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A free & fast choice to send mailto by email IDs. Create and send your personalized email with Opt-In Simple Mailer The most user-friendly application that helps you to send email easily Opt-In Simple Mailer is an amazing application, that allows you to send a free email, to your friends, contacts, family members or even the whole world. This application may send a single email message to a person or to a whole list of email IDs. Opt-In Simple Mailer is a multi-user email application. Users can send their own personal emails to a selected email IDs. Advantage: Simple, Easy To Use Interface A Quick and Simple Way to Send Email Supports Multiple Languages Opt-In Simple Mailer is an Amazing Application for sending a Free Email. Opt-In Simple Mailer Description: You can send free email. Send free email using Opt-In Simple Mailer Opt-in Simple Mailer is an easy to use and fast application that allows you to send free email. Opt-in Simple Mailer is a Multi User email application, where you can send your personal email to a selected list of email IDs at one time. Opt-in Simple Mailer is an Amazing Application for sending a Free Email. You can send free email using Opt-In Simple Mailer. Tips: You can see Email ids listed on the right side of the application. You can see your selected emails ids on the left. Email Ids can be added manually by simply clicking on the “Add” link at the bottom of the list. Sending can be stopped by clicking the “Stop” button. You can stop a sending process by clicking “Stop Sending” button. Add your email id to send email. Make some changes on the options You can make some changes on the options. You can stop a sending process by clicking “Stop Sending” button. Receive your email without any costs You can recieve your email without any costs. When you click on “Send” button, it will send your mail to your email id. You can preview your email. Preferred features: You can send your mail within seconds. User-friendly and easy to use interface. Add your email ids and stop sending. Compatible with multiple browser (

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Opt-In Simple Mailer is a simple and easy-to-use email application that allows you to send emails to a list of contacts from your Windows desktop. The app’s interface is basic, while the functions are numerous. Have a look at Opt-In Simple Mailer review for more information. Opt-In Simple Mailer Key Features Send and receive emails to numerous contacts at the same time. Send and receive emails to a contact list. Easy-to-use and powerful features and options that let you send and receive emails. Plus, it runs as a Windows application, so you can use it to send emails directly on your PC. Allows you to attach files like images, links, and executables. The app is straightforward, and highly intuitive for those less acquainted in computer technology. Views the message sender and preview of the composition before sending. Add, preview, and customize the sender and receiver addresses. It provides you with an HTML editor. Simple and effective for sending emails. Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 7 Ultimate 2017 Download Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 10 Ultimate Latest 2019 Free Download is a superior tool to send and receive emails from multiple sources including contacts, friends, and family. It’s easy to use and highly intuitive, while the settings are very easy to configure. Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 8.1 Desktop 2017 Latest Free Download includes the same functions as the previous editions. In addition, it has the option to manage, and send email messages using the Windows program’s interface, while you can view the entire message by installing this application. It’s a well-designed application with wonderful options and features. Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 8.1 PC Free Download Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 7 Download Opt-In Simple Mailer For Windows 7 Info Software Product : Opt-In Simple Mailer : Opt-In Simple Mailer Version : 3.11 : 3.11 File Name : Opt-In Simple Mailer.Setup.exe : Opt-In Simple Mailer.Setup.exe Upload Date : 2018-01-05 : 2018-01-05 Category : Email Tools : Email Tools Operating System : Windows : Windows License : Free : Free Download Size : 1.19 MB : 1. b7e8fdf5c8

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Entering email addresses, sending messages, and selecting options Sending individual, shared, or bulk emails Backup email, restore, and replicate settings Create and create HTML email Offline and Online Email Preview Simple settings, no confusing questions Email status confirmation, security, loading, and out of office Receive email, multiple address sorting Create message templates for a specific email subject Message preview, HTML mail, text or HTML Personalize your emails Simple Setup Sending multipart emails 2-Way Voice Messaging Opt-In Simple Mailer Review Opt-In Simple Mailer offers many handy features and options that come in handy, particularly when your friends and family live in another country. It’s easy to implement and can be customised to suit your own preferences. Other features include HTML emails, message previews, and a backup system, making it a reliable and user-friendly application. Functionality Preview and make email settings before you send Create messages of any length View previews of messages on the platform Simple installation Make and receive SMS with Opt-In Simple Mailer In order to simplify and help people who may not know how to use Opt-In Simple Mailer, you can also opt to send SMS on the application. This allows you to send bulk messages, even when you’re offline. Configure SMS settings Use Opt-In Simple Mailer to create automated messages Sending a single message or sending multiple messages at once Send SMS with Opt-In Simple Mailer Review Opt-In Simple Mailer offers SMS support as a feature, making it easier to send SMS messages. Additionally, the application is user-friendly and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The interface is clean, user-friendly, and easy to navigate, which makes it very easy to use. Functionality Set your SMS security settings Send single, multiple, SMS messages Sending SMS with Opt-In Simple Mailer Review Opt-In Simple Mailer is a tool for sending voice messages, enabling you to send emails, text messages, and personal messages. It can even be used to send mass notifications on a specific topic, which is particularly useful for the set and follow up emails. Configure the correct secure settings Send texts by email, text,

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Configure the correct SMTP server settings Enter your text, customize it, and preview the composition Does this make sense? I mean, there are plenty of tools out there that comes with more or less options that help you send and receive emails from friends, family, co-workers. Opt-In Simple Mailer is a straightforward and accessible application designed to provide a quick and simple way to send messages to multiple contacts at the same time. The installation is over before you know, and uncomplicated. Before emailing someone, make sure the SMTP server credentials are correct, as your message may not reach its target. It’s wrapped in a neat and clean interface, with two individual tabs, one for creating, while the second contains the settings. There is nothing complicated about the process, all you have to do is enter the sender, receiver, and the email subject. A contact can be added to the mail list for easy recognition in the future. Plus, you may select the format (HTML, plain text), and add attachments, which can be anything, from documents, images, executables, or other related files. The window is divided into two main parts, the addresses, and the standard editor. The word processor comes with the basic formatting elements, such as font types, sizes, and styles, along with paragraph alignment, indent, and bullet lists. It’s possible to insert pictures (e.g. JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO), add a descriptive text, and align it to properly fit into your content. Once you’re done, simply press the send button. In addition, the app lets you preview the overall look of the record, and view the HMTL code. To sum it up The bottom line is that Opt-In Simple Mailer is an intuitive and user-friendly program that comes in handy especially to those less experienced in sending emails, providing simple functions. Some additional features include the capability to print contact records, import a text file with the addresses, split/merge messages and forward/reply existing messages in bulk. Additionally, Opt-In Simple Mailer has a built-in undo/redo feature and a comprehensive logging system to save all messages and changes made to contacts. Most of the options are easily accessible in the toolbar, while options like modifying the name and text of the sender, recipients, CC, BCC, and subject can be obtained in the menu that opens when a new message

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