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If you’d rather not use Photoshop, there are plenty of alternate tools out there. For example, InDesign and other Adobe Creative Suite 5 products let you edit and manipulate your raster graphics just as easily. For an example of Photoshop alone, check out our photo manipulation tutorial. Image manipulation means a lot of things, but it can generally be described as modifying an image to make it look different. The most common uses of this tool are to alter an image to make it look different, present it in a different format, or alter the way it looks. In this article, we will work through a step-by-step lesson for manipulating an image in Photoshop. We’ll start with an original image and see how we can edit it. You’ll learn how to use Photoshop’s basic tools and features for image editing and manipulation. Adobe Photoshop comes with several utilities for image manipulation including: the Pre-press & Ink Master, the History palette, the Effects palette, and the Glyphs and Gradients (see Figure 1). We’ll focus our attention here on the editing tools in the picture layers, including the Pen tool, Gradient tool, Eraser tool, Paths tool, and Filter tool. Figure 1. Adobe Photoshop comes with a number of powerful editing tools that enable you to manipulate and create new media. The tools and menus can be accessed by using the bottom toolbar (Figure 1). Photoshop’s tools are listed in the top toolbar (Figure 2). The tools are divided into categories, such as: Brushes, Pen, Brush, Paths, and Scripts. Each tool has a menu associated with it, which we can access by clicking the tool with the left mouse button. Figure 2. You can add a new layer and move, copy, or delete it by pressing the Tab key while selecting the layer and then pressing one of the directional keys (Figure 3). Once a new layer is in place, you can move, copy, or delete it by right-clicking and selecting one of the tools, which are shown in Figure 3. The layers you’ve created can be combined in various ways, as shown in Figure 3. Figure 3. Figure 3. A quick tip: Always select a layer before making changes to it. This is why the layer you’re working on is selected in the photo. Figure 4. An image

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How to use the Regular Version of Photoshop Elements In this article, we will describe how to use the Photoshop Elements regular version and how to edit images. Photoshop Elements provides a set of basic tools to enable users to perform basic tasks like resizing and cropping. Follow our tutorial to learn how to Edit Images With Photoshop Elements 1. From the Home Page, click on Image 2. Click on Open 3. Find your image and click Open 4. Under “Image Tools”, click on “Edit Images” 5. You can adjust the image settings – Make sure the image is the right size (width or height) – Crop the image (using the crop tool) – Adjust the image brightness or saturation – Add a new layer – Create a new image (file type PNG, JPEG or GIF) 6. Change the editing mode to “Edit Images” 7. You can resize and crop the image To resize and crop your image: – Click and drag the handles on the image – At the bottom of the image window, adjust the scale and crop – Save the image using the Save As option 8. You can also add text to your image – Click and drag on the text tool to select the text – Type in your desired text – Adjust the text alignment – Click on the drop-down menu and choose a background color for the text 9. Click on “Image Tools” again to close the Image window Here is our tutorial on how to edit an image with the regular version of Photoshop Elements. The Photoshop Elements regular version is not the same as the Photoshop Elements 2018 (formerly Photoshop Express). How to edit an image with the Graphic Design version of Photoshop Elements The Graphic Design version of Photoshop Elements is the professional version, allowing you to create and edit graphics. It has additional tools to create vector graphics, vectors, photos, tables, graphs and more. For example, you can create icons, logos, websites, PowerPoint presentations, and charts. How to use the Graphic Design version of Photoshop Elements In this article, we will describe how to use the Photoshop Elements Graphic Design version of Photoshop Elements and how to edit graphics. 1. Create a new project 2. Click on File > New 05a79cecff

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The Burn Tool removes pixels from an image using the edge of a brush or the Burn brush. You can use it to remove imperfections from an image or to give a warmblack effect to a photo. The Elliptical Marquee tool allows you to select an area of an image where you want to make a cut. The main problem with this tool is that the selection area is difficult to define. The Healing Brush is a tool used for cloning pixels or splicing an image together. It works by looking at adjacent pixels and copying the pixels from an area that looks similar to the area where the problem is located. The Liquify tool enables you to manipulate an image. You can create a warp or shear effect by using the Graph Editor to make areas of an image undulate. The Masking Tool lets you erase pixels in an image by using the edges of another area. The Patch Tool lets you fill in a color or gradient directly in an image using the computer’s color picker. The Paint Bucket tool is useful for applying a new color to the image. You can paint with it using the colors of other images or with gradients. The Pen tool lets you draw with lines, shapes, splashes and dashed lines. You can paint inside or outside the lines. You can even fill areas with color or use various blending modes while painting. Pixels can be resized and moved by using the Transform tool. You can also use the Transformations palette. This opens a menu that lets you resize, rotate, distort, or combine objects. The Rectangular Marquee tool allows you to draw lines from one position to another. You can use this tool to create a frame around an image. The Spatula tool is used to fill in areas where portions of an image don’t have color or you want a gradient that blends into the background color. The Warp tool lets you distort an area using the edge of a brush. You can draw waves, puddles, ridges or other patterns. The Zig Zag tool is useful for drawing patterns on an image. The Zebra tool lets you draw the pattern on the colors of another image. You can draw the entire image, or you can draw areas by clicking on a check box in the midle of the brush. The Paths tool is a stroke brush that allows you to trace paths. You can start drawing a path by clicking anywhere on the canvas and then continue it by

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