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KEYMACRO is the perfect replacement for your missing macros or keyboard shortcuts in Windows. With just a few clicks, you can easily create macros for opening, closing, and performing a wide range of keyboard shortcuts.

Relevant Categories

The “other” category might sound peculiar, but that’s the kind of tool I used to introduce myself to the vast world of PC games. I’m not saying it’s the only tool, but here is a list of tools I use regularly.
The ever-growing category
The question is “what’s next?”. The reason I use more than one tool is that some of them have a different purpose, like the first title here, which is primarily an inventory manager. It’s free, and I would recommend giving it a try, as I have found it useful over the years.
CGTN is the mobile video player that makes your website or blog feel more user-friendly. It can be installed as a hosted service, and also works through apps.
Cyberduck is a simple, lightweight file manager. It doesn’t have the luxury of features other applications like Total Commander might have, but it is a decent alternative if you need something simpler.
Spotify is not only my go-to music streaming application, but it’s also the main reason I’ve developed a love for Spotify. It allows you to get any kind of content, such as music, podcasts or movies, at your fingertips, on your laptop or phone.
RSSOwl is a personal favourite as well, being my entry-level RSS reader. It’s not the prettiest, but it does the job.
Mozilla Firefox is a browser that offers a lot of customization options, as well as robust security. It’s safe to say it’s the most advanced browser around, but it has a fair share of issues. For example, being the default browser isn’t always a great thing, but it’s also the fastest one.
LibreOffice is a free office suite that offers a fairly good selection of features, especially for the size.

Although we’re at the tail-end of 2016, we’re already in the thick of end of year list season! With lists of 2017 worth of new features and software, you’re sure to find the perfect tool or upgrade to your favorite 384a16bd22

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Electrical Control Techniques Simulator is designed to help you design, test, and monitor electric control systems.
It is best suited for system designers and electricians who are looking to design a system in a simple and intuitive manner.
This tool has a clean and intuitive interface and is simple to use.
The simulation interface provides efficient and interactive working environment for user interaction.
It offers a detailed and intuitive visualization of the system components, e.g. switches, contactors, motors, power supplies, and relays.
The application enables users to perform the following operations:
Create, modify, and display circuits
Insert and display objects
Rotate, zoom, and align components
Switch on and off

Simple Math Calculator is a small and fast calculator for Windows that is great for easy calculations and for beginners.
Simple Math Calculator can work with numbers, integers, decimals, and different units of measurement.
It is compatible with various different mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, expression evaluation, and extraction.
One of its most useful features is the automatic insertion of the mathematical symbols, thanks to which you can calculate equations, such as 4×3=12 or 7×6=42 with just a few clicks.
Another useful feature of Simple Math Calculator is its units of measurement function, which allows you to calculate with the units of measurement you want.
For example, if you wish to calculate the volume of a cube, you can use the units of measurement mm.
Simple Math Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that will help you perform quick calculations and carry out various types of simple calculations.

Ableton Live is the most popular and powerful DAW (digital audio workstation) for music producers and musicians, as it features a number of features that have made it indispensable.
It comes packed with a multitude of tools and plugins that can enhance the sound of your music.
These plugins work seamlessly with each other and enable you to create and modify audio files.
Ableton Live comes with more than 60 effects, including reverbs, delays, and equalizers, as well as 30 guitar effects.
The audio effects can be used to create unique sound effects, make audio loops, and modify existing sounds.
The integrated plugin collection is compatible with all MIDI and audio formats, and you can create your own custom plug-ins, in addition to using the supplied ones.
Ableton Live makes it easy to play, record, and edit

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