KeyMacro is a powerful tool for creating macros. It lets you automate the most common tasks that you need to perform in your life. Use it to set up special rules that will repeat when you need them.
KeyMacro includes templates for creating macros. You can use them as a basic guide, or to modify them.
KeyMacro will create and run macros in Excel 2007/2003/2000.
Microsoft Excel is included, so you don’t need to install anything else!
KeyMacro has a clean interface that is easy to use.
KeyMacro lets you edit macros, modify their properties, and run them.
You can import and export macros.
Supports macros from the ROKU Cloud.
KeyMacro includes default macros.
KeyMacro includes over 600 templates to help you get started quickly!
KeyMacro includes a variety of custom templates.
KeyMacro includes a browser-based macro editing tool.
KeyMacro lets you run macros that are sent to your Kindle.
KeyMacro has a complete user manual.
The software is compatible with the following software:
Adobe Reader
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
Acrobat Reader
Acrobat 9 Pro
Acrobat 8 Pro
Acrobat 7 Pro
Acrobat 6 Pro
Acrobat 5 Pro
Acrobat 4 Pro
Acrobat 3 Pro
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS1
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS2
Adobe Illustrator CS1
Adobe InDesign CS2
Adobe InDesign CS1
Adobe Fireworks CS4
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Adobe Fireworks CS2
Adobe Fireworks CS1
Adobe GoLive CS4
Adobe GoLive CS3
Adobe GoLive CS2
Adobe GoLive CS1
Adobe Flash CS4
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Flash CS2
Adobe Flash CS1
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Adobe Dreamweaver CS2
Adobe Dreamweaver CS1
Adobe Frontpage CS4
Adobe Frontpage CS3
Adobe Frontpage CS2
Adobe Frontpage CS1
Adobe GoLive 7
Adobe GoLive 6
Adobe GoLive 5
Adobe GoLive 4
Adobe GoLive 3
Adobe GoLive 2 d82f892c90

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The Keymacro program provides a powerful, unique, and easy-to-use interface for programming key changes on the fly. Keymacro can run on an Apple Computer, such as the Mac OS X operating system or Windows based systems such as Windows 2000 or XP.
NOTE: When purchased and downloaded, please open Keymacro immediately. The download will place the application in your Mac’s applications folder.

Guitar Rig Capture is a powerful guitar stand-alone recording program. It has been specially developed to produce the highest quality recordings. It uses the best sound cards available and is designed to be totally stand-alone. One can install, use and test the programs with out limitations of the computer or software in which it is installed. The product offers a complete range of state of the art instrument capture, recording and editing features. As the core of the program is the use of external plugins, it will work with any audio software with an audio interface.

The program is an instrument plugin and for recording and editing, and playback, you can use the built-in hardware and software MIDI engine of the program. It can also be used for creating new, original tracks.

For simple one track recording and editing, the program comes with a simple editing interface with a simple file format and user friendly automation controls. For advanced users it offers a full featured user interface with multiple MIDI tracks, layers and automation, which is not usually found in stand-alone recording programs.

Use of plug-ins is an essential part of recording.
Guitar Rig Capture is compatible with the following:
Cubase, Apple Pro Tools, Logic, Corel VideoStudio, Cakewalk, Yamaha Sound Forge and Steinberg Steinway.

The GRADE Audio guitar simulator is a synthesizer for guitarists. The GRADE software guitar synthesizer is unique and has been built to get the best out of every single part of your guitar. It’s now in its third revision!
This software has a very high quality sound and generates great guitar sounds.
All the sounds can be edited by the user.
The instrument is very versatile and generates different sounds by the way you play the guitar or the style you play.

It’s now in its third version.


Main Features:
The instrument is very versatile and it generates different sounds by the way you play the guitar or the style you play.

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