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Animal Herding is an action/adventure game where you take on the role of a farmer who needs to herd his farm’s animals without a single incident. With all sorts of different types of animals in need of help, you must use all you have learned about animal handling to get these animals back to their pens as quickly as possible. Features: Five different types of animals including chickens, foxes, hedgehogs, moles and cats Multiple levels in story mode, each with one boss battle Multiple variations of Endless Mode of Herding Animals How To Play: Animal Herding is a simple and exciting game that sees you as a farmer trying to help the farm’s animals. You have three different environments to play the game and two different game modes. The first one allows you to be on a farm when the animals stop. In the second part you get into a transport to herded all animals to their pens without any incidents. The third game mode is Endless Mode where you must find a way to get around all sorts of animals stopping you along the way. There are so many animals to handle, that you must work out a way to herded all of them to their pens as quick as possible. You’ll find yourself in three environments. Each with their own animal types that require different handling techniques. Each part is separate from each other but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be played in any order. The controls are very simple. You have to click on one of the three environments and you will be in a new environment. You have a set of targets where animals come into. You must try and avoid them by clicking on a fence or other way to make it where you are safe. The order of your click determines where the animals go on to. The more animals there are in your environment, the quicker it is for the animals to reach their target. You can work on speed or accuracy by learning how to move your cursor faster and hitting animals like they are there’s while keeping them safe. You may get hit sometimes but that only gives you another chance to herd the animals on. There will be obstacles on the way so be careful where you click. Depending on where you click there will also be a random animal type. If you click on a fence it will hold and keep the animals in. If you click on a target the animals will stay there and hit the target, if they are too close to you they will break your cursor but not your target. You can still herd them but it will take


Features Key:

  • Kick off the new year with a new cross-platform project!
  • Take control of your own starship crew and run your own business, large or small.
  • Hard-boiled, quick-time-events story with multiple endings, playable in your browser!


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Introduction: The goal of this project is to create a game that can be enjoyed for decades to come. But only if the game is built to last, and it is built to keep coming back. The reason for this is simple, as was demonstrated with Pirate101, free-to-play games are a highly profitable way to make money, and without a lot of money in the big picture, it’s next to impossible to make anything that’ll last. Therefore, to make a solid “genre” game, we need to focus on the high level, in other words, we need a game that can be played for a few years with a few of thousands of players. “If only there were more worlds, there wouldn’t be any problems” is not a recipe for success, so we need to make the game as small as we can. In addition, as far as genres go, this game is built more or less with all types of players in mind. In fact, it was built to be a free-to-play game first. But of course, there are some mechanics that are only in the premium version, so the first part of this project was all about building a game with an existing genre that includes mechanics for all types of players. And to make it “all” types of player, we built upon a theme of “world culture”. In other words, we built for: Professionals: high level players with a lot of experience. experience. Casuals: players who have some level of experience, but don’t want to go all out. players who have some level of experience, but don’t want to go all out. Niche: players who are enjoying their hobby and don’t want to spend a lot of time. Players who are enjoying their hobby and don’t want to spend a lot of time. Hardcore: players who are well into their hobby and want to put in a lot of work. Players who are well into their hobby and want to put in a lot of work. Online vs LAN: players who want to play in both types of modes at once. players who want to play in both types of modes at once. Anyone who can never quite decide what their goal is with this game. The second part of this c9d1549cdd


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The first time you visit the Easter Bunny, you’ll go in a little loop. You’ll see an Egg Tree. Hit the Egg Tree to harvest some Eggs. Then, hop on and ride a Sleigh down to the nest in the tree. Pay attention to where the Egg Tree is, as you’ll need it to help you get to next Egg Tree. Collect as many Eggs as you can find, until you’ve collected all the Eggs you can find. Do this until you make it to the nest where the Easter Bunny lives, and then he’ll give you a gift! You have a few months to complete the loop, the first time it’s possible. Make sure you keep track of your Eggs. You can see how many you have by hitting the Egg Tree button. The Easter Bunny will upgrade your Sleigh, so make sure you enjoy the ride! How to Play: Harvest Flowers, use Explorer Hares to discover more Chocolate, and plant Trees to harvest Eggs. Use all of these to forge Baskets, and trade them in for huge bonuses! Battle Bosses like the Easter Bunny and his guards for great rewards! Your Hares won’t give you anything if you don’t use them to explore the game and discover Eggs. Find Flowerbeds to grow more Hares. Hares are available for training with Seeds, and that’s how you get new and rare Hares. You’ll start off with only three Hares, and when you have a certain amount of Seeds you can buy more. Once you’ve collected all the eggs in the game, you’ll earn a special Easter Egg. You’ll need to collect another egg to turn it in to the Easter Bunny. Earn Experience Points that upgrade your Hares. You can use them to help you explore, craft items, battle bosses, and earn Hares. More Hares comes with more bonuses! Hareage is something you earn over the course of your journey. Each time you discover an Egg, or work on a Tastes, you’ll earn Hareage. It’s a good idea to get more Hares as early as you can, and you can earn more Hares by selling Extras. Each Hare can be trained to craft different items. You have a maximum of four Hares you can work with. When you level up your Hares


