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Adobe Photoshop is a fully featured image editing software that is used worldwide for web graphics, photographs, and illustrations.

Here are some of the features you’ll get with a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Subscription Highlights $8 / $10 Monthly or $49 / $59 Annually $99 / $129

Adobe Photoshop is powerful image editing software used to create and make adjustments to a wide variety of images.

Adobe Photoshop is designed to be a powerful image editing application that complements all of Adobe’s other design software. The following are some of the common Photoshop tasks that are used every day to edit images for print, web and other media.

1. Changing the Size of a Portrait

The resolution of a portrait is measured in pixels. With each additional pixel, the image quality increases. The most common resolution used for portrait images is 72ppi. This refers to the number of pixels that the printer uses to print the photo, which is a standard for professional printing.

Many other features including digital magnification can be used to zoom in on an image, bring it up to size, or bring down the size of a photo without losing image quality.

2. Fixing a Photo

Adobe Photoshop has dozens of “tools” that can be used to fix image problems. The most common one is to “straighten” images. The tool detects if the horizontal or vertical lines are tilted relative to the camera’s focal plane, or lens. The tool will then smooth out the image by rotating the lines so they are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axis of the lens. This process is useful in fixing images that are out of focus, have vignetting, or are otherwise slightly skewed.

3. Reducing File Size

Using the “Reduce” feature, you can quickly reduce the size of an image file by up to 25 times by using the “Bicubic” filter. This process preserves the detail and sharpness of the image when reducing the file size.

4. Changing the Contrast of an Image

Photoshop has multiple tools that can change the contrast of an image to make it appear brighter, darker, or more muted. You can adjust lightness and saturation in an image using the Color Balance tool. This tool gives you the option to adjust the “red,” “green,” and “blue

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Check out our most in-depth photography reviews of Adobe Photoshop and Apple’s own Aperture.

How to install Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (Mac / PC)

Download Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (Mac / PC) Install and run the software Launch the software and log in to your Adobe ID. Use a subscription to use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for life. Apply software updates as per the official website.

How to use Photoshop (Mac / PC)

Go to File > Open Download the latest version of Photoshop from the website. Load the software. From the Photoshop menu, select File > Photoshop Help. Photoshop Tips is a great manual to get a better idea of how to use Photoshop. Use Photoshop Extensions to further customize the software.

How to use Photoshop Elements (Mac / PC)

Go to File > Open. Navigate to the downloaded files. In Photoshop Elements, use the Help menu to access the Photoshop Elements Help menu. In the Elements Help menu, click About Elements. From the About Elements menu, click Help.

Are there any Photoshop alternatives?

In the photo editing world, there are many Photoshop alternatives. Apple’s photo editor, Aperture has been replaced by Photoshop for the latest version.

Though not being a professional photo editor, the alternative must be easy to use as a non-photographer. It is important to look for a software that is intuitive.

Pixelmator is a good alternative to Photoshop (Mac / PC). It doesn’t have as many features as Photoshop. But, it is an easy to use software.

Of course, there are other Photoshop alternatives. GIMP is a good, simple, open-source alternative for basic photo editing.

The list of Photoshop alternatives is far bigger than this. We recommend that you check out this list of the best graphic design software: Best Graphic Design Software.

Best Adobe Photoshop alternatives for Mac (2019)

1. Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an affordable and simple alternative to Photoshop.

It was originally developed by the same team who brought us Paint Tool Sai (Mac software), an open source alternative to Photoshop.

An open source alternative to Photoshop.

Pixelmator is a good alternative to Photoshop. It comes with all the basic tools for photo editing. The available tools include, slicing, clones, filters, adjustment layers and adjustment brush.

Paint Tool Sai


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