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Even though I know very little about photography, I have a desire to take better photographs. What do I need to know?

Photoshop is an intense program to learn. That said, if you don’t have experience with another image-editing program, you’ll have to invest a good amount of time in learning this program. You’ll need a basic understanding of layers and a general understanding of how to change or manipulate an image. These basic skills will serve you well in your future photo editing endeavors.

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The full list of Photoshop Elements 2019 features is detailed here. Here are the best Photoshop Elements 2019 features and the reasons why you should upgrade to Photoshop Elements 2019.

1. UI

Elements’ new user interface (UI) has been announced in June 2017 and the 2019 version improves a lot on it. It’s much more responsive, fast and very user-friendly.

2. Thumbnail previews

Elements offers the best way to manage a library of images. Thanks to the new feature ‘Thumbnail previews’ you can view each image as a small rectangle. Even if you use a lot of images, it is very easy to see each image in your library.

3. Sharing options

Elements provides a new sharing option called ‘Send to a Dropbox Folder’. This feature makes it easy to send files as they are shared on any cloud drive.

4. Watermarking

Elements 2019 has the best way to watermark images. It offers a new option called ‘Automatically Watermark or Add a Logo and Text’. It’s possible to edit the logo, or only the text and the text stays visible after the editing. You can change the font color and apply the same colors to the text.

5. Easier image cropping

‘Image cropping’ is a very easy and powerful tool to crop images. Now, you can have the option to select ‘Image Cropping Tool’ in the toolbar.

6. Shadows

‘Shadows’ is a powerful tool to create better shadows and highlights. In this version, it’s possible to create the same effect on an image as on a layer. It’s really easy to edit the color and the shape and you can also use ellipse to select the area that you want to lighten or darken.

7. Instantly share images

Elements 2019 provides the best way to share your images instantly by using the existing iCloud features. You can send pictures straight to your phone or any other computer with iCloud Drive.

8. Add a map layer

In Elements, it’s possible to create a ‘map layer’ which adds a Google Map directly on your images. It’s a very fast way to put a map on a picture if you need a map layer very fast!

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How do I remove unused files from a release build using my ant build script?

I am working on a large project for a client, and we are currently doing a release build for build numbers 431, 450, etc. The build is getting larger and larger, and we use builds for development, and for testing, but we are not using builds for our release builds. This is causing our build script to leave unused files as they are installed by the install build script. We are using an ant build script.
Is there a way to build the project so that it only includes files that are needed for the current build using our ant build script? The build script does not have access to the project source folders, since the entire project is packaged into a jar.


There are a number of ways to do this. My personal favorite is to create a release build script that builds the release build and then delete the build from the dev build script. This way you will never have to worry about any build being left behind in the build tree.
I would start by creating a new ant build script with this command:
cd /path/to/the/release/build/directory; ant release

Being a Lonely Girl

“This one’s for those of us that are alone or maybe we’re with someone that we don’t wanna be with”

I need to take a moment here to explain a concept that’s very important for me: I consider myself to be a lonely girl. Loneliness is something that comes with being a woman. Everyone has loneliness in some form or another, but not everyone has problems with it or considers themselves lonely.

Before I began writing this post, I asked that question to myself: How have I been feeling lately and what kind of loneliness have I been experiencing? In my past life, my loneliness was caused by things that were very difficult for me to deal with at the time. However, the loneliness that I am experiencing now is something quite different. I’ll talk more about it as I go along.

What causes loneliness?

Why do people experience loneliness? It’s a very good question and it’s one that is not so easily answered. Sure, people experience loneliness, but is the cause something that we can pinpoint and try to avoid? I personally believe that no one can avoid loneliness, not even myself.

What’s New In?

Plasma levels of thiopurines and 6-methylmercaptopurine ribonucleotides in IgA-type acute lymphoblastic leukaemia: relationship to clinical and therapeutic variables.
Although thiopurine immunosuppressants are the cornerstone of the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), the molecular basis of thiopurine toxicity remains poorly understood. We have sought to further our understanding of thiopurine toxicity in ALL by investigating the association of plasma levels of inosine 5′-monophosphate (IMP) and 6-methylmercaptopurine ribonucleotide (MMPR), pharmacologically active metabolites of the thiopurine prodrug 6-mercaptopurine, with clinical variables and thiopurine metabolism. Plasma levels of 6-methylthioguanine nucleotides (6MGR) and other thiopurine metabolites were measured in 42 patients with ALL treated with oral 6-mercaptopurine (methotrexate-like) therapy. Both direct (IMP) and indirect (6MGR) measurements of active metabolite levels were used. Plasma levels of thiopurine metabolites were positively associated with age, white cell count, treatment duration and use of corticosteroids, and were inversely associated with the duration of active treatment and use of methotrexate. Both 6MGR and IMP metabolite levels were independently associated with the duration of active treatment, after adjustment for age, white cell count and use of corticosteroids. Other significant associations were limited to lower levels of 6MGR metabolite and thiopurine treatment duration or corticosteroids. These results suggest a possible relationship between the plasma levels of 6MGR metabolites and thiopurine toxicity and indicate a need for further studies of thiopurine metabolism in ALL.[Clinical and genetic studies in children with autism].
Autism is a developmental disorder, characterized by deficits in social interaction, communication, and imagination. Clinical phenotypes of autism vary among patients, but are often accompanied by epilepsy, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and musculoskeletal disorders. Since the 1990s, the inheritance of autism has been assumed to be polygenic. In recent years, more than 100 genes have been reported to be associated with autism, and functional studies have also suggested biological mechanisms. The present article focuses on clinical characteristics and etiological factors, with a focus on genes associated with autism.

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