What’s new:

The Gardens Between is an interactive jigsaw puzzle, developed by developer The Voxel Agents. The game is set in the eponymous world of all the floating gardens and the main character is a boy who can take a key to one of the gardens between his ears. Players are asked to use precision and creativity to construct a structure, with the process of making the landscape more interesting or unusual as the player progresses. Gameplay The gameplay of The Gardens Between is based on its title. Players are put in control of the main character Mark, who can pick up a key and use it to unlock his friends’ gardens. This ability is called the “moment key”. If the moment key is used on a garden that is already open, it unlocks it. Sometimes, Mark can also take away the moment key from his friends and set a locked moment key out into the world. He has a limited amount of time before the moment key starts attracting the attention of the authorities. Mark’s father developed a special electronic device to power his hoverpod, as the lights in the garden were dim enough to be on the edge of regulation. The hoverpod ran out of power and crashed into the garden. As a result, the moment key has begun working and recently activated. Players must piece together the mechanism that did it to unlock friends’ gardens in order to eliminate the key from their orbit, and this becomes the primary objective of the game. Throughout exploration, Mark is able to pick up the moment keys that he encountered and set them free where they belong, which then frees the garden in question, and thus, these moments are the game’s “suns”. When the key is taken from him, Mark must stand up or fly until he finds someone else’s moment key, who can help put the key back where it belongs. Mark can also collect suns that are already set free in the world and these can be used to help him traverse its entirety, without using any of his friends’ moment keys. As the player progresses through the game, exploring new places and finding new friends, Mark can also attach garden pieces like plants to his friends’ existing structures, which can help remove parts of the puzzle when three parts connect together. As Mark unlocks more areas of the world, he can meet more friends and gain more garden pieces. The goal of the game is to best complete all 42 “orbits” (areas of the world) and return it to his home garden so it stops working


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Genesis Noir is a story-driven noir adventure, in which you investigate the case of one unfortunate victim, whose death was not, unfortunately, a simple case of suicide. Genesis Noir takes place in the Cosmic City, a neo-noir metropolis where death is a mere pixel away from your next assignment. This dark, moody, and often hilarious adventure examines the world of crime through the eyes of an investigator – an anonymous figure looking for answers behind a veneer of darkness and moral ambiguity. To give some context, this sci-fi adventure is set in the year 2054 – a world where the city is brimming with possibilities, but all those possibilities are intertwined with certain laws and rules. With the constant threat of the police and the Blackbox, a network of computerised police entities, running programs that can be anything from overzealous to very lenient, not every investigation can afford a happy ending. Discover the art of noir as you build your own relationship with the city’s main character – the investigator. Play the role of the secret detective, or a persona you control to further your investigation. Decide your own path and use your own methods to uncover the truth and the truth only. Featuring a wide range of story and gameplay elements, Genesis Noir will leave you in the dark, always walking the line between good and evil. Support is available via Steam: The Story: 26 years ago, a gunshot rang out in the very town you’re investigating. Death was the result, but did the person really die from a single gunshot wound to the chest? Or was the story somehow more complicated? An unfamiliar woman in an unfamiliar town, a suspicious death, and an investigation that spans the cosmos. That sounds like the start of a bad novel, but in this world, it’s just the chance to make your mark in a world of dark, gritty, and often hilarious noir stories. With Genesis Noir, you’ll have the opportunity to see your own version of the Cosmic City’s streets through the eyes of a detective. Will you rise above the norm, or will you take the easy way out, eager to always be the hero, no matter the cost? Learn more about the development of Genesis Noir with the game’s very own digital art book, An Act of Creation. An Act of Creation is a behind-the-


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System Requirements For N-Age:

Compatibility: Steam: Steam will update automatically Other: Other mod compatibility will vary depending on the installed mods, but should work fine. Other notes: I have made a few visual changes to the game which should be clear to the eye. Please report any bugs you find. l.z = n.z; l.x *= 1.0f / n.z


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