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It’s the first video I’ve ever downloaded that just refuses to play. But I can open it with the winrar and open it with winzip and it looks like a normal dvd. Thanks for the link for the torrent. I put up the other I posted in case anyone wants to download it. With a quick view, the keygen version of TMPGEnc XPress is here, it looks like. It would be nice to know what kind of thing the “embace keygen” and “crack” meant. I’m guessing “crack” means it’s the crack or keygen from you, and “embace keygen” means it’s an EMBACE keygen, which is different from any keygen I know of. It looks like the EMBACE keygen is some sort of plugin to TPmeenc Xpress, which I think we all know is TMPGEnc’s video editor or something. I haven’t used TMPGEnc XPress yet and don’t know about it but based on the descri.ion and the location I downloaded it from I’m guessing it’s some sort of sort of a plug-in to make it easier for TPmeenc Xpress to ingest videos and other files from one source and put them in the TMPGEnc database and other things. It looks like you’re using TMPGEnc XPress in this case. I checked the version I have and it says which means that version of TMPGEnc XPress was added to TPmeenc Xpress 3.0. If you’re trying to use the OLD keygen version that’s cracked for TPmeenc Xpress 4.0, this is what you need to use to open and record the movie files in TMPGEnc XPress: The program I linked shows that it will work with both 32 and 64 bit OS’s. If it has a problem with the 32 bit Win7 it will, instead, show a message that it’s trying to find a 32 bit set of files, then after awhile if fails to do that, it will show what it can’t do at all. If you want to use the new keygen version, you’ll have to decide what kind of video software you want to use, in case you want to go further

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