Nc Jurisprudence Exam

This lesson provides an overview of the information that can be found on the Internet and discusses the different types of issues that may arise for someone who is using the Internet to do research or gather information. Students will examine different types of sources found on the Internet, including the role of citing sources, peer review, and getting paid for doing research. Students will learn how to recognize different types of ethical dilemmas when using the Internet, including plagiarism, defamation, misrepresentation, and falsification of data. Students will learn how to evaluate potential risks that might arise from gathering information. In addition, students will learn about the ethical issues involved with certain types of online activities, such as IM (instant messaging) use, peer review, and conducting online research. Students will examine the different ethical implications of Internet use, including research issues and ethical issues in online communications. They will learn how to make informed decisions when using the Internet. Students will learn how to evaluate potential risks that might arise from using the Internet. Finally, students will learn to apply the different theories and concepts learned to their own personal use of the Internet. Technology Integration:
Computers provide opportunities for students to work independently and with others on group projects. Students use computers to communicate with each other, access and work with various types of media, use digital tools and content, and use technology to create, learn, and do school work. Students may use computers to connect to the Internet, communicate through email, and share information. Students may use computers to access information and use online resources. Computers may be used for computer-assisted instruction (CAI) that is available in many of the classroom environments. Students may use computers to interact with each other and access information and information resources, including websites, library databases, and catalogs. Students may use computers to communicate with people around the world. Students may use computers for collaborative projects. Students may use computers for information access and retrieval. (Standard 1.2)
The Internet is the worldwide network of networks that provides access to a vast number of resources through a common protocol. Individuals and organizations communicate and share information across the Internet through the World Wide Web (WWW). The Internet has become an integral part of the information environment in schools and businesses. (Standard 1.3)
Students’ roles and responsibilities
The instructor will assign students to groups of three to five students. Students will design and build a website and provide information on the website. (Standard 1.4)
The Standards:
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