* Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
* Supports all internet browsers (IE, Safari, Mozilla, Opera) and works even on old Windows versions.
* Low resource consumption.
* The power of MACRO programming.
* The ability to manage multiple devices.
* The ability to control devices remotely via web browser (HTTP based).
* The ability to create DMX fixtures, which is required to run automation systems.
* The ability to create Ethernet to Wi-Fi bridges and connect them to the network.
* The ability to create DMX bridges and connect them to the network.
* The ability to work with over 50 protocols such as RS-485, COM-port, X-10, X-WIRE, RS-232, etc.
* The ability to manage cameras, TVs, VCRs, air conditioners, home theaters, alarm systems, etc.
* The ability to save and restore configurations of a certain device.
* The ability to use the network as a LAN server.
* The ability to broadcast any DMX fixtures to all devices connected to the network.
* The ability to transfer control signals to multiple devices in one-way or two-way mode.
* The ability to create custom interfaces in addition to the built-in ones.
* The ability to control multiple cameras and TVs.
* The ability to create custom interfaces.
* The ability to configure objects.
* The ability to record the usage of a certain device.
* The ability to create timers for events.
* The ability to save the configuration of a device.
* The ability to create key signals for all actions of a device.
* The ability to use variables to configure the actions of a device.
* The ability to automate windows and internet browsers.
* The ability to create the OS X bridge.
* The ability to create a skeleton interface in design mode.
* The ability to manage the maps of the device’s actions in design mode.
* The ability to create input or output maps.
* The ability to send information via the URL (HTTP) instead of using the protocol.
* The ability to create visual effects.
* The ability to add custom visual effects (in Photoshop).
* The ability to use timers to automates windows and internet browsers.
* The ability to store the activation of the program in XML documents (e.g. xspconfig.xml, config.xml 384a16bd22

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This is a program that automates the keystroke sequence for all your macros you have created in your personal message format. This could be a banner, signature, bbcode, or many other message formats that you would like to create your own macros for.
-All of the macros you create in MPlayer’s own personal message format (usually the signature) will be recognized and converted to keystrokes using the hotkeys that you set.
-You may input your own hotkeys for the macros that you have created to go to your desired destination.
-The macros will be automatically copied to your clipboard as you input them.
-The macros will be automatically pasted as you click on a button.
-You can choose to “Restart Macro” on exit to re-run the macros.
-You can choose your own custom shortcut key(s) to take you to a specific page or to take you to your favorite page.
-The program has a help file with many examples.

This program is 100% free for commercial use only. No restrictions.
This is a conversion from the well known macrorecorder program by

You may have noticed that MPlayer’s text messaging format doesn’t allow for more than one reply, while other messaging programs do. Well, MPlayer’s users have grown tired of having to type out multiple replies in a row, and have requested that MPlayer’s text messaging format be expanded so that more than one reply can be inputted in one step.
This is a program that accomplishes this task.
The program will first translate all of the replies, which it will be taking the next step to reword. It will take the reply as input and then it will reword the reply based on the original message (which it also can take as input) and then it will take the next reply as input. Once this is done the program will then translate the reworded reply(s) back to text messages and add them to the original message.
Once the translation is done, the program will remove all of the extra reply that was added to the original message.



This is a freeware version of the commercial program by the same name from mark-on-the-wall

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