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These macros provide the necessary functionality to save and restore the current keystroke state of the Keymacro during drag and drop.
The Keymacro is used to track down and restore certain keystrokes during drag and drop. The Keymacro can contain any text, as it is defined with a Keymacro. As a minimum, a Keymacro should contain a name, such as “SearchString”, and a Key. Since the Keymacro is of a class, the Key could be any object (for example a JTextField).
The getKeyPreview() and getKeyRecord() macros return the currently set KeyPreview and KeyRecord for the Keymacro.
The setKeyPreview() macro takes a boolean parameter, and the KeyPreview and KeyRecord parameters a KeyMacro. If a KeyPreview is set, it becomes the KeyPreview for the Keymacro. The KeyRecord parameter becomes the KeyRecord for the Keymacro.
The default state is KeyPreview = false and KeyRecord = null. If a KeyRecord is set, the KeyRecord will be saved as the KeyPreview of the Keymacro.
The setKeyPreview() macro must be called prior to calling the setKeyRecord() macro. This macro will ensure that the KeyPreview and KeyRecord parameters are set as the defaults (false and null).
The KeyRecord macro takes a KeyMacro and a boolean. If set, a KeyMacro is created when the KeyRecord macro is called. The KeyMacro will inherit its KeyPreview and KeyRecord from the KeyRecord macro, thus the defaults will be maintained. If no KeyMacro is created, the KeyRecord macro does nothing.
If the KeyPreview is set to true, the Keymacro is activated. This allows for certain key combinations to be activated (for example: press the control key, hold the letter of the key combination, and press the character key, when a JComboBox is selected).
The default state of the Keymacro is KeyPreview = false and KeyRecord = null.
The getKeyPreview() and getKeyRecord() macros return the KeyPreview and Key 4f8c9c8613

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[b]See all details about a file before printing.[/b] [b]With KEYMACRO you will see all relevant information about the document, be it a file from the web, a document on your computer or from your hard disk. This information is condensed in a small format and shown right on the dialog.[/b] [b]The information about the document contains tags.[/b] [b]Most likely the tags in Adobe Portable Document Format, the *.pdf file format supported by Adobe applications.[/b] [b]Open a document file, click on the [i]+Key Macro [/i] button in the File tab and click on the tags you want to see. Or, choose “All tags” and see all tags in the document file.[/b] [b]Key Macro:[/b] [b]The key macros let you select a set of tags, to which the macro is activated. You can even select multiple tags in one operation. When you enter the macro keys, the tags will be activated.[/b] [b]You can type the macros manually, or import them into your documents using the Tags dialog (see [i]Tags dialog in the description). To import a macro from the import dialog, simply select the tags from the list and press the [i]Import selected tags[/i] button. The macro is saved and activated.[/b] [b]If you like you can use a macro as a shortcut. Click on the “…” button at the right of the [i]Key Macro [/i] button and choose one of the macros. Then you can enter the key macro just by pressing the [i]Macro key[/i] when you are in a document. You can choose to enter the macros in the system’s standard system Macros, and then activate the macro by pressing the [i]Macro key[/i] of the keyboard.[/b] [b]Accessing the tags and the macros:[/b] [b]With the Tags Dialog, you can activate the macros in the documents.[/b] [b]Click on the [i]+Tags[/i] button and choose the tags you want to view.[/b] [b]Under “Adobe LeanPrint – All Macros” you will find the macros you have activated. You can also get a list of

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