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Brightness/contrast adjustment Layers can be modified based on the brightness of a specific area or all areas of the photo. When an Adjustment layer is activated and you’re on the Brightness/Contrast dialog box, you have two options — Global and Local. In the first option, you have three sliders. For global adjustment, you start with the Photo menu and then choose Brightness/Contrast. For local adjustment, you simply move the cursor to an area of interest in the image. For example, the area would be the face of a person who is the main subject in the photo. By using the sliders, you can control the brightness and contrast of the entire image

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The Spot Healing Brush is a brush that can detect areas of color and detail that may have been missed by the other tools. Use the Lasso tool to select a region of the photo that you wish to copy, and then paste it onto a new area. The Eraser tool enables you to remove unwanted objects or areas in an image. Move objects within an image using the Selection tool. You can then move, resize, copy, or merge them. Use the Eraser tool to remove some of an object from an image. Note that if the image has layers, you may need to flatten the image first. Use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the canvas with a color. The Color Picker tool allows you to pick a color from your image. Use the Brush tool to create an artistic painting using a variety of brushes. The Hand tool allows you to draw or paint on the canvas. Use the Brush tool in combination with the Hand tool to create amazing effects such as watercolor or oil painting. Use the Levels tool to adjust the contrast of your image. This is a very useful tool for correcting exposure and brightness problems in an image. Combine multiple images in Photoshop by using the Merge Down tool. You can also use this tool to make any changes to an existing image. You may also use filters. Use the Warp tool to distort an image for a more artistic feel. Simply select the tool, place it over the area of the image you wish to distort, and then drag around to set the shape of the distortion. The Gradient tool allows you to apply a gradient of any color or texture that you wish. Simply click and drag the brush over the area of the image you wish to change. You can also use the Gradient tool for outlining an area of the image for another effect. Draw any shape in Photoshop, and add a subtle outline to your shape. This is an easy way to give a more textured look to an image. Use the Perspective Warp tool to change the three-dimensional quality of your image. Simply draw a rectangle around the area of the image you wish to change, set the scale and angle, and then choose either Perspective or Fluid Warping. The Free Transform tool allows you to change the orientation of an object in your image. Simply select the tool, and then drag over the portion of the image you want to rotate. You can also drag a rectangle

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Q: How to check for.NET framework versions being installed? I’m trying to create a utility which will check for the.NET framework versions installed and then ask the user if they would like to upgrade. I wrote a very basic form like so: Then I add this to a button click handler: private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (CheckForCurrentVersion()){ MessageBox.Show(“You already have the latest version.”); return; } else{ MessageBox.Show(“You don’t have the latest version of the.NET Framework. We recommend you upgrade now.”); MessageBox.Show(“1.0.5902.23108”); } } private bool CheckForCurrentVersion(){ Assembly NameSpace = Assembly.Load(“System.Data.Entity”); Type CurrentVersion = NameSpace.GetType(“System.Data.Entity.Design.Internal.DesignTimeAssemblyData”); Version VersionNumber = CurrentVersion.Version; string CurrentVersionText = “Version: ” + VersionNumber.ToString(); string NewVersionText = “”; bool IsNew = VersionNumber == NewVersionText; return IsNew; } The thing is, I get a Fatal Execution Error at this line: Version VersionNumber = CurrentVersion.Version; I’ve tried many different ways of trying to make this work and keep getting the same error. I’ve searched Google and tried using many different google searches. Any help or pointers are appreciated. A: Your problem is in this line: Version VersionNumber = CurrentVersion.Version; It is trying to get the assembly version, but it is trying to get the version from the current assembly which it isn’t. This will be fine: Assembly NameSpace = Assembly.Load(“System.Data.Entity”); Type CurrentVersion = NameSpace.GetType(“System.Data

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (64 bit) Processor: 2.3 GHz processor with 2GB RAM. Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 650 2GB is recommended. Other: There are no other specifications or requirements for gameplay. Recommended OS: Play

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