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Stories in Science

How the Journal of the American Medical Association reacted to the Oprah Winfrey-led anti-Vioxx campaign.

With the introduction of her TV show in early 2002, Oprah Winfrey sought to become a moral force in the media. Not only would the master of hearts and minds expand the realm of celebrity from Hollywood to daytime-TV, but Winfrey was going to set an example for others. “I have a responsibility to talk about something,” she announced to her viewers. In this instance, she took on the controversial story of the prescription anti-inflammatory drug, Vioxx.

On the side of drug safety, Vioxx manufacturer Merck claimed its arthritis pain drug was only three times as powerful as another commonly used anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen. However, Vioxx users were being blamed for the deaths of close to twenty people.

Over a period of ten years, more than 700 people died from Vioxx-related heart attacks, strokes, and other problems, including several close relatives of Merck CEO Ken Harrison’s wife.

When the FDA made its findings public in August 2004, Harrison was the only big-name CEO to be found at fault. Merck’s influential board of directors fired him in late 2004. Merck’s reputation was so tainted that in 2009, when the company sold a half-billion-dollar stake in the business, it was reportedly reduced by 11 percent. Winfrey and her crew of investigators were instrumental in bringing down a bad-apple CEO. But what was the response of America’s leading medical journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)?

Winfrey’s team organized two national Vioxx campaigns, both of which were highlighted in JAMA. In one, a journalist and the president of the Dr. King’s Children’s Fund teamed up with the evangelist for Mercy Ministries to 384a16bd22

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