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A: Check the Eclipse official site for an update that should remove the license on your pc. Ask HN: What will be next after CSS3 – nirk By using CSS3, we made HTML support alot of stuff that before had to be put into JS. But there’s also a downside, since CSS3 is quite new, a lot of the things it makes possible are already available in HTML5. So can we expect anything that would be the next big thing for HTML5?Update: Actually it seems that HTML5 already exists for a lot of those CSS3 features. There are some ‘Draft HTML5’ features, although they are not finalized yet. ====== nudge One of the big things that in my opinion HTML5 will bring is an opportunity to get away from the a tags as permanent breadcrumb. See for example which has an interesting use of s instead of s. Of course some HTML5 features are going to have to be extended to span elements, but I think it will be relatively straight- forward to make it work, and with the HTML5 push to focus on the semantics of the content will be stronger than ever. Of course, I’m biased, because I created —— danskil I’d say the next big thing after CSS3 will be CSS3. You can follow some recent futures of CSS3 such as Grid Layout. [ layout-20121212/]( Edit: Also, this is a FAQ on the W3 site: —— AlexBlom Bidirectional text. It is a feature in most browsers and only CSS3 is missing this functionality. —— viraptor Languages (like JS). The combinations of G-CSS and JS are getting interesting as

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