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This text is too long for the interface to display in one line. Perfect! Textedit is a powerful text editor that enhances performance and increases the work output. Text editing is such a boring task as compared to other programming functions. This is the reason why programmers love to use the powerful text editors like Perfect! Textedit! Perfect! Textedit offers a user-friendly interface without sacrificing on any of its powerful features. PTE has everything you need in an editor without the unnecessary things that you don’t need. Perfect! Textedit is the ideal text editor for programmers, hackers, and web developers. Features: ■ Splits a file into several smaller ones if you work with larger files. ■ Rearrange the saved files in the text editor. ■ Display the file properties by holding the left CTRL key. ■ Hide the files for easy organization and access. ■ Allows to create a new document at the beginning or the end of the file. ■ Builds HTML documents (documents in HTML format) directly from text. ■ Create and edit Microsoft Word documents. ■ Compiles, links and runs as an EXE. ■ Compiles and links as a plugin. ■ Loads JavaScript in the web browsers. ■ Provides a Markdown Text Editor for extra features like Bold, Italic and Strikethrough. ■ Supports the advanced and excellent standard wordpad. ■ Support for custom themes. ■ Supports Textwranger. ■ Supports a folder browser inside the program. ■ Used to publish the applications on Windows Store. ■ This is a commercial software. Requirements: ■ Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 ■ Internet Explorer 6 (or higher) is required to enable all features and possibilities of PTE and is therefore strongly recommended. Perfect! Textedit is a compact and powerful plain text editor that enhances performance and increases the work output. This text is too long for the interface to display in one line. Perfect! Textedit is a powerful text editor that enhances performance and increases the work output. Text editing is such a boring task as compared to other programming functions. This is the reason why programmers love to use the powerful text editors like Perfect! Textedit! Perfect! Textedit offers a user-

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This application integrates all the features of a simple plain text editor in one comprehensive application. In fact it is not a plain text editor, but rather it is a real text editor with all the usual features like document support, tabbed windows, multi-document interface, word wrap, syntax highlighting, code folding, etc. The combination of plain text editing and compiler support can make PTE the ideal tool for writing documents, e-mails and technical documents. The text files created by PTE do not need to be in plain text format. Any content, binary files, html files, internet addresses, and hyperlinks can be included. PTE can even read text files created with Microsoft Word or other text editor packages. The user interface is minimalistic and yet very easy to use. The programming is done in Delphi 5 but it can be ported to other platforms without much effort. Want to easily switch between editing files within the same workspace? Set up a quick keyboard shortcut: This is especially important if you want to work with multiple files of the same type. Otherwise your keyboard will become a superflous instrument Shortcuts can be assigned to all windows that contain a text editor. The Window List (Ctrl+1) can display all Editor windows. Select the window type of your choice (Text, HTML, or Binary) and enter the desired shortcut. Multi-Document Mode Textedit creates one workspace per text file you open. This means that you can have several text files open at the same time without conflict This is especially useful if you prefer to use multiple editors for different purposes. Each workspace can be activated by typing the name of the workspace in the “New Workspace” window (Ctrl+N). To switch between workspaces, use the arrow keys or click on the title of the window you want to switch to. Workspace button The button is the extension of a text editor window. Clicking on the button switches the window focus to the window list. Regular “Arrow Left/Right” Keys In addition to the regular arrow keys, you can use the space bar to open the Workspace context menu. Edit a File in the Editor Window When your mouse enters an active file, a button appears in the editor window This button opens the “Edit File” dialog, which allows you to edit the document If you have files open in different text editors, you can use this button to switch between the documents. “Edit 2f7fe94e24

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The latest stable version of Perfect! Textedit is 1.0 (released in 2011). The stable version 1.3 (released in 2012) is currently available. It is a bit more stable and offers numerous bugfixes. Note: Currently there is no official binary version for Windows Vista and later. For all users who have a problem (bug) with Perfect Textedit, we offer a support forum ( Workshop: Workshop is an in-depth guide with tutorials for beginners and intermediate users. It will teach you the basics and most important features. Even for advanced users it might be interesting as a guide to be more independent and to learn new ways of text editing. Detailed tutorials: Instructions and tutorials for PTE’s top features. Also a complete manual for PTE. Short tutorial: With a short video tutorial, you will be able to get familiar with PTE in just a few minutes. Key Features: ■ X Text Edit feature provides all the functionality of Notepad and Text Edit, i.e. an editable text window at the bottom of your desktop. ■ Split screen and special contextual menu is meant to work with multiple documents without the need to switch back and forth. ■ Edit Multiple documents is the ability to work with multiple text files at the same time in one window without having to switch between different documents. ■ Mouse gestures support: simultaneous click in a window, edit, goto text and delete. ■ Window List: brings together all open text files in one window. ■ Drag and drop: open and close documents with the window list by dragging and dropping. ■ GUI customizable: Font, color, and skinning: the application allows you to customize almost every aspect of the GUI without having to edit HTML files. ■ Window wrap detection: detects when you finish typing in a window and automatically moves the cursor to the next line. ■ Access to Windows registry keys: you can make changes to Windows settings directly from the application. ■ Create and open binary files: PTE is able to load and view files that are encoded in the NTFS file format, such as Word and Excel documents. ■ Open and view images: PTE is able to open and view images in a variety of formats, including TIFF, GIF, JPG

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Perfect! Textedit is a sleek and user friendly Plain Text Editor. The program has been designed from ground-up to support the plain text way of thinking. Perfect! Textedit offers an easy way of writing, editing and saving both documents and plain text files. The program supports Markdown, Microformatting, embedded images, footnote, and many other abilities to give you the full text editing experience. Furthermore, Perfect! Textedit is a Notepad parameter compatible. This means that you can replace Notepad.exe with PTE.exe and use the program as you would use Notepad.exe. You can edit files that other text editors normally don’t support or have to edit by hand. You can edit text files either from within Perfect! Textedit, or by double-clicking a text file from Explorer. This is the perfect program to work with both plain text files and also with any other kind of file. You will never be limited to the plain text file format with Perfect! Textedit. You will even be able to open and view internet addresses or binary files as plain text by using the “View as Text” and the “Open as Text” menu items. Perfect! Textedit is a user friendly text editor and you will certainly find the format easy to use. The help file and the shortcut keys will guide you along the way. Perfect! Textedit also uses several languages such as Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, etc. To enable and choose between the different languages, you simply need to choose the language of the text file in which you want to view and edit. You can choose from a lot of settings for the program including a menu, highlighting color, font, and many more. You can choose among a variety of color schemes to create a look similar to your favorite text editor. You can also choose your preferred font by choosing from a user defined list of fonts. Perform multiple actions of opening a file, highlighting text, copy/cut/paste, bookmarking the current position, creating links to an address and more. You can add tags, footnotes, highlight blocks of text, and much more. Perfect! Textedit also support internationalization that will allow you to switch between the different languages. All the options listed above can be saved or modified so that they can be applied on all the files you work with. This will allow you to quickly switch from working on one file to another and retain your customized settings. With Perfect! Text

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 Processor: Core i3-3220 @ 2.3 GHz or Core i5-2400 @ 2.5 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Hard disk: 30 GB Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2 GB or AMD Radeon RX 470 2 GB Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL 3.0 Input: Keyboard, mouse Networking: Broadband Internet connection Recommended: Process

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