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This article will highlight some of the most commonly used tools in Photoshop. Panels (Objects) In Photoshop, there are objects known as Panels. Panels can be used for individual or group use in a composition. You can create and define panels in various ways including; Content panels, Layer panels, Smart Content panels, etc. Panel Layers A Panel layer is the region that encompasses the object. It is a place in the file where you can write a text, create a shapes and so on. You can save a panel layer as a smart object for easy editing and apply your changes. You can create and use multiple panels. Slideshows Slideshows are predefined group of Layers in Photoshop where the layers will stack on top of each other and apply a specified easing over all the layers. These can also be saved into a smart object for editing. Merge Layers When you want to combine separate elements into a single layer, the merge layer tools are the best to use. You can use the merge layers tools to combine any number of layers into a single layer for editing. Photoshop Layers Photoshop Layers are the building blocks of an image. The Layers options available in Photoshop will vary depending on your version. Version History In the upper right of the main Photoshop application screen, there is a button that says “Version History.” This button will show all the layer options for the current file. That includes all the layers, alpha channels and mask options. Layers Layers are the building blocks of any image. Photoshop is layer based, meaning that each layer on the image should be a separate layer. Layer Masks When creating a mask, which is a black and white filled rectangle that masks the layer, always make sure that the layer mask options in Photoshop are checked. You can also use the Rectangle or Polygon tools in Photoshop to create a mask. Layer Masking Layer masking is an important tool in Photoshop that enables you to manipulate the layer as if it is a physical object. Layer masking is the reason that you can edit the layer. Layer Styles Layer styles are a great way to enhance the look of a Photoshop file. Layer styles can be used to create a film grain, outline, glow,

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After installing the program you will see Photoshop Elements as a completely different program. It has very few options but you can type in those that you need. They are listed alphabetically in a drop-down box on the bottom left corner of the main window. At the beginning of the tutorial I’ll show you all the toolbars on the top left corner of the program, so you will have a rough idea of how it works and how you use it. The interface is very friendly and after reading the tutorial you will definitely be ready to use the tool if you have not done it before. Photoshop Elements tutorials: Enhance photos and make them more fun, creative, and professional using Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements allows to edit all the elements of a photo. There are two main tabs on the left side of the program. The first one is for the photo itself, and the second one is for items added to a photo after the editing process. One of the options to edit is just rotate, crop and fix the size of the image. The tools at the top of the editing window are the basics. The top left one is for rotating and scaling the image. The bottom left one is for moving, changing zoom levels, flipping or mirroring the image and using the Crop tool. After opening an image, you have these options on the top toolbar: These are the main tools for photo editing. Use the correct tool depending on your task: The Spot Healing Brush tools lets you get rid of unwanted color or fix specific objects in the image that are usually wrong. It is an excellent tool that is often used in graphic design. However, if you are not very familiar with it, don’t forget to keep an eye on your photo because it is easy to overdraw. The Puppet Warp tool is also very useful in some cases, but it is tricky to work with because it’s best to use it to correct the camera’s perspective in an image. You can also use it for rotating and giving an angle or pitch to objects. The Spot Healing Brush tools let you fix up areas that are really wrong in photos. You have to keep an eye on your photo and be careful when using the Spot Healing Brush tool and the Puppet Warp tool. However, the Polar Coordinates tool is something that you should stay away from. As its name says 388ed7b0c7

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