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Nava SIEM Agent is a practical and reliable software solution worth having when you need to capture Google Apps audit logs and aggregate cloud-based service provider logs to send them to a SIEM service. The previously mentioned application supports Google Apps login, Google Apps Admin, Google Docs Activity logs and Amazon S3 bucket. With the help of Nava SIEM Agent you have the possibility to easily analyze the generated log files to see if any sign of intrusion is presented.







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Nava SIEM Agent is the way to capture audit log and service provider log files from Google Apps and Amazon S3. It delivers the generated files, which are ready to be processed by a SIEM platform. It supports audit log and service provider log files generated by Google Apps, Google Docs and Amazon S3. The captured files can be read directly from Google Drive and Amazon S3. Nava SIEM Agent is the most powerful and easy-to-use solution for aggregating data from various cloud-based providers and generate the files that will be sent to a SIEM platform. This application also delivers files and the ones generated by Amazon S3 to the SIEM platform. Features: Captures: Google Apps Google Docs Amazon S3 bucket FTP Captures: Audit logs Service provider log File transfer Supported IT Infrastructure: Platforms: Windows Macintosh Linux FTP File Transfer: Amazon S3 bucket Local Disk Recommended Enterprise Basic The following are Nava SIEM Agent features: Show or hide the View Saved Files and View Saved Folder’s description at the top level of the View dialog. Restore the default/built-in behavior of the View dialog for listing folders or files by clicking the folder or file icon. The Files in the View Saved Files dialog no longer appear as hidden by default. Disabling the “Hide duplicate items” flag from the Duplicate Files listbox no longer removes the file itself from the list. Set “Skip duplicates” for the Saved Files dialog no longer removes the files from the list. The “Saved Files” name no longer appears at the top of the Saved Files dialog. The File Name template no longer appears in the File dialog. When the All Files box is checked, the “Open” button in the File dialog now opens the “With Folders” subfolder in the My Computer window. The “Explorer Windows” folder no longer appears as the default folder. The “Use comma-separated names” and “Use simple file names” radio buttons in the File dialog now appear on screen. The Files in the View Saved Folder dialog no longer appear as hidden by default. b7e8fdf5c8

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Nava SIEM Agent is a practical software that has an intuitive GUI and can be easily installed on Windows and Linux. The application is able to import the most used cloud services log files as well as all types of Windows file log (for example the audit logs of the Windows Event Viewer), allowing you to easily collect those data and merge them for further analysis. The application also offers an in depth information about the log files, allowing you to extract the information necessary for a detailed analysis. Other functionalities provided by the application include the possibility to export the collected logs to a selectable format and to take all necessary actions for a further analysis in a SIEM Service. Nava SIEM Agent is a simple to use solution that can be easily installed on Windows or Linux. ActiveTicket.Net ActiveTicket.Net allows you to centralize all your Active Tickets from Active Directory, TicketNet, Tridion and all other systems that provides Active Tickets. It eliminates duplicate tickets, speeds up ticket closing time, and prevents you from having to run Reports and look for tickets to be closed. When you don’t have the time to manage all ActiveTickets in more than 1 system. Save time and manage them from one spot. Supported Active Tickets ActiveDirectory Active Directory Supports Active Tickets from AD. You can sync all ActiveTickets you have in the configuration. ADsync ADsync allows you to sync all the ActiveTickets you have in the system. You can use ADsync configured in the account that has the ADsyncService. You can use it as a service account or as a specific user account. TicketNet TicketNet Supports Active Tickets from TicketNet. You can sync all ActiveTickets you have in the system. TicketSync TicketSync allows you to sync all the ActiveTickets you have in the system. Unity Unity Supports Active Tickets from Unity. You can sync all ActiveTickets you have in the system. UnitySync UnitySync supports all the ActiveTickets you have in the system. Zendesk Zendesk Supports Active Tickets from Zendesk. You can sync all ActiveTickets you have in the system. ZendeskSync ZendeskSync supports all the ActiveTickets you have in the system. Attrnew Attrnew Supports Active Tickets from Attrnew.

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The agent acts as a proxy between the Google Apps API to Google Analytics and the actual log file. Nava SIEM Agent will capture the log data and send them to a SIEM service on the WFST (Web Filter Service Technology) The agent will also allow the users to view the audit logs in your SIEM agent; filter the audit events and search for specific Google API call such as user authentication logs. These users can perform their analysis over the events in the SIEM service without any possibility of losing their own audit data.Towards the understanding of supercontinuum generation in an air-filled multimode fiber. We present the first direct experimental observation of the supercontinuum (SC) generated in air-filled multimode (MM) fibers. We verify the onset of a SC in air-filled MM fibers exploiting the advantage of triggering the propagation of an ultrafast laser pulse inside a long and hollow MM fiber with precisely controlled time dispersion. With a hollow-core MM fiber, the temporal broadening effect of the core is completely suppressed while keeping the mode field diameter (MFD) under a critical value to guarantee a continuum generation (i.e. a properly time broadened spectrum). The setup and the results are analyzed taking into account the influence of the core-cladding interface on the group velocity dispersion (GVD) and on the spectrum broadening.Q: Python Scraping + Print to New Folder = Stacks and Errors I am trying to grab the information from a website from a text file. The text file is a list that I use in order to go to the website. This website has 9 categories but only 3 categories are going to be listed. I’m starting by displaying “The Cars”, then “The Bikes”, then “The Beauty”. The file needs to grab each category from the url and assign it to a list. I need some help debugging the output. It seems to go through one category, then the other, then the next one, etc. The file finishes, prints, and moves to the next line. When there are multiple categories, there are just 9, not 9 files. My main question is: how can I get this to print to a new directory with each category and then remove the other 9 files? Is there a better way to organize the data? Here is the code I have so far: #let’s get started! #categories: c

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-CPU: Intel Core i3-3220 or AMD Ryzen 5 2400G -GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB or AMD RX 460 4GB -RAM: 8GB -Video Card: Nvidia GTX 1080 or AMD RX 470 -DirectX: Version 11 -Sound Card: DirectX-compatible -Storage: 4GB -Included: Steam – Manual -Size: 3.91 GB Installation: – Download the latest

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