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While working on a computer isn’t exactly the best way to stay on top of things, it’s safe to say that the majority of projects (or at least simple stuff) needs to be designed on the go, in order to save the day. That’s exactly why OnScreenProtractor was created.The effect of endodontic irrigants on the bond strength of orthodontic brackets.
To compare the effect of three endodontic irrigants on the bond strength of two orthodontic brackets bonded to human premolar teeth. Six hundred freshly extracted premolars were divided into three groups and the crowns were decoronated to obtain flat buccal surfaces. The samples were randomly assigned to one of the three groups: 0.5% sodium hypochlorite solution (Clorox), 5% povidone iodine solution (Ketac II), and 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate solution (Peridex). Ten premolars were assigned to each group and bonded to an orthodontic bracket using the mean shear bond strength test. The shear bond strength values were compared using one-way analysis of variance and post hoc tests. None of the irrigants resulted in significantly different bond strength values (P >.05). All the irrigants tested in this study did not significantly affect the bond strength of the bracket to the enamel surface.#ifndef LOG_H
#define LOG_H


#ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C” {

#define LOG_ERROR 1
#define LOG_WARNING 2
#define LOG_NOTICE 3
#define LOG_INFO 4
#define LOG_DEBUG 5
#define LOG_VERBOSE 6

int log_level = LOG_DEBUG;
char *log_file_name = NULL;

void log_open (int level);
void log_close (void);

int log_enable (int level, char *file_name);
void log_disable (void);

int log_set_level (int level);
void log_set_file_name (char *file_name

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Program Description:
In OnScreenProtractor, you can measure angles, stretch them as you please, and do so quickly, simply, and accurately. Thanks to a solid use of the GUI, you can get everything you need in one app. Since OnScreenProtractor lets you do these things, you can be sure that you can gain any angle you need to measure, such as the eight eight-sided angle, the angle between two intersecting lines, and the angle between two perpendicular lines.
Why we like it
The software serves as a remarkable replacement to protractors or protracting tools, and lets you do everything you could ever hope to achieve, since the application is robust and you’re presented with a great amount of functionality. The range of angles you’re able to measure will vary depending on the specific angle you’re measuring, but the software comes with a built-in one thousand to one thousand three hundred thousand scale, which will make most of the needs on your side covered, for instance, a one-eighth degree angle is 3.6cm.
Your measurements are shown in a format similar to a protractor, with the yellow line being the zero-degree angle, and the white angle being the actual angle. The location where the measure is currently in progress can be adjusted to the specific location of interest. The software lets you measure angles and obtain graphical representations, meaning you won’t require any other software to do so.
It is highly efficient when it comes to measuring angles, because the software supports geometric shapes, and you can select almost any shape to mark, such as triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, rectangles, and so forth. OnScreenProtractor is extremely fast at transforming the measurement, as every measurement takes the same amount of time, meaning you don’t have to worry about anything while you measure. When you’re finished, the application will automatically “snap” to your selection, transforming it.
Additionally, OnScreenProtractor supports several lines, and you can measure angles between each of them, such as an angle between a line parallel and a line perpendicular. Since OnScreenProtractor has no limits as to how many lines you can measure, you can even get the coordinates of two intersecting lines and after that, you’re free to measure between them.
You can also stretch all of these lines so you can get a precise measurement of the length. Once the stretching is finished, you can delete the lines that you don’t need and continue with what you were

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For any designing and project, this program is really needed. With its help, any design will be ready in no time. It will make your work so fast and convenient that you will not need to call anybody. If you only need to draw a straight line on paper, OnScreenProtractor can do just that, but it can also use your paper and determine the way you want.
Simply choose the required angle and enter the length of the line. You can measure any angle (as big as 360 and 360°) anywhere on the screen. The output will be saved as.jpeg image.

Easy to use and convenient tool;
Makes a perfect fit with Android on any screen;
Simple design makes it easy to use;
It’s fit for drawing lines and measuring angles;

Absolutely nothing;
A bit slow in starting;
Can only be used with Windows operating system.

NetworkPing is a network testing tool that allows you to check the reachability of a server and one of its services. Many network diagnostics tools come with a variety of options for network monitoring, but NetworkPing is different. This application gives you ultimate control over tests run and the settings it uses for them.
What is it?
NetworkPing is a simple software designed to be a network testing tool. This application offers a variety of possibilities that will help you determine the reachability of a server and one of its services. Most importantly, you can test the connection of web applications, mail servers and FTP services as well as ping a host over a network.
What problems it solves?
A lot of network testing tools have been getting their attention and many of them have been overshadowed with the arrival of NetworkPing. This tool has a great set of options for you to choose from and will help you fix problems ranging from determining whether the IP address of a server is blocked to checking whether a server is located in a firewall’s allow list or not. NetworkPing also allows you to set many parameters that are often needed in specific tests, such as the duration of the test, the number of requests sent and so on. The possibilities are limitless with this tool.
Speed and functionality
Although the application is very powerful, it is very easy to use. You will find out quickly what works well with this tool and what you might need to practice. NetworkPing is fast, simple and quick. You don’t need to spend your time with special settings because all of the tests run by

What’s New in the?

What We Like
• Easy to operate, easy to learn
• All on one screen, completely transparent
• Detailed information on each tool
• Free for personal use
• Tool for professionals
• Works very well
What We Don’t Like
• Tools you can see every place
• No output for length, width, and angle
• Additional setting limit

Top 10.
Explorer PRO XT
Top 10.
Explorer PRO XT Description:
What We Like
• It’s a safe and secure browser
• It features a so-called quick-search of top sites
• You can add your own bookmarks
• The bookmarks menu is sorted in your favor
What We Don’t Like
• It doesn’t do everything a browser does
• It can’t read extensions
• It doesn’t support cookies
• It doesn’t work well in a crowded space

Top 10.
MS Power Office
Top 10.
MS Power Office Description:
What We Like
• It’s compatible with MS Office
• It can create and save MS Office documents
• You can save pictures from web pages in the corresponding format
• It can edit documents in MS Office as well
What We Don’t Like
• It doesn’t work in the Google Chrome
• It’s not as good as MS Office

Top 10.
Google Chrome
Top 10.
Google Chrome Description:
What We Like
• It has a searching tool, so you can quickly surf
the web
• It’s free
• It works on every PC
What We Don’t Like
• It lacks features like in Adobe Reader
• It’s a browser
• It’s not as fast as MS Office

Top 10.
Adobe Reader
Top 10.
Adobe Reader Description:
What We Like
• Its features are extensive
• You can quickly open PDF documents
• In the same way, it can view other file formats
• You can search text
• It’s free
• It’s easy to use
What We Don’t Like
• It doesn’t support images

Top 10.
Free PDF and XPS Viewer
Top 10.
Free PDF and XPS Viewer


System Requirements For OnScreenProtractor:

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