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– Supported extensions: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera – Save to Pocket: Access full-text of a web page, and download PDF, MP3, videos, images, etc. – Save to Instapaper: Access full-text of a web page, and download PDF, MP3, images, etc. – Crop: Crop the image on-the-fly without leaving the page – Markdown: Convert text to Markdown directly on the page and add a link to the URL – Pocket Suggest: Automatically complete the URLs for you – Tagging: Add custom hashtags to mark page contentQ: How to create a unique constraint in oracle sql I am working with an Oracle table with the following data Name Group Justin Harding Finance Barbara Pierce Finance Reginald Cotton Finance Edgar Rice Utilities Emma Bunting Utilities Noah Pinchback Finance Noah Pinchback Utilities I am trying to add the following constraint to make sure that I don’t have the same name in the same group. This is what I have tried. alter table chap_res_book add constraint uc_name unique(name, group); However, the error I get is ORA-00942: table or view does not exist I have looked into it and the Table name seems to be correctly formed, which I am not sure why it won’t let me create the constraint. A: As Alsis has mentioned, alter table chap_res_book add constraint uc_name unique(name, group) is wrong. The table chap_res_book is not created at the same time when the constraint is added, hence the error message ORA-00942: table or view does not exist. Did you make a mistake in the below statement: alter table chap_res_book add constraint uc_name unique(name, group) It should be : alter table chap_res_book add constraint uc_

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Pocket is an app that allows you to bookmark a quick reads from the web and read it later. You can add a link from your mobile browser, social network, reading list or just any site. The extension also sends you a notification when one of your add-ons has something new to offer. Discover great books and magazines, recent news, updates to your social networks and more from Pocket. Pin it to your Firefox toolbar. Use the bookmarklet to save a page you want to read later. Pin this extension to your Opera, Chrome or Safari. Report when this extension discovers new content. Visit the Pocket for Web page to find out more about how to get started. Password required. History 2016 Begun Opened in August 2016 Category Storage apps Popular Web address www.pocket.com Add-on Pocket for Chrome Pocket for Firefox Pocket for Opera Pocket for iOS Pocket for Android Creator Co-founder at Flipboard, former CEO of Polar Rose, former Product Manager for Google. Formerly, founder of one of the first major independent mobile newsstand apps, Newsstand. User rating 5.0 68 reviews 5 4 4 3 2 1 Votes 31 Informative review January 12, 2019 About me About me I’ve been in the electronics business for the last 10 years, and have worked as an electronics expert with 2f7fe94e24

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A browser extension, service and mobile app all under the same Pocket umbrella. Save all the content you like on the web — from articles to videos, photos, references, etc. — and browse them later at your convenience. Use Pocket to: Read later. * Now on iOS and Android. It comes with cross-browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, or you can use the Pocket app for iOS and Android (requires an invite). Another day, another VC exit. Our buddy and prolific angel investor Alan Wachtel has just written about how an esteemed group of VCs (fiscal note: he is a big fan of ours, as is Sam Altman) has decided to chuck their hats into the ring in order to raise $50 million for a new fund. We’ve had a chance to download the memo, which is heavy on statistics and numbers, but also heavy on soft (and strong) promises like: “As individuals, we may not be in a position to make the high-impact investments that make the biggest returns. By pooling together in a new fund, we can increase the size and diversity of our investments.” In case you’re wondering where the $50 million is coming from, well, if you have access to some of the world’s most prominent VCs, then you’ll be fine with this sort of thing. Everyone who has ever invested in any unicorn/Series A company should be able to afford $50 million. (Switching back to math now: if they assume a $3 million-per-year-investment rate, that’s $150 million over 5 years. And if you want even more of your egg out of one of the bigger chicken-egg funds, the timing-adjusted value of investing in this particular fund is in the range of $300 million.) So yeah, if you’re giving up $3 million a year in your seed fund/angel fund and the two of you are a five-way split and there is a chance that your angel investments could be the last round, then, well, congratulations, you’ve just invested in the next unicorn fund. Chalk it up in another victory for the big VCs and for all the VCs who have been, are and will be on the success and failure of a venture. Is there a downside? Yeah. It’s got a name. Fund X. Anyone who calls it Fund Y is going to get the same sort of howls as when Fund X was

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Saves webpages from your browser and accesses them later, from anywhere From the folks who brought you Read It Later, comes the companion app Pocket. Free for your phone, this lean and intuitive app lets you save anything to read later, just as easily as it does. Pocket Description: Saves webpages from your browser and accesses them later, from anywhere. Now try Pocket for free: – Download Pocket for Android or iOS – Add an account – Sign in to your Pocket – Find, read and save websites Share this review You might also like Published by LG A designer, developer and a geek with a passion for tinkering and cooking; and a technology addict with a penchant for gadgets. I am still in search of a perfect cup of coffee, and a good work-life balance. View all posts by LGQ: Adafruit microcontroller push button not receiving input on arduino while connected I have a servo running on a arduino uno. I am trying to add a push button that I will use to trigger the servo to turn on and off. I have the servo hooked up to pin 13 and the button hooked up to pin 10. The button works fine in its own sketch in the arduino IDE, and the pin 13 gets input when using servo.write(13, HIGH); but the arduino IDE wont recognize anything when I run the two sketches together. No matter if I unplug or plug it in, nothing changes. I’ve tried swapping the pins 10 and 13 around, and that didnt work. I’ve tried adding a delay after connecting to the button, so that it wouldn’t trigger the next pin 13 output until I physically pressed the button, but that didn’t work either. Any idea what could be going wrong? I’m not a very experienced programmer, and I had a lot of trouble finding help online when it came to Arduino. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Its been a long time since I posted this question, but I found out that the problem was the servo was turning off by itself. I solved that by adding a while loop to the servo’s setup function that ended with servo.zero();. A: Is the servo library in your code using the correct pins? Pin 10 is what it uses for an internal pull-up circuit. I would guess that the


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Minimum System Requirements OS: OS X 10.7 Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space Video Card: 512 MB ATI or Nvidia graphic card In addition to the minimum system requirements, the following is also recommended: Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS or ATI Radeon HD 3650 graphics card 2GB free disk space Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2GB RAM Graphic card: ATI or Nvidia graphic card


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