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You can use the Layer _/Flatten_ command (Layer/Flatten) to merge all the layers in a document into one layer. If you have a lot of layers and delete layers in a document frequently, this feature can help speed up your workflow. You can also use the

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This list includes the features for editing and working with almost all types of images, including photos, graphic arts, web graphics, videos, and even 3D. Images of all types will be discussed in this article.

Photoshop has a very simple file structure, with no folders. It stores images in the folder imagedata. Therefore, in this tutorial we will guide you through this structure.

Where are images stored in Photoshop?

The folder imagedata has a lot of different subfolders, such as:

Auto Graphics



Image Books

Image Cache

Image Libraries

Image Organizer



Photoshop Elements

Photo Albums






Stamp & Text

Web Graphics

When you open the Photoshop window, you can drag images and files out of the imagedata folder into the Photoshop window. However, you can only access images when you drag images into the Photoshop folder.

Photoshop allows you to import images from a number of image sources. Each of these has its own subfolder in the imagedata folder. You can access these directly via the File menu.

You can also scan directly into Photoshop from a scanner, an Apple iPhone, or an Android device.

You can bring images, videos or other types of media into Photoshop. For example, you can bring in an image, a photo, or a video file by dragging it to the window. Then, you can create a new layer by selecting Layer ยป New or press the SHIFT+N keys.

Photoshop’s file structure

Open Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. Open the Photoshop window in the top right corner. Your files are stored in the imagedata folder. Open this file structure and find these subfolders.


This article is focused on the 2017 version of Photoshop.

files are stored in the folder

where you want to edit.

You can rename a folder by right-clicking (or Control-clicking) the folder and select Rename from the context menu.

Any changes to the file will be saved to the folder (it is not the same as the image folder).

You can move a folder by dragging and dropping it into a new folder. Note that if you have tried to do

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Sort by a column containing timestamps and then name the column based on the name of the timestamp column

My data have a column that is a timestamp and I’d like to sort it by this column and then want the name of that column to be the name of the timestamp column so the sort will be sorted by start_time.
The code should also be able to use multiple input lists rather than just one as this needs to be dynamic. The data is in a JSON object and it should grab the data from the JSON array.
This is what I tried:
input_json = [inputs[0].to_json(),
inputs[3].to_json()] api_response = requests.get(

headers = headers,
params = {‘id’: id},
json = input_json)

json_data = json.loads(api_response.content)

returned_data = json_data[“data”] data = dict(returned_data.values())

sorted_data = sorted(data.items(), key=lambda x: x[1][“start_time”], reverse=True)

for i in sorted_data:
#reverse sort


But I get the error:

KeyError: (-1

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