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Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Numpad 5 for main window visible

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Numpad 0 for menu with presets


SOLO: Simulates distortion by changing gains in the audio signal

ABSOLUTE: Increases/decreases volume in absolute values

SOLO + ABSOLUTE: Simulates distortion by changing gains in the audio signal and increases/decreases volume in absolute values

ALT + CTRL + numpad 1 for showing or hiding panels

ALT + CTRL + numpad 2 for changing display format

ALT + CTRL + numpad 3 for changing frequency for oscillator or a preset

ALT + CTRL + numpad 4 for changing amplitude for oscillator or a preset

ALT + CTRL + numpad 5 for main menu

ALT + CTRL + numpad 6 for choosing a preset

ALT + CTRL + numpad 7 for changing the GUI theme

ALT + CTRL + numpad 8 for showing or hiding waveform viewer

ALT + CTRL + numpad 9 for frequency display

ALT + CTRL + numpad 0 for menu with presets

ALT + CTRL + numpad spacebar for randomizing order

ALT + CTRL + numpad the letter for choosing the section view

ALT + CTRL + numpad up or down for changing keyboard view

ALT + CTRL + numpad left or right for changing display format

ALT + CTRL + numpad enter for opening/closing

ALT + CTRL + numpad mouse drag for moving window

ALT + CTRL + numpad CTRL for showing or hiding panel

ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + mouse drag for resizing window

ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + mouse drag for moving window

The second algorithm, H.D.Shaper, provides a number of control parameters, such as the overdrive gain, filter cutoff frequency, the type of modulation, the filter resonance and the attack time. In addition, there are six independently modulated oscillators, which have different attack and release times and the number of harmonics.


Enables the plugin to function properly

Enables the plugin to change from VST to AU

Enables full control over levels in the mixer


Modulates any control parameter 384a16bd22

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Pavilion: An application to automate processes with macrosKEYMACRO is an application to automate processes with macros. Key macro are the most important keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl+F, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+T. A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keystrokes that perform the same action. For example, press the key combinations Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy the active window to the system clipboard.
Keymacro can capture and save macros with options such as:
– use all available keys;
– choose keys using a keyboard layout;
– change the key sequence from lowercase to uppercase or vice versa;
– determine the key to be activated.
The application also displays the macros on the list, and this list can be edited at any time. Once you have registered the macros, the program will perform them whenever you press one of the keys.
The customization options are many, the macros themselves are extremely easy to implement, and the program is easy to use.
Keymacro is written in C# and works with.NET Framework 3.5 and Windows Vista and later.
– Windows Vista or later
-.NET Framework 3.5
– C# 2.0
– Windows XP SP2 or later
-.NET Framework 2.0
– C# 1.0

Visual design, and perks of portability
A pretty good advantage is that the application skips you the time and effort of going through a setup process, giving you the possibility to use it on other computers directly from a USB flash drive. In addition, system registries remain intact, so you don’t have to worry about the target PC’s health status.
The visual design is pretty minimalistic, but this presents a few advantages as well. On the one hand, you can quickly identify all functions you get to work with, and little to no experience is required for accommodation. On the other hand, the whole process of tweaking services takes only a little while, since everything is in plain sight.
Easily change state, and startup type
On the lower status bar


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