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Portable MediaInfo is, like the name suggests, a portable counterpart for the MediaInfo app, a program designed to extract and show various details about a media product, video, or otherwise. If you need to know the format, size, duration, codecs needed, and so on, this application is where you should stop, especially if you're dealing with various machines and you'd like to have all the benefits of the original, installed version, without actually having to initiate installation on each and every PC you use it with. Simple interface, tool-like The program, especially taking in consideration the fact that it's more of a utensil rather than a flashy, fun-to-play-with app, doesn't have the most beautiful of interfaces. On the contrary, it's bland and it's boring. Regardless, this isn't the reason you employed the help of this app in the first place. In order to make use of its abilities, you'll have to browse directories and find the files you want information from. Once loaded, the app will begin to show various bits and pieces, grouped accordingly. The general information section will include stuff like the codec used and the encoding time and date. It will also point to the number of video and audio streams it contains. More advanced for connoisseurs If you're a pro at this sort of thing, then you'll be happy to know that the app information reading doesn't stop there. It will display even more specific information, things like aspect ratio, video resolution, and frame speed. Audio stream information is also more specific and includes the number of channels and stream quality. The best part is you can export all this information, say, if this is part of your job duties, to various formats, including .CSV, .TXT, .JSON, .XML, and so on. Portable MediaInfo is the carry-on cousin of MediaInfo, an application that whilst being very simplistic managed to fulfill its claimed duties and be a handy aid for those individuals who require or desire to find specific information about any media product out there.







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What is it? The app displays various kinds of information for video and audio files. The most useful type of information you can get is the video info. The program can tell you if the file is a video, what codecs it’s using, as well as the file size. You can also check the file’s bit rate, duration, and resolution. If you’re dealing with audio, the app can tell you how many files it contains, what file extension they have, how many channels, as well as the sample rate and bit rate. What do I get? You get various types of information for various formats, all of which you can export to various file types. It’s divided into categories such as video, audio, picture, etc. and these files can be saved to any of your hard drives or one of your memory drives. You also get a tabular format for information about the various files. What does it require? The app requires no installation. It can be used from any computer without the need to be installed. How much does it cost? There’s no price. It’s not supported nor do you have to pay in any way for this app. PC Linkage Rating: Performance: Features: Appearance: Portable MediaInfo Activation Code Review: The interface of this application is not fancy or anything. In fact, it’s a bit bland and boring. That doesn’t mean it’s the reason you decided to use this application in the first place, however. In order for it to do its job, it simply needs to present you with various pieces of information. Once the app loads, you’ll be given a general set of info in the General column. You can now go into more detailed information by clicking on the Media info tab. Here, you’ll find the various specific pieces of information you’re looking for. If you wish to look for individual metadata, you may simply click on the file you want and you’ll be brought to a specific tab for that file. As mentioned previously, you can export this information to any number of formats. The best part is it’s all free, which is a fact not many people know. Currently, this app only shows the info for video files. You can run the app on any computer, and you will not need to install anything. You will need to be able to view directories. This could be a problem for

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Portable MediaInfo (Win32/64) provides a convenient way to see detailed information about media files. You can use it to see the exact information that MediaInfo l… Homepage – PmInfo – Portable MediaInfo PORTABLE MEDIAINFO PAINTS AN INTRIGUING COLORFUL PAINTING ON YOUR MAC OSX Recently, I got the chance to check out the application Portable MediaInfo and attempt to figure out if its pretty good or not. I will try to evaluate it based on some of the features it offers to potential customers, its usage, its interface, its price and its capabilities. Portable MediaInfo – A painting tool for your Mac OSX system, that might or might not be worth giving a chance. If you are mainly interested in the application then you can skip this page. This article is mainly about the functionality of the application and how it can be utilized for entertainment purposes. Concept Portable MediaInfo is a tool which will let you to read detailed information about your audio and video files on your Mac OSX systems. Well, it doesn’t really let you do much of anything, since it’s a tool, and it’s a painting app at that, which when clicked, brings up its name in the middle of your desktop. Now, I’m sorry to inform you, but if you are one of those guys who think that this sort of thing is of a high-quality, then this application definitely won’t be for you. If you are one of those people who dig art that fits the context, then you can simply check out the manual, which you’ll find on the application’s main page. If you are interested in actually using the application, you’ll have to right click on the icon and select “open” when it appears on your desktop. The application will run and you’ll be greeted by a simple interface which will allow you to browse for audio and video files on your systems, as well as to open and play them. Features Portable MediaInfo has some interesting features that are worth taking into consideration as soon as you start playing with it. They are: The application can play music files which are less than three minutes long. They are.mp3 for most cases. It can also stream from the Internet, which is an important thing if you are just in the mood to listen to some music, or if you are in the middle of a study session, but don’t really have 2f7fe94e24

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Do you want to see thumbnails of your multimedia files? Download the Portable MediaInfo app to get the answer! The portable MediaInfo app has an intuitive user interface and is pretty easy to use. Just open it and click on “File”, “Assets”, “Transcoding Settings”, “Test File”, and “Info” to view the file and its information. How to uninstall Portable MediaInfo from your system? Guide to Portable MediaInfo for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista on the Mac Click on the Portable MediaInfo icon on the Windows desktop and wait for the app to launch. Click on the “Create Shortcut” button to create a shortcut and add the Portable MediaInfo program to the Windows Start menu. Right-click on the shortcut and click on “Properties” to view the shortcuts’ properties. Click on “Uninstall”. You can also find Portable MediaInfo in your Programs and Features section under Control Panel. Click on Portable MediaInfo. Click on “Uninstall”. Remove Portable MediaInfo from your computer or laptop using Disk Cleanup Start the Disk Cleanup utility by pressing on Win+R. Navigate to the drive where you have Portable MediaInfo installed. Right-click on it and click on “Cleanup”. Portable MediaInfo Cost Portable MediaInfo is a small and easy to use tool designed to make it simple to extract information about your multimedia content. The program has many features, such as the ability to read and/or write information about any multimedia file present on your computer. A big bonus for those who frequently change computers is its ability to be installed anywhere; whether it’s on a portable drive or a portable hard disk. In conclusion, with Portable MediaInfo, the future of multimedia information is one step closer! Portable MediaInfo Key Features: Simple to use Ability to read and write information about multimedia files Restore original file information if needed Simple to use Video Quality Audio Quality Video Codec Video Resolutions Video Aspect Ratios Audio Codecs Audio Channels Audio Bitrates Audio Duration Media Files Count Software Version Software Build Date Software Build Numbers Portable MediaInfo Interface Assets Tests Info


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Operating Systems: Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 10 64bit, Mac OSX 10.6.6 or later (64bit) Minimum Hardware: OSI Ethernet Card CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz+ or above RAM: 2GB+ VGA: 1024 x 768 DirectX 9.0 Sound Card: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Hard drive: 1GB+ Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x


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