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Turn your Kinect or OpenNI device into a powerful webcam. Use your Kinect or OpenNI device as a webcam for video calls! This program is compatible with Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion and OpenNI enabled devices such as Creative Labs (Smart Eye), ELITE (BRAINSTORM), Musenka, MakeSense, Microsoft (Kinect V2), and Thomson Edimax (LifeCam E3). Supported video call protocols: SIP, SDP, Microsoft, Avaya, Jitsi, Jitsi Meet, Zulip, QTcpSocket, TCP, XMPP, Skype, SKype (SkypeOut and SkypeIn), Google Talk, SILC, Jabber, iConnect You should also know that this software, like a lot of other, has some limitations. The program is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. You may choose to perform the installation in such a way as to automatically extract the files. In the other hand, you can double-click on the downloaded setup file to run the installer. OpenNI Virtual Camera Screenshots: OpenNI Virtual Camera Copyright: OpenNI Virtual Camera is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2. See the GNU General Public License for details. OpenNI Virtual Camera Changelog: 24-04-2013 Version 1.0 Released Added support for Cisco H.264 IP cameras Added support for Creative Labs Smarteye and Musenka devices Added support for ThinkVision and Microsoft IID devices Added support for Adobe Flash and Zing software Added support for zLight and Bridge Software Added support for Native Vision OpenNI-enabled Creative Zen 2 Vision camera Added support for Native Vision OpenNI-enabled K1 cameras Added support for Ximbiot and Bridges Software Added support for i.Link Technologies Added support for Genoo Technology Added support for DualSense G-Sensor Added support for Bluesense Added support for Intel RealSense Added support for RealSense R200 and RealSense R300 devices Added support for Camtasia, Farsoft and MS Publisher Added support for Charmed MediaCam Added support for Microsoft XBOX Kinect devices Added support for Sony Playstation Move Added support for Microsoft Kinect V2

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OpenNI Virtual Camera is a powerful application designed to use a Kinect or OpenNI compatible device to transform it into a webcam. OpenNI virtual camera is a DirectShow Filters application that was built to accept a possible list of devices from a user including a Kinect and has the ability to operate like a webcam. This software was designed to be similar to the effect of what was available with the Microsoft Kinect Application. The streaming bandwidth will be allotted according to the devices in use and the input video quality is to be as much as possible compatible with them. OpenNI virtual camera is a free version that has several constraints and is not as simple and user friendly as other OpenNI virtual camera applications that is loaded with more features at the cost of efficiency. The server that is required for OpenNI virtual camera is a free version. Other features include the ability to record a live stream and save it to your personal space. This software is being used by governments and big organizations globally. Features of OpenNI Virtual Camera: Simple Device Scanner This software allows you to scan the available devices using a simple scan. Capture Module This software allows you to capture live streaming video from selected device. Multi-Device Support This software can stream video from the selected device as well as from other devices that can be connected to the system. Media Capture Media capture allows you to capture live video streaming from the selected device using either the webcam or from the OpenCV library. Virtual Webcam The software can act as a virtual webcam to place on your desktop and be used to make video chat. Multi-Language Support The software is multi-language capable. Note: Close the program’s window to cancel any changes you made to the device. Use the Menu Bar provided or the key Bindings (Control-X) to configure the preferences shown in the window. Key Bindings The Control-X key combination will focus and select the webcam window. To display the preferences window shown in the image below, you need to right click on the webcam window. To do that, you need to first select the window. The onscreen keyboard will appear as you press the key combination. Each of the fields are visible at the top of the window. On the left side of the window is an asterisk. Clicking on it will put a check mark inside the field that corresponds to that check box b7e8fdf5c8

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Featurelist 1- Hotkey support 2- Navigation window 3- Registry key support 4- Live video streaming 5- Pause / Resume video streaming 6- Customize video resolution 7- Compatible with many video call services (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) 8- Compatible with Kinect (Windows only) 9- Compatible with OpenNI(Windows only) 10- No webcam (Only Kinect.) OpenUI enables you to integrate the functions of your applications into that of Windows Explorer. It makes your application available as a file menu item, contextual menu and Windows Explorer right-click menu. By making use of this component you can easily add new items to Windows Explorer and you will be able to launch your own application by simply right-clicking on your favorite files or folders. OpenUI also provides a built-in context menu for any Windows Explorer item, and you can also integrate your application and your files or folders in the context menu. OpenUI is also capable of quickly loading a file or folder into its database and that feature is especially useful in terms of debugging and helping you to develop your application. The Dynamic Action Manager feature is a general component that allows you to create your own modules and actions with your own set of support commands. It also provides a graphical interface that enables you to build your own modules and easily interact with the particular actions you create. You can create a module that can be triggered on the double click of a file or folder, providing that the required file or folder is being displayed in the context menu. An action is a command that can be executed when a given context is encountered. In fact, the context menus of Windows Explorer and Wordpad will be able to execute actions. There are a number of built-in actions that you can configure in the Dynamic Action Manager component, such as loading a file, opening a file, copying a file, moving a file, right-clicking a file and more. The actions that you can create yourself are executed as soon as the file or folder is encountered and you have a set of parameters to control the module being executed. These parameters are pre-configured in the General/Actions section and you can change them through the interface provided by the Dynamic Action Manager component. The Dynamic Action Manager component allows you to add your own set of support commands. You can use the Manager to define new commands, configure the statusbar and the tooltip, set

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OpenNI Virtual Camera is a DirectShow filter that makes it possible to use a Kinect or OpenNI device as a webcam, with a very easy configuration process. When scanning the room, Kinect Virtual Camera provides high-quality results that can be used for real time video calls. It’s free to use, and it’s as fast as a regular webcam because it just taps into the device and copies its sensor’s output stream. The Kinect Virtual Camera is specially designed for people who don’t have a webcam or don’t want to use a webcam on their PC. You can use it for video chat, see what people are doing in the room and even use it like a security camera. OpenNI Virtual Camera, one of the newest video call applications from Cloudcam Technologies, takes advantage of the OpenNI SDK for real time video interaction. With its rich feature set, the application empowers users with a variety of real time communication options. With its native support for Kinect, it is the only application that makes it possible to directly communicate with OpenNI devices. Interact with multiple people, demonstrate your skill in gaming, live stream your classes, or instantly find new friends that share your interests. You can interact with others by viewing their real time motion capture (MOCAP) data or manipulate objects in real time from your webcam or phone. You will be amazed how much more fun it is to interact with multiple people or even enhance your gaming experience with your friends. The OpenNI SDK & drivers are used to communicate with the device. The SDK is provided free with the support of the OpenNI community. There are two platforms available: Mac and Windows. You can either use the Mac or Windows platform, depending on the compatibility of the PC/Mac that you are using. Functionality: • Support for Kinect and OpenNI compatible devices. • Background worker thread for real time streaming of video calls. • Anti -flicker technology. • HDR output support on Windows OS. • Support for H264 streaming. • Support for multiple cameras. • Supports multiple monitor modes and aspect ratio. Installation: • Just copy the.DLL files and.INF files that are provided into the directory of the openni application. • Go to the “Kinect virtual camera” application and make the required adjustments on the settings window. • You can now take advantage of the application to automatically stream live video from

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Minimum: OS: Windows 7 64-bit Processor: Intel Core i3 (2.7 GHz or equivalent) Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible with Windows 7 or later DirectX: Version 11 Hard Drive: 3 GB of free space Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card Additional Notes: A “Blizzard” account is required for multiplayer functionality. Recommended: Processor: Intel Core i5 (2–LifeTime-Activation-Code-Free.pdf

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