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Mr. Shinobu is a young man who returns home after a long journey abroad. His face is covered by a mask, and he is accompanied by a cat. At the house of his late father, Shinobu meets his father’s old friends… The story is set in the Edo period, in the Yoshiwara district of Japan. Shinobu is a member of the Yoshiwara Yojimbo, a mafia group operating in Yoshiwara. Shinobu is in love with a girl, but he is forbidden by his father to marry her. And then his father dies. Up to this point Shinobu did not know that his family is apparently not what it appears to be. His father, suspected of being the leader of a larger organization, is really the leader of a yakuza family. Shinobu sets out in search of his father’s true identity. Gameplay The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya is a adventure game, like most of Future’s other games, with several “choose your own adventure” points. The main window is split in half. The upper half contains the text in the main story. The bottom half contains various options in the game. The player chooses what to do with his time as they progress through the game, using a text menu to go to different story branches. The decision he makes and the action they take is, for the most part, the only means by which the player can affect the story, although they can also obtain items or unlock scenes. To keep things interesting, there is also a strong element of choice for the player. They can always explore the world, talk to people, and solve quests, yet the choice of what to do is really what drives the game. At certain points, the story branches not only left and right, but down as well, branching the path further and farther. Eventually, choices to the right will lead to different endings than those to the left, so there are more than two possible outcomes at any point in the game. The game has twelve different endings, two for each of the twelve available paths. Each ending has a detailed description of the ending scenes. More importantly, the ending is assigned a number, which the player will need to memorize. The game has two different difficulty settings, Easy and Hard. Neither is necessary in order to play, but the easy setting will speed up the game. To change the difficulty, open


Features Key:

  • All major characters each with 3 save files of their own
  • 40 enemies
  • 3 boss enemies
  • Seasons
  • Dream Sequence
  • Meteor Shower
  • Can be completed without any credits
  • Can be completed multiple times in the Dream Sequence
  • Can be completed in various orders
  • No deaths

    • Days
    • Time limit
    • 8 pictures
    • PH score (1-9)
    • Test your brain against an expert Asterix and Obelix
    • 2 hours of playing time
    • Can be accessed from the home menu
    • What’s this? It’s not a game. It’s a movie!


    • 8 minutes long
    • 2.6/5 stars on Metacritic


    • Asterix and Obelix
      Scene and
      Animation Director:
      Jean-Yves Escoffier & Paul Hermant


    • He, I, Xavive
      Software develop, Graphics, Music.
    Q: Quadratic Recurrence Formula with integer coefficients 2 We have $$a_0=1$$ $$a_1=1$$ $$a_{n+2}=2a_{n+1}


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    Set in the beautiful historical museum of Auckland, New Zealand in our unique gallery-museum, create your own personal insight on the existing exhibition through a series of 360° and photo-realistic floor-scale photographs. Explore the architecture and history of the art museum, from wall labels and text-based signage to objects and artefacts from the displays. Discover the photographs within the virtual gallery-museum, highlighting each image in an immersive 3D gallery. Explore through hallways, room, grandstand and labyrinthine galleries, trying to find the photographs to uncover the story behind the art. Interact with sculptures, paintings, tables, objects, and even the artist through the experience. The experience can be remotely started through a VR-app (if the device is connected to a network) and a Google Cardboard compatible headset. A link to download the app is available at The Virtual Museum experience includes the following features: – Over 40 high resolution photographs of the exhibition – Multi-touch table dedicated to the exhibition – Wall labels with explanations of the exhibition – 3D objects with 2 or 3 touch points – 5 major art-works – 5 categories of art pieces – 3D rotating exhibits The VR Museum experience is also available as a VR game on Google Play. IMPORTANT – ARTIST’S COLLECTION: The collection of photographic art in the virtual gallery-museum is an ILLUSION and NARRATION! ARTIST COLLECTION: Sir James Wallace and the Wallace Trust, have given us permission to use this unique collection of photographs of the artworks displayed in the gallery in the virtual museum. The collection of photographs are a visual record of the artworks in the gallery. The artworks in the photos are being displayed as accurately as possible by a quality professional curatorial team. We have incorporated many thousands of hours of research, to ensure the artists styles, colour and artistic styles are accurately represented. The Homestead is an extremely detailed real-life encapsulation of an iconic art gallery based in Auckland, New Zealand. Next to our other experiences such as Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, this is technically likely the highest level of detail photogrammetry capture in the public domain. Achieving close to photo-realistic sense of truly being there. The art-work in this lovely Victorian abode was c9d1549cdd


