience to mix MOD files at retro parties. ProTracker is the perfect portable mixing app because it’s easy to carry it around and offers straightforward configuration settings.

Esplora uses the same basic “Preglone-inspired” and Neo-Gamedraw menu UI but brings a performance boost due to its Core-Engine.

Esplora features:

How to Record Audio files with Esplora
– Click and hold the Trackpad to preview the controls.
– Pressing and holding the trackpad button down while selecting a target will trigger recording the chosen audio file automatically.
– If “Amplify” is selected in the audio controls, then the audio track will gain an extra boost of volume.
– When you have finished recording, you can stop recording by using the “” button.
– The recording function is available to the background if it detects the device is in use.
– You can drag and drop the recorded audio on the source file you wish to use.

Esplora Description:
Combining a Neo-Gamedraw style UI with a GPL GPLv3 licensed music player, Esplora is a very powerful MOD tracker. With an additional “Core Engine”, Esplora takes all

What’s New In ProTracker?

The Amiga ProTracker music tracker has been one of the most well-known instruments for the Amiga for years and now, over 14 years after its last official release, the PROTracker version of this software has been launched. As with the original tracker, ProTracker is able to import.MOD files on any Amiga compatible computer with a.MOD file extension such as AmigaOS 3.x computers or older Amiga OS 4.0 compatible computers.
The PRO tracker module can display, select and edit samples for mixing, fx, and other editing effects. It also has a drag and drop selector module. From there you can also select and mix all of the songs in a playlist and then play them all in sequence. You can also edit the music and performance of each part of the song.
PRO Tracker also has a mixer section where you can easily set the volume, pan, and EQ of each part of the track, as well as set the tempo and other options. Each of the songs in the playlist can also be set to play in sequence, random or one by one.
Working from the basic Amiga ProTracker build, ProTracker has now added support for remote and headphone passthrough for AmigaOS 4.0 and higher. It also now supports UNIX file systems like ZFS.
Compatible Amiga machines:
To get started with this Amiga modification, you’ll need a basic, old Amiga (or Amiga compatible) computer with AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.0 installed on it.

Program Features:
– Import and export.MOD files to and from the Amiga Tracker Module.
– Import a.DRM AIFF file into the Tracker.
– The ProTracker can display, select and edit samples for mixing.
– The tracker has a drag and drop selector module.
– The tracker has a mixer with pan, volume, EQ and time-based effects.
– Supports remote and headphone passthrough.
– Supports UNIX file systems like ZFS.
– Supports volume, pan, track length, pitch, tempo and other options for each sample.

ProTracker Versions:
Version 1.x – Amiga OS Version: 3.x
License: Freeware

Track-XL – Amiga OS Version: AmigaOS 4.0
License: Freeware

Amator – Amiga OS Version: AmigaOS

System Requirements For ProTracker:

Windows 10
Android 4.4.2 (32/64)
iOS 9.2
Fire HD 6.5
Magic Wand (Old model)
Magic Wand (New model)
+ TZDC Micro USB Cable (Old model)
+ TZDC Micro USB Cable (New model)
– HDMI Cable
– A TV connected to a HDMI port (If the TV supports HDMI pass through)
– Sound Recorder with Microphone

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