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    Play the Gameboy Advance version, 9 separate missions to complete: 1.Robodude Rescue – Investigate the wrecked main console to discover the truth about the robotic infestation…2.Fun Factory – Stop the next wave of Bezerker robots before they bring the entire complex down on top of you…3.Funtime Zone – The robots are nocking out troops at every gaming arcade in the sector and they need to be stopped. A fun fight up in the Funtime Zone4.Machine Planet – The Robodudes have allied themselves with this robot emperor and are taking over human villages. All the humans have been resettled into the ultimate robot training facility, and it’s time to defeat the robot menace once and for all!5.Destroyer Base – The robot war machine is here… Activate the main transmitter and set the detonator. The entire facility will explode…6.Death Zone – Your mission is to destroy the enemy cruiser. Blow it up or ram it. If you ram it, the next wave of robots will arrive and you’ll be rescuing the Robodudes once again.7.Robotropolis – The final level. The entire city is being deployed as one massive robot. All of the robot landmines will be activated. Each explosion will cause a collapsing ceiling and a reinforcing blast wall to form. Defeat the last few robots and save the day…8.The Final Mission – This is the final mission. The war machine must be stopped.7 Zones to annihilate in The Final Mission: 1.Invasion of the Bezerkers – Bezerker robots are on the rampage, they’ve hijacked a Space Ranger and fled to a secret alien ship. Now the only way to stop them… is to call for help! You must find the alien ship and deal with the Bezerkers once and for all!2.Cyber Core – Cram the Bezerkers into the cyber core and free your imprisoned comrades. The harder you fight, the harder they get. You must stop the aliens before their morale collapses!3.Fun Factory – The fun is no more and the fun factory is now a slaughter zone. Shoot down the mass of robot soldiers, or shoot up the killer robots!4.Fun Time Zone – The fun is over. The time zone is now being used as the main robot training zone. Knock out the remaining robots to free the Robodudes. Time to rescue your friends and save the day…5.Gong Attack – The alien gong


    What’s new in Orbiz:

    Available on the Playstation Store Share this: Remember the point of Shock? It was not to immerse you into its unique universe, but rather to pull you inside in all the best ways. Not only could you fill the shell of a warrior over a light-sabered lizard, you could listen to dramatic orchestral music as you backed through dark alleys, each step passing crisply through its frame. There were traps, too, into which you’d be launched as if from a catapult. And enemies, profligate, terrible, out of every hole and crevice; black, gleaming death waiting to sink impale on your back. It’s still here with its front wheel still wobbling, captured in the latest edition of the Shock Evolution creative development, this time available to all on the PS4. The resurrected PS1 cult classic is now enhanced with the same ups, downs and horrors and music you’d expect from the best recreations of the original. From slamming through the back of a maddened horse as bells crash in your ears, to the thunderclap of a rocket-sphere warping past you and showering you in feathers, to the horror of jumping through a flaming wall to smell out the putrid corpses and escaping skeletons of the infested — it’s all there, plus a few extra new additions. When you’re fired upon in the dark, you’ll jump immediately as your twin pulse-beam inventions blow the bearded man with the axe away. You’ll be spun around with your multi-directional jetbike exploding apart along a trail of shifting pipes and torn fabric while the theme from the original rears up triumphant over the combative din. More features are of course available than not. After all, it’s not just the game you might find bearing more of the same treatment on the PS Store. But gameplay-wise, this has never been more involved and more life-affecting. We’re talking about a different era of gaming, with everything from the width and shape of the screen to movement befitting that of an ancient (but not quite time-traveling) telegraph machine. Case in point — you’ll encounter enemy apparitions on rooftops when navigating the city of Shale, sparks and bangs striking out when you trade blows, but no silent outbursts accompanied with distant jack


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    -Saving the world is a time-consuming task, don’t run away.- Saving the world is a complicated task. Saving the world isn’t just a task. The princess is in danger. The elven nation is at its last. Cloudy needs to give the princess back to the king. And she will need help from the church, the courts, and an organization called the “Sword of Frost.” -Characters- Protagonist: Wicked has a magic ring, so she’ll be fighting to save the princess. Instead of becoming a cat, she will become a human. She’ll also have to transform her fighting style. Wicked’s story is not the only one. A number of other characters with great stories will be joining you in your adventures! Easy to play. Mushroom the Rat, a physical combat-oriented character. Mushroom has no issues passing his life throwing punches and kicks. The weak get beaten and knocked down. Easily passing life around, can fight until they’re exhausted. A delicacy for the goblin tribe. Goblin Tribe Leader: The goblin tribe leader is the first boss in the story. Easy to pass life. An expert at combat techniques such as sword, spear, and staff. Those who stand in her way will be immediately reduced to rubble. The princess of the Snow Country is a strong-willed woman. Strong willed, but her mother was killed by the goblin tribe leader. She has a strong personality, but she can be a bit of a wild child. Don’t feed her sweets! Tittybug (the frog.) Protecting the princess is a frog. Even if it’s tough, he won’t back down. The goblin tribe leader has kidnapped the princess, but he’s suddenly very cautious. Her father is one tough guy, but his eyes burn with a quiet rage. The princess’s father, the king, is a great hero of the kingdom. He has taken a great blow to the heart, so he’s weak. He will leave until his health is restored. Dress up! To help out the sweetheart, we’re going to use RPG style clothing in a fantasy world. New clothing will be purchased, with money earned from completed tasks, or with items found in the game. There will be a new character for you


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    It is a fun and unique re-imagining of the popular online-only game have players defend their team by successfully and consecutively filling small soccer balls with water.

    The main goal of the game is to water balls to collect water while protecting them by blocking attacks at the same time

    Ideally, players will try to score as much as they can during limited and distributed time. Each player can shoot 1 shot on each minute of the game, as well as water attack and blocks attack to his/her teammates.  

    Defence is the main activity in the game. Players receive reward for blocking the ball. Therefore, it is easy to succeed in the game without the complaint of the opponent.

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    System Requirements For Orbiz:

    What is the minimum system requirements? The minimum system requirements include a Microsoft Windows operating system which meets these requirements: Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. 800MHz, 1GHz or faster. 64-bit processor or 64-bit compatible processor. 2GB of RAM (RAM is required for executing processes, saving, and using the applications and hardware.) 4GB of available hard drive space (is recommended).


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